1. My first time anal sex...

    9/7/2018: So, I'm 23 years old, and still was young and pretty and more naïve. My boyfriend, shall we call it "Dick" (pun intended) was, for the millionth time annoying me about how if I wanted to prove my love to him would surely give him the chance to fuck my ass out. I didn't have anything against anal sex, in fact I always wanted to try it out and usually be turned way on with porn vids about anal sex, read Sex Story
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  2. Fictional fantasy, #5

    9/6/2018: I was much, much younger and living in an apartment building with my folks. I would often do random jobs for many of the other tenants to earn a little extra money. Mr. Lowes was already friends with my parents when he moved into the building. He worked a lot and hired me right away to do simple tasks for him, water the plants, take out the trash, etc. He even gave me my own key so I could come and go as needed. After all, he was hardly there anyways. It was in his bathroom where I found a stack of adult magazines. I had never seen anything like them in my young life and I couldn't get enough read Sex Story
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  3. My GF got me to SUCK BLACK COCK

    9/6/2018: I was just your average freshman in college. I was trying to get pussy, beer, and smoke weed. I ended up getting fucked in my pussy. That's what he tells me to call it at least. I didn't think I was going to get fucked, just do the fucking. First let me tell you about myself, I'm eighteen, a freshmen in college, have a smoking hot girlfriend, I'm fairly tall, and I have your average white cock. So, in other words, I'm not that hung. Only about five inches. I have red hair, freckles, and pale skin. My girlfriend is just the first girl I smoked weed with here. She started to sell it to me, th read Sex Story
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  4. Uncle Saul

    9/5/2018: I would like to do two more installments to this if there is any interest... one about Danny... one more about Uncle Saul's business... all comments are welcome and will not be deleted... When I was a young kid, both of my parents were tragically killed overseas. They were on vacation in Israel and were collateral casualties in a café bombing. They were never the target of the suicide bomber, they read Sex Story
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  5. Handjob Lust

    9/5/2018: One of the few luxuries in my life is giving handjobs. For years I have satisfied many men and assisted in spilling gallons of cum in a number of bookstores, bathrooms, theaters and parking lots. On several occasions, in an empty forest. There's a pleasant, yet heart pounding, feeling when I get a thick and pulsating cock in my hands. The feeling of the skin, throbbing and the girth is all I need to get me revving. Then my angst turns me into a suck-b**st. I love looking straight at the hole in a cock head as I stroke it slowly. The fleshy and spongy head glistens with precum as I strok read Sex Story
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  6. Start of a Good Weekend

    9/5/2018: Based on actual events, I have taken several different events and thoughts and put them together for your enjoyment. I have been single for a while now, I've been far too nervous to hook up with someone online, which is a shame because it is such a wonderful and supportive community. Alas this means other than some light play with a friend, I must entertain myself and practice alone. What follows is one of these events, that did not exactly go to plan. Thanks to my friend for letting me out :D. Just a few details to avoid any confusion, I am Pansexual meaning that I am attracted to per read Sex Story
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  7. Betrayed!

    9/5/2018: Betrayed! By Randy MacAnus All rights reserved by the author. If you would like to see more chapters to this story, please indicate that in the comments below. If you have ideas about directions you might like the story to take, by all means include them in the comments. I have additional chapters outlined, but am open to modifying, if I get interesting feedback. I'm straight. I'm sure of that read Sex Story
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  8. James Bob and Abdul

    9/4/2018: The three boys were sat in the library on their study period. Abdul, who was mentally deranged, was dry humping the others chairs. A common joke circulating the school was 'Abdul's gay' but it was a joke, no-one believed it. The other two boys, James and Bob, ignored him for the most part. James, who had brought his laptop, had a large stash of questionable material regarding female genitals read Sex Story
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  9. Jim's anal slut second chapter

    9/4/2018: It has been a week since Jerome's friend Jim introduced him to his hot white twink neighbor, John. Since then, Jerome has not been able to stop thinking about John's tight white ass and how awesome he was in sucking cock, and he was hoping to see him again. So Jerome went to Jim's apartment to see if John would be around. Well at that time, Jim was out of town and just then, John went out in the read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Anal Ass to mouth Cum Swallowing Gay Interracial Author: The perverted one, Source: sexstories.com
  10. TJ Ch. 05

    9/4/2018: Josh and I went into the house through the garage. Robert was in the living room waiting for us, along with a man with dark hair, wearing a black suit. As we approached he said, "Hello Josh. And you must be TJ. Both Robert and my daughter have told me quite a bit about you." Robert must have seen the puzzlement on my face. "Teej, this is Patrick Landrum, my, well our, lawyer." "It's a pleasure to read Sex Story
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