1. 20 Years Of Infidelity

    12/9/2018: Just over 20 years ago I was married to a great guy only 8 months after meeting him. I was 23 and he was 44. We met at work where I was a part-time office temp. My above average height and slender build caught his eye and he wasn't bad looking either. Some of the girls in the office told me he'd come sniffing around their skirts so I figured our relationship was purely sexual. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination going into our relationship. Our sex was great and satisfying. He was born into money and had the means to wine and dine me like no other boyfriend had before. Surprise read Sex Story
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  2. Camp Lake

    12/9/2018: Camp Lake The old pioneer pass route led along the new highway and the railroad over on the way to the high summit pass. Camp lake lay on a side branch road past the rail line from the new highway. At that elevation the lake water warmed up to a nice swimming temperature and the scouts had extensive swimming, row boats and canoes at their lake. Dave, the Senior Scoutmaster and Camp Director, lived read Sex Story
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  3. Mathew and Beth part 2 "Stony Brook"

    12/9/2018: “Hello Mr Thompson welcome back to the Stony Brook Hilton, I see your daughter Beth has already picked up a key but give me one moment and I will have another made up for you “ the desk clerk informed me as I went to check in. Surprised that me “daughter” had picked up a key as I did not have a daughter but I knew what was going on here. In no time at all I picked up a key and off I went to the down the first hallway to my ground floor suite, room 116. Expecting to get a surprise from my new friend when I got there but as I opened the floor the living room of the suite was empty, turning to th read Sex Story
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  4. He Left Me Hanging

    12/8/2018: “We can fuck all you want, however you want…when we get home” Damon’s broken promise from earlier in the evening echoed in my head, which only served to make me a little mad each time I glanced over at him now slumped over in the passengers seat, d***k off his ass while I drove us home from what I was told was a Big Event but I was left unimpressed by the whole night. I Know it sounds c***dish to say but, I was promised sex if I endured a night out at the art show of one of Damon’s friends in some place way across town, and this is how he thanks me? Getting d***k as fuck on champagne. I mean I read Sex Story
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  5. Lexi Classified Ch. 04

    12/8/2018: Chapter 4: A Change of Venue Friday Throughout the week following Christmas, Malcolm continued to jack off any time he could get privacy from Nancy. She had come back home after the prior weekend, but they still were not speaking. Malcom's sexual stamina had become that of a god. Nancy was suspicious that Malcolm might be fucking around on her because she knew he had not been interested in fucking read Sex Story
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  6. Christmas party , wife, black cock,and me

    12/8/2018: Company Christmas parties are always fun for me and my hot wife Andrea. This year the company my wife works for is having their party down town and most of the couples have rooms in the motel where the party is being held. I was already dressed and ready so I sat on the bed in our room and while waiting I flipped through the TV. Andrea was in the bathroom dressing. When the door opened I looked to see my gorgeous wife walking out wearing a red Lacy dress. It was low cut and she had her firm little thirty four b cup tits pushed up and together forming very sexy round globes. The entire dr read Sex Story
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  7. When integration rhymes with penetration ...

    12/8/2018: In the year 2023, draconian new laws had been passed against foreigners. The strangest, but also the most exciting, was that for a family to have a resident card, all girls over the age of 18 had to prove that they had been penetrated. The government supposed that, since the French girls were little sluts, foreign girls, to prove their integration to the society, had to do like the French. Before read Sex Story
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  8. The ghost fuck

    12/8/2018: I am luna. Female 30 yrs. It had been five days since I moved. I loved the new house. It was old but dated. During the move I did notice some weird events. But, it was my imagination.yes? I would put the water on and suddenly would shut off. Mirrors fogged. Closed drawers were open.. items vanished. This particular evening, I was alone. Nervous but confident decided to take a shower ..letting the stem roam down my body as I shuttered. I got ready for bed. Driving into a wonderful slumber that night. After a while, I began to feel my breast being touched. Tugged gently. The pleasure came in w read Sex Story
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  9. Anita dripping wet

    12/7/2018: That afternoon my sweet Ana came from work laughing… I asked her if she was in a good mood and she said it had been a fine day. Then I insisted why, but she said only that it was a fine day. All week she had this huge grin on her face coming from her office. I asked everyday why and everyday she said she was just happy… On Friday evening she rang and said she was going to be a little late; she was going to the pub for a couple hours after with the guys; so would meet me at home… Ana arrived late that evening. I was at the kitchen, opening a wine bottle. Of course she was again lau read Sex Story
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  10. Natural Remedy

    12/7/2018: This happened quite a few years ago when I took a break from the studies to spend a week at my dad’s. Back then he lived with the woman he married shortly after he and my mother split up, and with her daughter Kristina. I had lived with the three of them years before, from when I was about fifteen until I moved out at eighteen. While I was there that week, I came down with the worst case of read Sex Story
    Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: ThorS, Source: LushStories