1. Another Way I Want (NEED) It to Happen

    10/17/2018: It wasn’t clear why she was so nice to me and seemed interested in really getting to know me. I was new on the job and welcomed her friendship. I was married and she mentioned she had a boyfriend or two. So at first it seemed like she was just a friendly and open person. I didn’t know that she, Kathy, had plans for guys like me. I am married, sexually frustrated and opened up to her prying questions. Questions she would ask me at lunch time or break time, whenever we were able to be off to the side by ourselves. She led the questions onto the subject of sex by mentioning she was bi. So I read Sex Story
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  2. Theater sissy

    10/17/2018: This is a true story. No exaggeration, no BS. Hope you enjoy it. My ex girlfriend Tori and I had lived together for sometime. Our schedules were such that we had one day off together and one day off alone. I loved our together days but my alone days were porn days. And I LOOOVE porn. I would grab my case of beer, pack of smokes, a towel and head for the computer room. I would look up pics, vids, hop in and out of chat rooms. The whole nine. I was really getting into crossdresser vids at this time. I loved watching nearly passable cd's. I was also watching more and more gay porn. I was no read Sex Story
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  3. Medical City

    10/16/2018: I work at Medical City, a complex of hospitals. You'd think a guy who works in one hospital wouldn't get lost in another. And you'd also think getting lost is an unpleasant experience. Neither is necessarily the case. Let me explain. Today I had to leave work early for my own doctor's appointment at a nearby hospital. I met with the surgeon to discuss elective surgery. We agreed it should be done read Sex Story
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  4. Becoming my Best Friend's Crush Ch. 1

    10/16/2018: Jake and I were sitting by the reservoir, passing a bottle of rum back and forth. I watched his Adam’s apple rise in his sinewed neck as he took a swallow. Jake had been working out and I couldn’t help but notice and admire how ripped he’d become. “Geez, Nathan, you’re practically drooling!” Jake said. “What?” I said, taken by surprise. I looked aside quickly. Had I given myself away? Jake pushed read Sex Story
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  5. My hotel door is open late at night

    10/15/2018: I left the door to my hotel room open last night a little bit, unlocked. It is a nice hotel I'm staying in, but there is almost nobody here. And late at night, anybody could have sneaked into my room and taken advantage of me. What an exciting thought! I felt like I did when I was younger at home, with the door to my room open a little bit, lying awake and hearing the creeks in the house late at night. I wasn't really scared last night, but I pretended to be. I think I will do this again every night, and I will probably put a posting on Craigslist to this effect. Hoping some men come into my d read Sex Story
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  6. Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 1 "The Meeting"

    10/14/2018: Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 1 "The Meeting" Mr. Black was a 40 year old dark black skinned older male who had started talking to me via chat room. We recapped on our fetishes, his being fat white ass and sissy white boi's. Mine being everything! But slowly starting to enjoy black cock with the help of Mr. Black and the sissy hypno/hardcore IR porn. He enchanted me with his stats of 40 years old, read Sex Story
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  7. Benji & Me Gay Romance story

    10/13/2018: Today is a very special day for me, I’ve just recently got the confirmation that validated my driving license which means I can finally drive my beloved car that my grandfather left in my name. However this isn’t the only reason of the tingles in my body, I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m making a bold move on Jasmin's gorgeous brother whom I’ve been fantasizing about for years. He isn’t read Sex Story
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  8. Highway Patrol's Lucky Night Pt. 04

    10/13/2018: The players, David-6'4",240 lbs., black,10",2" think shaft at widest, Bruce-6'2", black,200 lbs,8.5", 3.5" at widest, Me-6'3", black, 225 lbs,9.5",2.25" at widest. Nate-5'5", 170 lbs., Billy-5'7",160 lbs., Will-5'8",180 lbs. I received a reply from Nate first but Will and Les a close second with the required receipt and pictures. Even though Will wasn't in the text, he heard about the orders from read Sex Story
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  9. Owning Lynx

    10/12/2018: This story involves acquiring fur and has a gay theme. This story/adventure is about 80% true and 20% fictional. But it is all based on real experiences in my life. Because fur tends to be very expensive. I got into trapping as a boy. Because I needed a way to gratify my overwhelming fur fetish. From day one I fell deeply in love with fur and the magical power it has over me. However, I was trapping coyotes, fox, beaver and raccoons in upstate New York near Lake Placid (Adirondack Mountains). Unfortunately, there is not much of a return for all the work and time involved in acquiring those read Sex Story
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  10. The Good Neighbour, Part One

    10/12/2018: Later in life, Tobin would share awakening stories with his queer friends, often hearing of gradual, incremental steps, peeking out of the closet, the slowly dawning understanding of why they just weren’t into their hetero boyfriends/girlfriends. But Tobin could point to the precise moment he knew he was gay: Saturday, August 16, 2008, at 3:12 in the afternoon, when he was halfway through read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: Damon9888, Source: LushStories