1. Mountain Men: I was Their Queen

    3/7/2019: Straight journalist is adopted by six horny mountain men Maybe it was my fault. I never should have pulled off the highway on that Tuesday afternoon and stayed at that motel. But it was kind of cute, kinda cool, that 1950s log cabin motif. There were six little log cabins spread in a semi circle fanning out from the big log cabin at the front and a circular driveway all the worse for wear. The read Sex Story
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  2. My First Gay Experience

    3/7/2019: I was 18 and was really just getting started into what i liked. I had seen multiple gay sex videos online and really got into them. I never really found guys attractive but seeing what could be done with another guy was such a huge turn on that i knew i just had to try it. I had this best friend named John that i had known pretty much my whole life and trusted fully. We used to hang out after read Sex Story
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  3. Morning Hook up at the Bathhouse (MT raw anal ceam

    3/6/2019: Morning Hook up at the Bathhouse MT I was done with a meeting early, and near the East Bay bath house and my Tranny lover Kayla. I texted her to see if she could meet me soon; she could make it around 11AM. The place completely was empty when I got there a little after 10AM; just the latino attendants. I chatted with them for a bit at the counter, while only wearing a towel around my waist and my hardon tenting out. As we talked, I used my poor Spanish, to learn that they they have seen me in there before, and I am kind of a legend there for my times in the sex swing. I was really hard now, read Sex Story
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  4. Melissa Blog 07.01.18

    3/5/2019: Ich trage eine rosafarbene Hipster über meinem engen Keuschheitsgürtel während ich nachts schlafe. In den Morgenstunden wache ich durch einen aufregenden Traum auf. Ich denke an einen starken und brutalen Mann. Er liegt neben mir. Schlafend. Nackt. Ich bin seine Sissy-Dienerin. Er besitzt viele Sklavinnen, auch weibliche, doch ich bin in dieser Nacht an der Reihe. Ich bin für sein Wohlergehen abgestellt. Ich krieche unter die Decke zu seinem riesigen, fleischigen Penis und beginne seine Hoden zu lecken. Mein runder Arsch und meine eingesperrte Klit ragen in die Höhe. Ich sauge an seinen män read Sex Story
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  5. A Convincing Disguise

    3/5/2019: During my freshman year of college I decided I wanted to rush a fraternity. For those of you that don’t know what rushing is, it’s a process where you basically get to interview with all the different fraternities and they get to interview you. You find out the frat’s interests, meet some of the members, and basically see if you fit. Then on the final day of rush the fraternity sends out their read Sex Story
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  6. Finding Love after a Broken Heart 02

    3/5/2019: Chad's Point of View He was filling in for another police officer which had called in sick. I went through the security check and just about tripped when I noticed him. I don't know how his uniform didn't rip, it wasn't that he was fat, oh God, he wasn't. He was built. His biceps were something else, I'm sure they were bigger than my thighs. And let's talk about his thighs and butt, all I can say read Sex Story
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  7. My Gay Marriage Cuckold Arrangement

    3/4/2019: My Gay Marriage Cuckold Arrangement By Mathew Elizabeth Chapter 1: My Beautiful Husband and my Straight Best Friend I thought Blake and I were In love; I really did. He threw the divorce papers down on the table nevertheless. I was in complete shock and heartbreak when he came out and told me; but my cock had remained as hard as a rock ever since I found out he was cheating on me. The months of read Sex Story
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  8. Danny Comes to Stay Part 1

    3/4/2019: As we undressed for bed, Alex said to me, "I feel kind of sorry for Danny." "Sorry for him? You're kidding me!" It was hard to believe he would feel anything but mistrust for my ex. He hadn't been keen on Danny visiting us, and sure as hell hadn't been comfortable with him staying over with us for the night. "No I do," he insisted. "Being holed up in that tiny Cornish village without read Sex Story
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  9. Austin the Veterinarian

    3/4/2019: The love of my life (my cat that is!) had developed a bit of a cough. It only happened first thing in the mornings usually but since he wasn’t a smoker and it was just not like him, I was worried. So a visit to the Vet was booked. My local Vets’ Surgery was one of a chain and you never seemed to see the same Vet twice – not that I went that often, thankfully. Usually though, the Vet on duty was a read Sex Story
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  10. Plane Trip

    3/3/2019: I had to go to Dubai for a business trip and was fortunate to fly Emerites with their new first/busienss class configuration. Although, I could not the first class suite, I ended up in business class, which isn’t bad. When I booked my ticket, I got a seat in the back of business class seat which has a wall behind it. It affords me some privacy to write naughty stories or edit some sleazy pictures. We took off and was in the air for a 30 minutes or so when I started working on a story with pictures in it for Xhamster. All of a sudd read Sex Story
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