1. Sissy Spankings

    6/11/2018: I have had this fetish for wearing women's tights and knickers for most of my life and enjoy it all the more now I'm in my 60's. I developed a need to be punished for my behaviour and found that being spanked filled that need. I meet with several friends and enjoy spanking sessions with them .... I found I was not alone with my fetish so not only did I find an outlet for my fetish I met similar men with the same passion for tights and spanking. It is such a delight to mix with adults who share the same passion and I look forwards to our monthly meets as something new happens each time read Sex Story
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  2. TJ Ch. 06

    6/10/2018: The rest of the first week of school was tense. Nothing major happened on Tuesday. We received stares from some people, heard some whispers from others, and got a few smiles and nods. Rachel was only slightly better. She didn't say anything negative to us during English, but she did glare. Before lunch, Josh and I were at the entrance to the cafeteria waiting for everyone when Kevin came around read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: byjt_hooks, Source: Literotica
  3. Wild Flower Ch. 16

    6/9/2018: Comments, critiques and tips are most definitely welcome. Now it's time to dive into an epic story that has kept us all glued. We continue with Miguel's journey as he tries to fight the men that wronged him and find justice for himself, his parents and his uncle. Will he finally get his revenge and will his journey bring him true love in the end? Well. It's time to continue with the latest story read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: byvanalas, Source: Literotica
  4. Cocklust Ch. 04

    6/8/2018: When I went home that weekend, I felt like my world had turned upside down. I tried to put a good face on things, so I didn't say a word to my parents, or to anyone else for that matter. But the truth was that Chad had totally thrown me for a loop. I'd never felt so strongly about anyone— much less a dude— and I didn't know what to make of it. I tried texting Chad, and I messaged him on Facebook, read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: bybriacon429, Source: Literotica
  5. gay latex rubber hot sex

    6/8/2018: I love wearing latex, black, red, clear etc, doesn't matter what colour. My best mate Jason and myself had been looking on the internet for some really good quality, thin but strong waist to toe latex pants with a cock and ball sheath built in. Not had much luck, mist were VERY expensive, until Jase found a site that were experimenting with new latex body spray,,, guaranteed strong, tearproof, rip proof, stain proof, with a full lifetime guarantee. The ad stated that as the latex was applied by spray gun a perfectly smooth gloss finish was also guaranteed. there were no reviews but applicants read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, Fetish, Gay, Author: prostheticleg, Source: xHamster
  6. My First Gay Experience

    6/8/2018: This is the true story of my first gay experience. I was 18 at the time and just moved to Jacksonville Florida, and never had a romantic interest in men, but always had gay sexual fantasies. Now that I was in college, I had the opportunity to fulfill them. I had never been with a guy before, but always fantasized about being fucked by a larger older man. The difference old and young or daddy dynamic was really hot to me, and I wanted to be used by an older guy. I went onto Craigslist and found a post that interested me, a 55 year old guy who was looking for a younger submissive guy to play read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: collegeboyalex, Source: xHamster
  7. My Final School Year

    6/8/2018: My final year at school was spent on my grandfather’s farm. I was an adopted child named Caedon, a good looking city boy that surprisingly looked a lot like Gareth, my non biological dad. Ruth, my mom, was also attractive, but in a masculine way. Mom came from a physically large family. Isaac, mom’s dad, was six-foot-three tall and my uncle Seth, mom’s twenty-eight year old brother, read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories
  8. Party favor

    6/7/2018: Juan was a nineteen year-old, slim-built boy whose shaggy black hair covered his chocolate brown eyes. His slender frame was naked to the warm summer sun. His hole was a bit sore however. The new butt plug his lover had bought for him was a little larger than he was used to, but he did like the decorative jewel at the end of the plug. He admired it the mirror after it was not so gently read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: north_man87, Source: LushStories
  9. Grant

    6/7/2018: Grant is above me. His dark crew cut. The silver loop ornamenting his right earlobe. His brown eyes. The regular features of his handsome face. The movements of his head, back and forth and sideways. His mouth open, showing his even white teeth and his moist pink tongue. His rapt gaze locked on mine. These sights fill my vision as I lie upon my back, my legs folded, my knees against my chest, my read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: byCal Y. Pygia, Source: Literotica
  10. Fishing with dad

    6/6/2018: The mountains were a rich pine green. The air was cooled by the breeze sweeping across the river. Father and son had waded into the cool water at calf deep. Rods were swung as the line was cast, the sinker at the end of the line giving it purpose. Each of them wore a fair brimmed soft hat decorated at the band with feathered fish hooks. Each wore a utility vest pocketed with sinkers, pen knives and the necessities of fly fishing. Each was otherwise naked. Peter at 36 was a strong hirsute man, dark-haired, well-muscled from years spent in his construction trade. He stood a solid six feet. His read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish, Incest / Taboo, Gay, Author: 33kizo33, Source: xHamster