1. Avery's Desire Pt. 07

    9/19/2018: Trash just about had everything set up when his phone started vibrating. He flipped it open and put it to his ear. "Yeah?" he said. "Oh, hey you; yeah, I'm here now. Sure, it's actually perfect timing. Okay, where are you now? Oh yeah, you're really close. You know where Billy's farm market is? Okay, make a left there and then drive straight till you come to the end of the street. There's a bar on read Sex Story
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  2. Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 07

    9/19/2018: Gus finally had his fly rod set up the way he wanted and made is his way down to the stream. Aaron had continued fishing upstream and was now out of Gus' view, obstructed by the dense forest the stream cut through. It took Gus a few tries before he placed one of his new flies exactly where he wanted it, this was the first time this year he'd rigged up his fly rod, and he was out of practice. His read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: bytallnhairy, Source: Literotica
  3. Beauty and the Beast Pt. 02

    9/19/2018: He switched the mobile to speaker phone and I heard a grating northern voice. "So you're enjoying yourself, you dirty little girl. Can't wait for your Daddy's cock. Well, your Uncle Ted is on his way to see you and is bringing another hard cock to service that tight little cunt you keep between those sexy bum cheeks. You're a hot little bitch. I may only rate you seven out of ten but you're hot read Sex Story
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  4. An Open Door

    9/19/2018: When I got home the first thing I smelled was his soap–a rosemary chemical tang that hung in the damp air and collapsed over me as I stepped through the door. I breathed in as the door closed behind me, letting the smell ghost over my tongue and fill my mouth the way it filled the room. Jared's smells had settled into the air of my condo almost as soon as he'd moved in. His old sneakers read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: xsbelle, Source: LushStories
  5. Perry Gets It Both Ends

    9/18/2018: I didn't know what 'cottaging' was until I was about 20 and at that time, I was young , naive and looking for Mr Right rather than a good shag. Once I'd found Mr Right, almost 15 years later, I wanted to have my cake and eat it. I don't know if it's peculiarly British (or English even) but some of the public toilets I've visited, just for a pee even, were in various states of disrepair or even read Sex Story
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  6. BAR GAY

    9/18/2018: Ya hace unos años estando de vacaciones en Alicante fuimos a pasar el día a Benidorm y descubrí, junto a mi esposa, una zona en la que había 3 bares con la clásica banderas multicolor gay. Eso me altero y lleno mi cabeza de fantasías. Debo explicar, algunos ya lo sabéis, que soy crossdresser en la intimidad, casado, con una mujer que lo sabe y me ayuda mucho. Cuando salimos siempre me llevo mi ajuar femenino para estar en la habitación del hotel, "jugar" con mi esposa y dormir como mujer. Como siempre hago en casa. Como no salgo por vergüenza a no pasar lo suficientemente bien como mujer, lo h read Sex Story
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  7. Supermarket Sweep

    9/16/2018: Although a true story, please note that for both ducks, condoms were used but I have omitted this fact from this piece. Stay safe, guys. ************ ****************** My boyfriend Dave and I were on another winter break, this time in Faro. It was only for 4 days, thanks to low cost aviation. My lack of knowledge of the place, never having visited, meant there would be enough to occupy us read Sex Story
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  8. She Gets Him Bi - Part 3a

    9/16/2018: She Gets Him Bi Part 3a - The Party Begins John could barely contain his excitement as he sat on the couch. Tonight was the night of the party Alex had invited him to. John had taken a prolonged shower earlier in the day to make sure he was properly shaved and smooth, but his mind was spinning with the possibilities of what the night might entail. Tiffany, John's wife, excitedly pranced into the living room in her white, cotton panties, carrying an iPad and a box covered in wrapping paper. She sat down next to her husband. "Is that Krystal's iPad?" John asked read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Gay, Group Sex, Author: hardseven, Source: xHamster
  9. Pizza Dlivery #2

    9/16/2018: “Hey Jake,” I answered my cell. “What’s up Mario? The guys want to have some pizza tonight, can you deliver?”, he asked. “I ‘ll be happy to,” I said, “what time? I work 4:30 - 8:30.” “That’s great, how about dinner around 7, can you do it? We need to prepare the “topping”, you know…and then you get here some time before 9, okay?” “Sure,” I answered feeling my cock getting hard, “call me to order read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Ass to mouth, Black, Gay, Group Sex, Author: Tony Sodom, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Farm Boi Life Ch. 03

    9/16/2018: Sorry for the long absence. As this was the most requested sequel, I made sure Ryan's adventure to be the first now that I have spare time to write again. ALL Characters are over 18. ***** I had to strip the sheets the following morning and found two slaves kneeling outside the bedroom door as I carried the damp, sticky bundle. "Alpha Chef, we will take care of the washing. Master has asked that read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: bySungmehetu, Source: Literotica