1. tranny tart ride

    6/15/2018: hey - so my imagination runs wild when i am in tranny mode and i can't help to think about hard cock to suck and fuck - i am so addicted to my gender bent life style that i have these yearnings for erotic entertainment as fem fatale - get my franny on and pleasure other cd lovers - whether they dress or not - always great to gobble gay dick in crotchless pantyhose but naked men can be so very sexy with their fleshy bodies and their sweet boners just begging to be satisfied so after a ride around town with my bud and maybe a little head in secluded lot but not too much as i have further plans read Sex Story
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  2. 1st Hand Account

    6/15/2018: So my wife read our convo we had about you getting gang r@ped, I could see her pussy juices pouring out through her pants You told me how it was suppose to be a tinder hook up an when you got there, there was more then 1 an kinda left it there Grinder actually...he hit me up on grinder...black guy...sent me a dick pic...had like a 10 inch thick cock....so I said I wanted to suck it....he told me to come over and suck his nut out...gave me the address...I put on a mini skirt ....tube top that showed off my boobs...and fuck me heels and went over When I knocked on the door he answered and read Sex Story
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  3. Massage Pathway

    6/15/2018: This is a true account of my life over the past few years and this story continues. It has been sometime since I ran into Savanah, the TS, in San Francisco. My life is fairly normal, work and divorced, with kids. I am five-foot ten, good-looking, muscular and I am over seven inches, hard. I am very physical, always doing sports activities and being hard on my body. I take care of my body and have read Sex Story
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  4. Percy

    6/13/2018: After commencing my final year at high school I encountered Percy, a new pupil in our school who also happened to be in my class. First of all let me ask, who the hell would call their child, Percy? What a nerdish name! As if that wasn’t bad enough, Percy was one of the most awkward individuals I had ever met. Physically, he had absolutely nothing going for him. Percy was a large lumbering read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories
  5. Black Hookup Gay

    6/13/2018: I had experimented with gay sex during college but had not indulged for over 20 years. In my late 40's, trapped in a bad marriage, I began to recall my college days and began to spend a lot of time in gay chat rooms. I started hooking up with men I met at these sites. During my college days, I was usually the one who was getting fucked and it was mostly with older men. Now I was an older man and my first few hook-ups were with younger men and I was the one doing the fucking. However, more and more I was remembering my college experiences and the need to be fucked returned to me in a very stron read Sex Story
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  6. Straight Invaded Pt. 05: Surrender

    6/13/2018: Monday: I awoke, around 10:00AM, with a hangover from the Ambien, The vision of Beth's perfect ass was locked in my mind. That was a day I will never forget. I hit the shower, applied my hair remover and shaved. I cleaned myself out with the tool Beth left behind, brushed my teeth and packed up my belongings. I watched some ESPN and thought about my situation. I thought I believed him when he said read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: byrimaday, Source: Literotica
  7. Auld Lang Syne

    6/12/2018: Club Amethyst advertised that it would be hosting a New Years’ Jam. The radio ad indicated that there would be free champagne for everyone at midnight. And, the coup-de-gras was to be a thousand dollars dropped from the ceiling at 11:58. Mandwell Varner heard as he was leaving work that Friday as a security guard in his blue 2013 Dodge Charger. The 24 year-old inactive Marine had a dark complexion, owned a muscular build, and stood at six-foot-one. With his square jawline and sexy smile, he was used to getting any chick he wanted. He had been back home from the service for seven months and read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time, Gay, Trans, Author: faggyboi, Source: xHamster
  8. Fun in the Bath House Ch. 03

    6/12/2018: Apologies for taking so long to get back to writing. Hope you enjoy this chapter. More to come. Again- all people are over the age of 18. ***** My mind was pre-occupied all day. I had planned on doing a lot of work around the house all day but I could not get my mind off the past 24 hours. Meeting Mark and Andy at the bath house was one thing. Having them know where I live and being friends with read Sex Story
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  9. Sissy Spankings

    6/11/2018: I have had this fetish for wearing women's tights and knickers for most of my life and enjoy it all the more now I'm in my 60's. I developed a need to be punished for my behaviour and found that being spanked filled that need. I meet with several friends and enjoy spanking sessions with them .... I found I was not alone with my fetish so not only did I find an outlet for my fetish I met similar men with the same passion for tights and spanking. It is such a delight to mix with adults who share the same passion and I look forwards to our monthly meets as something new happens each time read Sex Story
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  10. TJ Ch. 06

    6/10/2018: The rest of the first week of school was tense. Nothing major happened on Tuesday. We received stares from some people, heard some whispers from others, and got a few smiles and nods. Rachel was only slightly better. She didn't say anything negative to us during English, but she did glare. Before lunch, Josh and I were at the entrance to the cafeteria waiting for everyone when Kevin came around read Sex Story
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