1. My first experiences, page 4.

    12/6/2018: My very first experience, that I wrote about in page 1, was with my best friend during a sleep over at his house. I will call him Lorence. He was of middle eastern descent. Olive skin and curly hair. My next set of experiences, after Eric who was in pages 2 and 3, was with another middle eastern man. He called himself Mike. Somehow, I found an ad he had placed in a newspaper somewhere. He was offering man to man massages. I was now just out of H.S. and it had been a year or two since Eric moved away. As much as I tried to resist my desires for other men, I longed for another experience. I ph read Sex Story
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  2. The Floating City

    12/6/2018: Chapter 1 The sun sets on the flat, peaceful wadi of the Azawagh plain. There are no trees or mountains, hills or sand dunes in this part of the world, and navigation by day is ill-advised. The hot dry winds rolling over the beautiful flesh-colored sand flats cause my dark blue tent to billow lazily, carrying away the slender coils of smoke from my cooking fire just beyond the entry flap. While my read Sex Story
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  3. GayMaker topping a Straight Man

    12/6/2018: Now let's get something straight (pardon the pun). I love girls. I love looking at them; I love their lips wrapped around my cock; and I love the feeling of my cock buried deep in their tight pussies or round asses. But I still get a major thrill from taking a straight man and making him a cocksucking faggot and bottom loving homo. Philosophically, I am not gay. I have never sucked a cock or taken a cock in my ass...although I have fucked many, many men. My cock doesn't see a distinction between a male mouth and a female mouth: both are capable of being great cocksuckers. My cock also doesn't read Sex Story
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  4. Unexpected Guest

    12/6/2018: While vacationing in Vegas last month with the wife, we just came back from dinner and a few drinks, she was tired and went off to bed in the other room (we rented an apartment). So, I was left on my own devices, took out the laptop and stated surfing my favorite sites. After chatting, watching porn, looking at cocks being sucked by some fine women and men – I was getting very horny, and I’m in Vegas! I went onto craigslist to checkout the m2m section, which I always find interesting reading and looking at the photos, wondering who is real and who is scamming. I have yet to get the nerve to read Sex Story
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  5. The New Guy Chapt. 1

    12/6/2018: The New Guy. When I was younger, my friends always made fun of me. They always teased me; telling me I’m gay and that I will never get a girlfriend. Boy, were they wrong. I’m in my first year of college with my amazing girlfriend of 4 years. Her name is Jess. She’s average height 5’5”, long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a light skin tone. Then there is me, first of all, my name is Tyler, and read Sex Story
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  6. Small And Cute

    12/6/2018: Being small and cute is a heavy burden to bear if one is a guy. When Stevie was sixteen, he only stood five-feet-two inches tall. The bit of bum-fluff that he had on his face was barely worth mentioning and the few sprigs under his arms and above his cock, rather pathetic. To add to his woes, he was smaller and prettier than most of the girls at school. Everyone always presumed that he was read Sex Story
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  7. Bicurious no more

    12/5/2018: I am a 40 year old man, I have a good body and have been bicurious for some time. I frequently fantasise about being with another man when I masturbate. This summer I took myself off to a Greek Island for a short break and a bit of Sun. The first evening at my hotel I felt quite tired so sat in the bar with a beer and just absorbed my environment. The evening’s entertainment was a read Sex Story
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  8. GF Trains Me to Suck Cock, Pegged Cuckold

    12/5/2018: We walk into the hotel room and I'm feeling so nervous. You have a big smile on your face for numerous reasons. One, you can't wait to do what we are going to do. Two, you see the nervous expression on my face and that makes you like it even more. And three, you know that you will really be punishing me and taking me one more big step to becoming your complete bitch. The plan has been in motion for awhile and I can't believe we are actually doing it, we've talked about it so many times but the fact that we actually went to a gay bar and picked up a guy and brought him back with us so we ca read Sex Story
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  9. Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 12

    12/4/2018: Gus woke up early and readied himself for work, letting Aaron sleep. Aaron was on his side with his scars, tattoo and four toes exposed, a body pillow between his legs. His skin had a softness and warmth to it that were visible to Gus as he made his way in and out of his bedroom preparing for work. Aaron snored softly, it was calming to Gus, almost like the purr of a complacent cat. Gus liked read Sex Story
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  10. Candy

    12/4/2018: I didn't want to be a cowboy, but I certainly wanted one to fuck me. So, to honor those sojourners of the dusty trails I wrote this. When settlers in the 1870's first used "dude," to refer to pasty-faced Easterners coming to The Rockies, they took notice of men with a distinguishable lilt (I have no doubt), of men with a different spring in their step, of men who had secrets settlers read Sex Story
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