1. My Step-Sister - Part 4

    4/7/2019: The first week after my step-sister Chrissy walked in on my masturbating, we masturbated in front of each other every day. The next week we started licking pussy and sucking dick. Now, almost every morning we were getting giving each other orgasms orally or manually. We were not ready to fuck yet, but we were ratcheting up our repertoire. One day I heard Chrissy in the shower. I went to the kitchen to make sure our parents had left for work. Then I got naked and joined Chrissy in the shower. We were kissing and soaping each other up and laughing. At one point my soapy hand went down her as read Sex Story
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    4/7/2019: GIRLY TIME As a young schoolboy I loved staying at my Aunt Diane's home in Brighton I had started wanking my big cock all day and night I loved wearing silky panty's it made my cock instantly hard Diane was married to Rich who loved all forms of sex Diane had a young son Andi my age and a younger daughter Louise Diane wore very short mini skirts with stockings and suspender belt When she bent over I had a fantastic view of her silky panty's wrapped around her luscious cunt lips and tight pert arse cheeks Andi watched as I rubbed my hardening cock in my brief school silky shorts read Sex Story
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  3. HAving Fun With Moms Ass

    4/7/2019: Like I,ve said been fucking mom for a while,solo friends gangbangs etc,love using and abusing her and she accepts it,anyway one afternoon wanted to something wild and crazy with her,called one of my friends over that fucked her with me and told him wanted to get crazy with her,then it dawned on me mom has a great ass lets see what we can shove up there,oicked up a bunch of things,called her come over now!!! she did,she knows by the tone in my voice it,s fucking time,she came right over she got in the house she knew to strip down naked and start sucking my cock,she did told ,Tom here too read Sex Story
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  4. A third encounter with Bandit

    4/7/2019: The day after my last encounter with Bandit, I was sore all the time… My boobs were sore, my poor cunt was sore, I was sore all over. My loving husband asked me why I was walking funny. I could not tell him that the neighbor’s dog had pounded my pussy with his huge cock. Then I told him the previous day I had made a bad effort stretching at the gym and then my leg and hip were aching a little bit… I had been in heat all week and fucking that nice dog just made me hornier. Sore as I was I still wanted that huge and hard cock, including the red knot. The next morning I felt better. It was g read Sex Story
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  5. Everyone wants the Head Cheerleader

    4/7/2019: Everyone wants Selina; her step-brother, her step daddy, her bestie and her bestie’s younger sister... Selina Dawes had one of those bodies that look good from any angle and in any situation. So you will have to imagine for the moment just how superb the salacious bitch is going to look naked. Selina caused more accidents for randy males either focussed on her bodacious hooters, her peachy arse or her divine camel toe than that current pokey go game app. Actually most guys couldn’t care what rare virtual creature was lost in that game when they were within eye candy appreciative distance of M read Sex Story
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    4/6/2019: I was up the whole night with my daughters friend Rosie , I was so sexual'y charged my body tingling when I looked at her , the nervousness when I found out the difference between Rosie's and my daughter Kim , that my daughter was a couple years older . Just the excitement kept me hard all night , it seemed I had load after load for her and she willingly took them all and didn't care where , I thought of my daughter Kim and wondered if she was as hungry for sex as Rose . This night filled one of my fantasy's , I was more than spent , I'd never felt so satisfy'd before ,we fell asleep holding e read Sex Story
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  7. a siblings love for each other

    4/6/2019: Quick note: I just wanted to say that this is my first story on this site and I might make more in the future if you guys like it. This one is a fiction of how I had sex with only my big sister but if you like I could add my whole family in future true stories. And were a really big family by the way. With me tree little sisters, one big sister, one little brother and our parents. Also English is read Sex Story
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  8. Submissive Incest Mind Control Chapter 1: Naughty Daughter Spanked

    4/6/2019: Submissive Incest Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter One: Naughty Daughter Spanked By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! “We're not angry with you,” my mother said, giving me a slight smile, “we're just disappointed, Bess.” “Disappointed?” I groaned. “That's it? Disappointed?” I glanced at my father's car, the front end read Sex Story
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  9. My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 7

    4/6/2019: It has been a while, i recently thought i would write again after sometime, read other parts if the memories need re jogging of the story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was the morning after the crazy night, i laid there in shock before mom got up, i went downstairs to make a coffee, and i heard her wake from her sleep, i wanted something to happen but i was also worried at the time after last night and what she would say "Morning mom" "Hello son, last night was read Sex Story
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  10. Momma's Girl

    4/5/2019: It had been a long couple months waiting tables in California heat for ungrateful people, so when her mom suggested they take off to the condo for a week to unwind, Robyn jumped at the opportunity. They had a time shared condo just across the border and her mom was usually a lot of fun. Now that Robyn was legal drinking age, they could go into bars and clubs together, dance and karaoke and get read Sex Story
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