1. Trusty

    3/12/2019: Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** As I lay there it occurred to me that I'd never been in bed with another man before. All my other same-sex encounters had either taken place on couches or standing or down on the floor or even on a staircase once. There or on the beach or out in the water or in my backyard or out in the woods somewhere. Then, as I lay on read Sex Story
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  2. We Got This Chapter 1

    3/12/2019: A.N. After a long time away from writing and this site in general, I have a reason to pick up a pen again. Couple of quick things first. About 95% of what I plan to write for this story and other chapters will be honest. Sometimes it will be 100%, but there are some things that I may omit. Second, if feedback is good I will “try” to add new chapters regularly. This one chapter has been in the read Sex Story
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  3. The Black Dominion Ch. 01

    3/11/2019: I had never ever considered myself a gay man. I had never so much as even looked at another man until I had met Abel. In light of everything that has happened in the last few months, to start the story by telling you that I am not gay seems so preposterous, but I need to start at the beginning in order to make sense of how I ended up here. I need this to try and make sense of everything, in the read Sex Story
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    3/10/2019: That was the title of my add when I decided I had had enough of chasing cocks at clubs and bars I figured maybe I could get the cock to come to me for a change I had seen another guy advertising on a gay porn website so I contacted him and asked him how he was making out finding cock he told me he had his pick any size shape and color it was the best thing he had ever done for himself well that convinced me and I took out my own add it was titled "I suck then U fuck" I thought it was cute and to the point and would catch the eye of horny dicks out there I posted a few pictures of myself in var read Sex Story
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  5. More Fuerteventura Fun

    3/9/2019: Please note that I advocate safe sex and the story here is indeed true although I have omitted the actual condom use for fantasy purposes. ***** 2 days after our welcome from Marcus, it was a sunny afternoon and I had realised that our terrace, overlooking the pool area, caught the afternoon sun so rather than walk to the beach after our late lunch I decided we could sunbathe there. We were in the read Sex Story
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  6. Coastal Funk

    3/9/2019: One Wednesday evening I was sitting at the bar in a coastal city renowned for its humidity, enjoying the balmy atmosphere as I sipped on a beer. I was very happy that a colleague had recommended this ‘arty’ area to me. The guest lodge I was staying in was charming, and all the shops and restaurants in ‘Roper Road,’ as it was collectively referred to, had a lovely vibe. Of course, of read Sex Story
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  7. Teacher's Pet Pt. 02

    3/9/2019: ***Everyone in this story is fiction and over the age of 18.*** ***** The sounds of pouring rain woke me up. My back was stiff from sleeping in the recliner. I looked down to see Darwin was asleep next to me, his left arm wrapped around my chest with his leg wrapped around my leg, his thigh brushed against my bulge. I turned my head right to look at the clock and saw it was 2 am. I had to pee, read Sex Story
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  8. Basement Blowjob

    3/8/2019: I only got caught sucking a guy off once. After our first time together, I saw my new friend George twice a week with each visit ending with me sucking his cock. Then I'd drive home with the taste of his cum still in my mouth and lips and the smell of his maleness on my fingers. Over time George and I became better friends and more comfortable with each other so we always sat and talked read Sex Story
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  9. Code on The Crescent

    3/7/2019: I needed to hurry him along. I had a train to catch. I dug my heels into the mattress and pushed up on my pelvis, changing the angle of his thrusts, such as they were, to being more direct, a bit deeper—ensuring that, when the thrusts picked up intensity as he neared ejaculation, he wouldn't dislodge from me. He was paying me extra for barebacking. It wouldn't satisfy him to pop out and cream one read Sex Story
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  10. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 2

    3/7/2019: Chapter 2 I woke up with ben's head lying against my chest, the tent was left open and the warm air was caressing our naked bodies. It was maybe 4am and the only sound was from the trees rustling in the wind and ben's breathing against my skin. Being fully awake I gently undid myself from the human binding and walked over to the kitchen stove to heat up some milk. I as I sat on the dining table read Sex Story
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