1. Mommy is my first

    8/16/2018: My mom called herself a social drinker which meant to me that she drank every weekend and on a few days during the week. Some school days, I would come home and discover that my mom had usually fixed herself her first drink of the evening around 4 pm. She seemed to consume anywhere from four to six drinks during the evening. Some days, however, she would overindulge and end up sloshed. That would put me into the position of having to go out to some fast food place and pick up our dinner since she wasn't in any shape to cook. My dad was a P.R. representative for the company he worked for and read Sex Story
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  2. ein Augenblick zum Fick ....

    8/15/2018: Es sind diese Momente! Du siehst SIE in der Bahn. Eure Blicke treffen sich. Ein kurzes Lächeln! Ein kurzes Wahrnehmen., Und kurze Zeit später wieder. Ein Blick in die Augen. Sie lächelt zurück. Wir sehen uns an. Unsere Blicke verschmelzen. Unglaublich. Was das in mir bewirkt. Ich sehe SIE an. Wieder und wieder. Und sie mich auch. Während sie mich ansieht, lass ich meinen Blick zu ihren Lippen schweifen. Sie erwiedert das. Auch sie schaut auf meine Lippen. Wir kommen uns näher. Die Bahn ist voll. Ich will jetzt ganz nah bei ihr sein. Sie hält sich mit einer Hand an der Haltestange fes read Sex Story
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  3. True accounts pt. 1

    8/15/2018: These memoirs might come as a surprise, however my story needs to be told. I'm far too mentally famished to face a juror, and too eloquent to be caught other than by self submission. Ironic, yes? Real names will not be used and certain times and dates will be allocated for my personal safety. What I mustn't change is the details, because in the details is where lies the emotion and passion of my read Sex Story
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  4. Older woman giving her good boy public blow job

    8/15/2018: This is a story my girlfriend text me about sucking a much younger guy in a car park. She's the woman in all my galleries, enjoy! Ok so a few years ago this young man I was chatting to came to see me and we went for a drink in the pub down the road from where I live He was only 18 and I was 32 so I was a lot more experienced than he was He had told me he was seeing other girls so I wanted to impress him I was wearing a leather mini skirt, knee high boots and a nice top When I sat down you could see my knickers as my skirt was so short! I used to call him my good little boy as he was yo read Sex Story
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  5. Ankes neue Wohnung - Teil 2

    8/15/2018: Fortsetzung von Teil 1 Teil 1 :http://xhamster.com/stories/ankes-neue-wohnung-teil-1-738760 Wenig später waren wir alle mit unseren Aufgaben fertig. Ich hatte noch ein paar Lampen zum leuchten gebracht und die Frauen hatten alles, was derzeit verstaut werden konnte, an ihren vorgesehenen Platz gestellt und untergebracht. Während Anke sich in der Küche an der Kaffeemaschine zu schaffen machte, legte meine Freundin ihren Mantel an und wickelte sich sorgsam ihren dicken Schal um. „Also so kalt ist es dann auch noch nicht“, kommentierte ich mit einem Grinsen. „Naja, für heute Nacht haben si read Sex Story
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  6. Daughter’s Libido and Mummy’s Ego

    8/15/2018: A randy lass gets straight to work on her boyfriend in the hallway. As the boyfriend licks out her coochie against the wall, her mother moves in and licks the boyfriends exposed balls. It’s all libido, ego and cock juice from there... A young intelligent honour roll student like Brenda Carter should have known dropping your bag and your boyfriend’s pants just inside your front door after school probably isn’t the safest or potentially the most private place for a head job ...rapid or lingering...hand or lips ...or engaging in the stunning combination of multitasking moist mouth and har read Sex Story
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  7. i****tuous Film Ch. 2

    8/14/2018: I'm sitting here in the car and thinking about the last 2 hours of my life. A friend had given me tickets to a movie and, having no one to go with me, I asked and took my son (Jason). Over the last year, I had begun to feel a forbidden attraction to Jason and tonight it had all come to a head. "Jesus, Nicole. What the fuck did you just do!!?" I asked myself. Not only had I just fucked my own son, reason enough for me to go to hell, but I just had to push the envelope by doing it in a public place. Feeling dirtier and sexier than ever before, I had begun to yell out, "I'm fucking my read Sex Story
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  8. Sister/Cougar

    8/14/2018: My sister, Heather is 12 years older than I am. She pretty much raised me since mom had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Heather got me into martial arts so I would stay out of trouble. I liked it and started winning tournaments and some MMA fights. As I got older I would kind of protect her from bad boyfriends. She liked bad boys, but they usually started hitting her, that is when I would read Sex Story
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  9. Starting Anew | Part I

    8/14/2018: Note to the reader: This story is what one might call a slow burn. I have read many stories on this topic but I wanted something more true to life. This takes a real world approach and therefore may seem slow at first. However, I promise, you will not be disappointed if you commit to the story. Enjoy. “Back Story” Everyone keeps saying the economy is back to normal, people on the news, teachers at read Sex Story
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  10. Mom Gets Hot

    8/14/2018: Jodie Adams took one last glance in the mirror before leaving for her date. The petite schoolteacher smiled at her reflection, liking what she saw. She looked ten years younger than her real age, which was in the mid-thirties. She had long flame-colored hair, big blue eyes, and a nice figure, all the curves in the right places, her ripe tits riding high. She knew her appearance would turn her date read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Incest / Taboo, Mature / Older, Author: tom8899, Source: sexstories.com