1. Die Antwort an: Phil! - Teil 2

    12/4/2018: Die Antwort an: Phil! - Teil 2 Es geht weiter mit dem zweiten Teil der Story und sie knüpft dort an, wo der erste Teil aufgehört hat. Bitte beachtet, dass diese Story nur Sex als Thema hat. Allen, die sich mit einer reinen Sexstory nicht zufrieden geben rate ich nun eine andere Story zu suchen. Ich hoffe, dass euch auch dieser Teil gefallen wird. Besonders dir Phil, wünsche ich viel Spaß beim Lesen ;) Für alle, die Teil 1 noch nicht gelesen haben und dies tun möchten:http://xhamster.com/stories/die-antwort-an-phil-teil-1-722790 ___________________________________________ read Sex Story
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  2. Schwules Internat 08-16

    12/3/2018: Dritter Versuch es einzustellen. Jetzt wurde Toni hellwach „hab ich richtig gehört, ich darf vielleicht studieren, das hast Du mir noch gar nicht gesagt“ rief er aufgeregt. „Du hattest ja auch anders zu tun“ lachte ich. Toni wurde puterrot. Ich erklärte Frau Mair „der Toni hat sich ganz schnell mit den anderen Jungs angefreundet und fühlt sich augenscheinlich wohl in ihrer Gesellschaft. Wir blieben den ganzen Nachmittag im Hotel. Am späten Abend gab es dann einen tränenreichen Abschied von Mutter und Sohn. Auf der Fahrt ins Lager war Toni sehr still. Angekommen sagte er mir „ich habe read Sex Story
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  3. First with Asian Twink

    12/2/2018: Curiosity had haunted me for years. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. Even though I was married and in my fifties I couldn’t help but wonder; what would if feel like to fuck a petite smooth young twink in the butt? I had bottomed a few times so I knew what it was like on the receiving end. But how would it feel to slide my cock into the bottom of a smooth young but legal twink? Would I ever read Sex Story
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  4. DJ - The Story behind The Story

    12/2/2018: I became a member of Literotica in July of 2015, as a reader. I got totally wrapped up in 'Aquata Cove', a fantasy love story by 'feare909', about a blossoming love affair between a young gay man, Adam, and a Merman, Merrick. This story actually ended, finally, at about 101 Chapters. This story had me captivated for many months. If you like stories that have a lot of love and emotion, and an read Sex Story
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  5. The Best of Friends

    12/2/2018: Quinlan was sitting on the couch at Bryce's house. He was playing Fallout: New Vegas™ as a character that Bryce had made him. They did that a lot, each would make each other's character, usually making them very ridiculous, causing the two of them to have a great time with a lot of laughs. The character Quinlan was currently playing had an intelligence of zero, so all of the conversation read Sex Story
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  6. The Explosion Of Two Wet Pussies

    12/2/2018: Helena was tall with thick, long dark hair and big brown eyes. She had just arrived in New York from Colombia 3 months ago and was still trying to get her head around the craziness of the English language. She was glad to be there, learning and just starting to work for a local commercial editing and color grading agency. After a recent break up, she had signed up for Tinder, half expecting to read Sex Story
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  7. Halloween in Suburbia

    12/1/2018: "So, the Russells are having a Halloween party. Susan and I thought it would be fun if we all went with a couples themed costume. The Russells are sending the k**s to her folks's for the weekend, so it's grown-ups only." "That sounds nice," I said, barely registering what my wife said. "We came up with pimps and ho's. What do you think?" That caught my interest. Susan was hot. I mean, my wife was wonderful, and beautiful, and I loved her, but Susan was hot. I always had a hard time not gawking at her whenever she and Stan came over. Two days later, the topic came up again. "Susan and I tho read Sex Story
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  8. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 1

    11/30/2018: This story contains sexual encounters between willing gay males, I hope it’s not illegal in your country but if it is, please leave at once! All characters in this story are minimum 18 years old. Everything belongs to me. This chapter starts off gently, I hope you enjoy it much, Chapter 1 My name is Stan, it's in the middle of June and I'm at scout camp with about 25 other boys. 1 one of them read Sex Story
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  9. Fictional fantasy, #5 continued.

    11/30/2018: It was my first time ever, with anyone, and it was amazing, almost addicting. I not only loved the way he made my body feel, but I also loved the way I could make him feel. It had only been a day since I was with him that first time. Like before, I'd run home from school. I couldn't wait to let myself into his apartment. He had given me a key earlier so I could come and go and do random chores to earn some money. Mr. Lowes was rarely home. I was so nervous coming through his door. He wasn't home however. Being back in his apartment was such a turn on. I grabbed some of his porn mags and spre read Sex Story
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  10. Not So Lonely A Night After All

    11/30/2018: On a lonely drive from Portland to Seattle, I glanced at the fuel gauge and was surprised to see that I needed to fill up as soon as possible. It seemed I’d been lost in my thoughts, time and miles just slipping past. It was now dark and, after about ten minutes, I saw a sign for a gas station. I pulled in and, as I filled my tank, a car drew up at the pump next to mine. The driver got out… read Sex Story
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