1. 28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 07

    6/22/2018: AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story contains straight sex, bisexual sex, gay sex and incest. *** THE RIDE HOME As it turned out the sister were not able to make it over to Margaret's house before Christmas. Chole had come down with a cold so they put off their planned orgy. Dustin told them it was just as well, Brandon would be home for the holidays and he could join the group. Christmas fell on a Sunday read Sex Story
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  2. Gentlemen's Bet.

    6/21/2018: This story even though fantasy. It has many true events. My name is Steve, I’m in my late thirties. I am in realtor. I found myself downtown meeting with some clients. I have a fiancé who was in Mexico on a girl’s vacation. We have dated for 5 years. I have a good group of friends. We mountain bike, kayak and road trips. I knew the Giants had an afternoon game. I decided to stop by a sports bar read Sex Story
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  3. New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 06

    6/21/2018: Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * We continued taking turns on Leo's increasingly gaping hole, until we finally broke again for supper. Leo watched me cook with fascination; I told him about learning from my grandfather, who had studied under master French chefs two hundred years ago. Nick, Will, and I had all downed several beers now, and we were feeling it read Sex Story
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  4. Cream fill long johns

    6/20/2018: It all started when my boss called me to her office. Steve we need you to go over to a clients home and give a estimate on new work around his pool. Sure that's not a problem. Where might I be going. To Malibu. When you are there can you please just give him the estimate we can really use this job. OK I got you. Wish I was going this guy is hot. Thinking to my self why are you telling me this read Sex Story
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  5. My First Black Boyfriend

    6/20/2018: Hi my name is Dave and this is the story of my first black boyfriend. So at some point, I decided to be gay. I had terrible luck trying to meet women and was struggling with depression and general downess. The idea of me being gay was always there, so I figured maybe I need to be adventurous to find myself. It didn't take long for me to meet someone who caught my eye. He was a black guy, openly read Sex Story
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  6. The Boy Next Door

    6/19/2018: When our new neighbours moved in next door, I thought my life had ended. Aged sixteen, I was five feet two inches tall and looked like a thirteen year old boy. I took after my mother’s side of the family and was very small of stature. My dad wasn’t exactly huge, standing five feet ten inches tall, but compared to him I looked like a wimp. Our new neighbours were from the land of ‘huge'. The read Sex Story
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  7. Lust at first sight.

    6/18/2018: Lust at first sight. Some guys are just lust at first sight. There’s a chemistry that clicks, you both realize it and, if you’re lucky, you both get to act on it. It can be looks, attitude or a combination of things. This time it was an older black guy with one hell of a nice bulge in his shorts. He was nice looking, taller and a little heavier than I am, with a nice smile an open attitude and…that bulge. What I was looking at had to be at least six or seven inches long, tucked off to the side of his shorts and looked a little thick. While he was checking in I couldn’t help staring at his read Sex Story
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  8. A late start

    6/17/2018: I was a late bloomer being very shy, especially with girls, but my imaginary sex life has been good long before I really knew what sex was and I had discovered porn and masturbation from an early age. I have always been, and still am, attracted to woman but I have always had a remarkably strong attraction to a mans cock. I guess this explains why I have been attracted to transsexuals since my early twenties, tits and a cock, how can you go wrong? But I get ahead of myself, as it is so easy to do in an autobiography, how do you paint the picture of a life in a few brief images? When I was a yo read Sex Story
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  9. Duval & Big Booty Boi

    6/17/2018: Duval Gates decided that he wanted to fuck new femboi so he got on the chat line. His greeting stated, “Older dominant nigga lookin’ to fuck a phat booty faggit. I’m six-three and two-hundred-pounds. Eight inches of dick. Dark-skinned. Hit daddy up.” He browsed the messages for about five minutes before he got private one from Mouse. The soft voice said, “You can fuck my faggot ass, Daddy! I’m five-ten and weigh about one-seventy. I have a 48-inch ass, with a 32 waist. I’m brown-skinned. Horny and live alone.” Duval got hard instantly. He pressed the button to speak live with the sissy read Sex Story
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  10. Weekend Job 2

    6/17/2018: That week I was surprised by what had happened with Geoff. I did not know if I was gay. I loved what we had done and found Geoff so sexy but I still knew I fancied girls. There was no internet and not many places I could find out about bi sexuality. I did know whenever I thought about the afternoon I got hard and wanked myself silly. I went to work on the Saturday unsure what to expect. I opened the door to the unit and saw Geoff. He was naked apart from tight briefs showing the outline of his cock. My heart seemed to miss a beat as I took in his impressive body. My cock began to get hard. H read Sex Story
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