1. My Angry Tenants Ch. 14

    12/10/2017: Ron and Gary needed cash. They were waiting for a pay off on a renovation job they'd done but they needed fast cash now to fund another job they had lined up. "It's not like we need a lot, even 500 bucks would tide us over." Gary said. He and Ron were lounging on my sofa buck naked after just having taken turns plowing my hole. I was busy at the kitchen counter fixing dinner for the three of us, read Sex Story
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  2. Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 3 "Pillow Talk"

    12/9/2017: Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 3 "Pillow Talk" Mr. Black and I had fallen back asleep for several hours, spooning with my butt placed perfectly in his lap and his arms wrapping around my upper body. When we finally woke up from our deep, satisfying slumber we were both starving! He had slowly gotten up after a final squeeze of my buttox and headed towards his kitchen. I began to get out of his large bed, read Sex Story
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  3. Alec In Wonderland

    12/9/2017: Multiply everything by eight. Could you possibly picture a man eight times taller than a normally large six-foot-tall man? Six multiplied by eight would give you a guy forty-eight-foot tall. Now, imagine what his well-endowed cock would look like. You’ve got it… that amounts to over seventy-two inches. *** One day I fell asleep next to an ancient old tree. When I awoke the world seemed read Sex Story
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  4. Discovery

    12/9/2017: One more week and college would be over. I’d roomed with Jay since our first year and we’d became friends, often hanging out together. Yet, we never really mixed in the same group of friends. That I didn't understand. Another thing, even though we were close, Jay didn’t open up about his personal life, particularly his childhood. I found this secrecy a bit strange but, through the years, read Sex Story
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  5. The Good Neighbour, Part Three

    12/9/2017: Jimmy looked down at Tobin, sprawled on his king-size bed, and growled in desire. The boy had become a man, but was still in many ways a boy—slim, pale, more or less hairless, lacking the heft and scars of age. But he was also a man: he had muscular shoulders and thighs, to say nothing of his cock, which was still hard and lolled against Tobin’s belly, leaking milky liquid that Jimmy wanted read Sex Story
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  6. A night of drinking cum, sucking and fucking.....

    12/8/2017: Years ago my red head, hairy bushed, big tittied GF and I LOVED going to Tranny, Cross-dresser and gay swinging orgies. One of the big turn ons for both of us was when she would get a mouth full of cum she would lean over, join her lips with mine and feed me her mouthful. I was just sitting here prowling X-hamster, checking out cum videos when I had a flashback of one of these times. Deb and I were at a neighbor's orgy with probably 30 guests. Gay men, Cross-dressers and true Tannys. Immediately, we hooked up with our favorites, got naked and did a little 420 while we exchanged feels and read Sex Story
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  7. Trying To Fuck A Gay Couple

    12/8/2017: Background I’ve known Paul for years. He is not out to everyone, but everyone kinda knows he is gay and nobody cares. Paul has been ‘dating’ (however one defines that) a guy called Jace for a fair while now and I finally got to meet Jace when they were heading to Sydney one day and dropped in. Paul is my age but Jace is still at uni so a little bit younger than us. Jace is cute though, read Sex Story
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  8. Group Interview

    12/8/2017: Jordan realized that his shoulders were touching his ears. With effort, he brought them down and, breathing deeply, tilted his head side to side a few times to loosen his muscles. It's just a job interview, he told himself. You've done this a million times before. And yet... Jordan looked nervously around the room. Men stood at tiny tables in groups of three or more and chatted with each other read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: bymaxxwood, Source: Literotica
  9. New roommate opens my world

    12/5/2017: I'm Joe, I've been looking for a new roomate for quite some time now, I wouldn't say that im picky but I know that I'm looking for someone who was clean and tidy and i was able to get along with. I met this one guy, Ken, who seemed really nice, he stressed that he was a clean person and would keep to himself and had a bunch of girl friends that he would be bringing around if i didn't mind, of read Sex Story
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  10. 07] You Never Know Who Desires You.

    12/4/2017: If you are disturbed by young/mature gay sex please do not read. This is a true story though some alterations have been made to comply with legal requirements. Please leave your comments/feedback. You Never Know Who Desires You. Quite a few years ago, in the dark ages when the internet had just come to this country, there were very few sites catering to gays. One of these was Tamil Sex .Com, a read Sex Story
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