1. The Farmer's Sons Pt. 02

    4/10/2018: The weekend after I began my new job in Kentucky, JT, the boys and I were sitting at the Saturday morning breakfast table. We were all still nude as we had just finished an early morning play session. As we were drinking coffee there was suddenly the sound of an auto horn blaring from the road out front which set the dogs to baying. We all walked over to see what the commotion was. As I looked read Sex Story
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  2. Trust can be broken

    4/9/2018: It was just a normal school day, as I was awakened up at 6:15am, as my mother was opening my bedroom door to make sure I was up for school. As I removed my body from the warmth of my bed. As I stood up, standing 6 feet 5 inches. I was just wearing plaid boxers, I went to get ready for the normal school day. I got dressed and I got into my truck and drove to school. A little bit about myself, I am read Sex Story
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  3. Schism Pt. 02

    4/9/2018: Hello friends. This is part two of a three part story which is nearly complete.Warning: This story contains non-consent/reluctance and bdsm content. The story: Dane identifies as straight, but has dissociative identity disorder, with his alter, Edan, forcing him into servicing men for its amusement. In this episode, Dane discovers Edan's ulterior motive for bringing him to Malcolm, and Malcolm read Sex Story
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  4. Enslaving Rico

    4/8/2018: @guavapancake Enslaving Rico chapter 1 I am not a writer but if you find my work good then please email me. This is just a work of my imagination. My story is inspired by some of the stories I read in the past any similarities are purely coincidental. The Leash Rico was an average 18 year old jock who really loves basketball. He is the Fire Tiger University’s heartrob and also an outstanding read Sex Story
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  5. Indian CD in small town Hotel.

    4/8/2018: Hi All, I guess you all know i am bisexual and i love to CD. This is another one of my experiences which happened a week ago, in a small town in Chattisgarh. The nearest flight connect was Raipur so i reached there and my onward journey was by trian so i had a few hours to spare. The trip was for 3 days and I was alone so i went in search of lingerie shop. I found one ( which has become my regular shop since last 3 visits in 3 months, since Raipur being my town of entry for chattisgarh state visits as there is the only airport there and then i take train to various smaller towns.)and bough read Sex Story
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  6. I was Hard on Nude Beach Last Day

    4/7/2018: Following on from my adventure at Papayago Beach in Lanzarote I decided to see if there were other nude beaches I could try. I went on line and found one called Charco del Palo Beach. It was a bit of a drive from me but I wanted to see what it was like. It is actually a full on naturist resort similar to where I live in France. After going down a long winding road I ended up in the naturist read Sex Story
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  7. Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 08

    4/7/2018: As the afternoon sun beat down on the men, the competition tightened. Gus was up to six fish, but Aaron had added two more, putting him at seven. Gus reeled in his line, and headed back upstream toward the cabin. "Where you headed, Gus Wolfe? You're still losing." Aaron asked from across the stream. "It's siesta time, bud, care to join me?" "Siesta, like the Spanish word, siesta?" "Yep, that's the read Sex Story
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  8. Wild Flower Ch. 11

    4/6/2018: Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. Welcome to the 11th chapter of this intriguing story. Man! I am on fire and I can't wait to start. The suspense is really killing me and I am the writer. I hope this chapter will have you guys hooked because there is a part which I know most of you have been asking. Don't forget to drop your comments at the end of this chapter. I love you guys so much. So read Sex Story
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  9. Bathouse Fun

    4/6/2018: A true story of my first d***ken exploration of a bathouse, with much more to come. After a night of lonely drinking and gangbang porn watching I got an itch to experience things a little bit more personally that my computer could offer. There is a bathouse in my town with a decent reputation and so I decided to take a cab down to it and see what fun I could get into. It was around bar time on a Saturday night, and it was already fairly crowded when I arrived. I quickly paid and got a locker, noticing quite a few cocks in the lockerroom that looked quite tasty. I winked and smiled at a few g read Sex Story
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  10. Robbed My ASS Once you go BLACK GAY

    4/6/2018: I am a young white man and a total power bottom slut. I love nothing more than being gang banged by a group of sexy guys, preferably black, with big dicks. This is the story of how I became this way. After four years, I was finally moving out of my student apartment. I was 23 and a graduate with a top law degree. White, good looking and ambitious in Philadelphia. Excited was an understatement for me. It had been a good time living here but I was quite looking forward to move on. My new place was definitely more uptown. Soon, I would start working for a highly regarded law firm and move into read Sex Story
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