1. My First Adventure with Keith

    3/4/2018: I’ve always been an adventurous type and always looking for new experiences and I’ve always involved myself with those who were like-minded. My circle of friends were involved in kayaking and canoeing, flying, paragliding, scuba diving, martial arts, shooting – You name it we were into it. My best friend Bob frequently talked about his cousin Keith who lived in Pennsylvania and how he would fit in read Sex Story
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  2. Getting Hot in the Fire House

    3/3/2018: The last light of day was fading from the sky as the fire engine backed through the open door into the fire station, its spinning red and yellow lights ricocheting off the surrounding buildings. As blocked traffic began to move slowly down the street, the firefighters jumped down from the truck and removed their protective gear. It had been a long and difficult fire to fight in a read Sex Story
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  3. sortie d'autoroute

    3/3/2018: comme souvent je me rend le soir au bois de chez moi à la recherche d'homme pour me sucer la queue. ce soir la il pleuvait, je me doutais que je n'allais pas croiser grand monde voir personne mais j'ai quand même décidé de m'y rendre. une voiture était garée. je m'y rends à la rencontre de l'homme qui y était. je lui demande alors ce qu'il cherche et il me réponds qu'il a déjà fait son affaire. heureusement pour moi, au même moment une autre voiture arrive. je me dirige vers elle. un homme d'une quarantaine d'année était au volant. je lui demande ce qu'il cherche, il me dit "du plaisir". il m' read Sex Story
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  4. Super Bowl Party

    3/3/2018: This story takes place a few weeks after the events in "Birthday Party." Chaz and I were still fucking. And sucking. Every opportunity we got. Weekends were spent at his place or mine, making the bedsheets filthy. We hardly spent any time at our favorite watering hole any more. We were too busy getting each other off. We did get an invite to a Super Bowl party. And while we didn't really want to go, we figured we hadn't seen some of our friends in a while. And it might be nice to do something other than sucking each other's cocks. We did agree to keep our activities on the down low and to read Sex Story
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  5. The Birthday Sleepover

    3/3/2018: That time of year had finally come John’s annual birthday sleep over had arrived. He was only allowed to invite three people. Jamie, Evan and the last person he couldn't decide on. Evan kept trying to convince John to invite Mark because Evan had a secret crush on him. Little did Evan know that his secret crush wasn't so secret and John also had a crush on Mark. John invites Mark to the sleep read Sex Story
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  6. Pisman Degilim [C]ALINTI

    3/1/2018: Merhaba sevgili arkadaşlar gay oluşumu sizlerle paylaşmak istedim çocukluktan beridir bana hep koca gotlu Selim derlerdi dalga gecerlerdi gerçekten gotum biraz büyük ama zayıf bir insanım haliyle got büyük olunca işler değişiyor size yaşar abiyle olan hikayemi anlatmak istiyorum bu zamana kadar kadınlardan hiç zevk almadım aksine onları hep kıskandım mahallemizde yaşar abi diye iyi bir abimiz var artık abim değil müstakbel kocamdan neyse bir gün mahallece toplandık denize gittik 3 gün kalmalı çadır falan kurduk yaşar abide beni çok sever bende aynı hadi gelmiyonmu denize dedi abi ben yüzme bil read Sex Story
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  7. NYE - True story

    3/1/2018: True story from 31/12/17 So me and my partner, well bbw fuck buddy lol, went out for a meal on NYE after which we were going to meet some friends in a bar for drinks to see the new year in. We had dinner and then went to a bar right next door to the restaurant we dined in. The bar wasn't busy at all but was nice as we could fine a nice seat and got serve drinks pretty quick. I went to the bar and ordered some drinks and noticed a couple walk in. The only reason why the couple stuck out was because the guy was tall. He must have been at least a foot taller than me. I went back to my partne read Sex Story
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  8. Aria's New Life Pt3

    3/1/2018: Aria I woke with a startle in my father’s arms. “What’s wrong, Aria?” he asked me with concern. “Just an ‘odd’ dream, I guess.” I was sweating and shaking. The King must have noticed. “You came while you were sleeping. You’ve come a lot these past couple of days.” He pulled me in his arms and held me tight. The moment I was back in his arms I started to wrap my body around his, looking for more read Sex Story
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  9. To The Max (Pumpen und Saline) Teil2

    2/28/2018: To The Max Copyright by Octili Personen: (genauer in der Vorgeschichte) Ich selbst: 43, geschieden, sportliche Figur, Bi, freiberuflicher Programmierer Mischa: 42, geschieden, androgyner Typ, Doktor der Medizin und Chemie, freiberuflich tätig. Jean-Paul: 35, homosexuell, Modedesigner und Schneider Heike: 36, nicht gebunden, bi, Angestellte von J-P Mischa hatte seine Forschungen auf dem Gebiet der hormonellen Geschlechtsangleichung in den letzten Monaten immer wieder verfeinert. Er war mittlerweile in der Lage körperliche Veränderungen durch Injektionen gezielt durchzuführen und auch read Sex Story
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  10. Second cock

    2/28/2018: The first was when I was twelve, this second 42 years later was equally as exciting,,,,,,,,,,,,So I had set up my camp site fairly near the trail. I being mid summer it was still light outside around 8pm. I was just finished eating and was staring in to the small campfire I used to heat a precooked meal I had brought. I was thinking about how nice its going to be to get naked after the sun goes down and wonder about in the meadows I was near in the moonlight. I had done it before, walkin around with a nice boner, feeling the breeze over my cock, ultimate sitting down in the thick grass to jack read Sex Story
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