1. College Senior Experiences Ch. 01

    3/18/2019: 'Great, he stood me up... I blew off studying for this...' I check my phone again, and still no text from this supposedly great guy my roommate set me up with. I glance around the bar, seeing hordes of college students hunting desperately for a little bit of stress relief from the hectic life of a student. That was all tonight was supposed to be; a quick hookup so my roommate would get off my case read Sex Story
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  2. Back after training…

    3/17/2019: A couple of day later we arranged a date during Edmond day off from work to satisfy Maia’s dream to get his huge cock in her tiny ass, so the meeting was Edmond’s home (I suppose) where we shared some drinks and we spoke about our trip to Jamaica and so on…..until…. Without any warning, he gently pulled her in to him and embraced her. It took a moment, but her lips relaxed and she kissed him back. They stood like this kissing as his hands wandered over her back enjoying the coolness of her flesh. Maia really didn't know what to say or do finding herself lost in the moment. Slowly his big read Sex Story
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  3. Wife in Vegas finds Two Black Men Ch. 03

    3/17/2019: I left off in my last experience with some fantastic chaperons giving me incredible sex with their big black cocks. I was in their suite in Vegas and the night was still young... Darrell and Marcus had more surprises for this hot, white MILF! As I lay there spent after hot sex and coming more times than I have in the last year, Darrell got up to go to the bathroom. He was doing something behind me read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Author: byhotwifetravels, Source: Literotica
  4. First time cuckold

    3/16/2019: I stood and watched as she clipped the top of the stocking to the susspender against her milky white thigh before smoothing down the crease in her knee high skirt. She Had never worn stockingsI, at least not in the six years we had been together, this was all becoming a bit surreal. It had started when I got home, a case packed, the c***dren at her mother's and a hotel in the countryside booked for the evening. Well I wasn't complaining, from my current view it looked like I was in for a fun night. I took her by the hand, kissed her gently on the lips and gave her ass a quick squeeze as I open read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Author: Shysissyboy69, Source: xHamster
  5. BBW Lovers

    3/16/2019: This happens to be my first story ever written. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it! This is a story about how my wife and I found a new love in our life with our friend Brooke. When my wife Sierra and I told Brooke we were moving across the United States we all felt pretty terrible. Brooke had become one of my wife and I' s really good friends and it was hard to leave her but we promised if things didn't work out with her husband then she could come stay with us. I was a joke we all laughed at first and didn't take it seriously. Brooke was very shy when I came to talking abo read Sex Story
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  6. Ladies Book Club Chapter 2

    3/15/2019: Ladies Book Club Chapter 2 by aliveinpr In Chapter 1, Alice had become a ‘married white whore’ without her husband Bill being aware of her infidelity. Friday afternoon, I was asked to see the boss in his office. As I entered, he said, "Bill, we have made a decision. You have been promoted to Vice President. Right now, there is a crew moving all of your belongings to your new office." I was in read Sex Story
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  7. Dance of a lifetime

    3/15/2019: By williacj I went to the office armed with a bouquet of roses for HSN host Connie Craig Carroll. I've always wanted to meet her and now here was my chance. I saw her in the hallway and stopped her. “wow are these for me?” she asks”ohhhh you shouldn't have” “holy cow connie'” I exclaim “you look.....wow” “why thank you" she says"well I'm glad you're here, just in time for today's special” “hope I'm eligible for hsn's 60% off sale today”i told her “you don't have to pay me shit read Sex Story
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  8. My First Black Cock

    3/15/2019: I have been at college a few weeks now. I had a great time in high school, I was the party girl, and fortunately I knew what I looked like... I look like a porn star and I love acting like one. I was the typical at the lake with bikini top off my big 32dds bouncing around, dancing shaking my toned ass, making out with other girls. I would even line the guys up and blow them. I loved the attention and I still do. I got lucky with my college roommate she is a freaky little gymnast and has already become good friends with a few guys on the football team, and I am excited to be going to one of read Sex Story
    Categories: First Time Interracial Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  9. Cocksucker available 24/7 Gay

    3/13/2019: I put my phone in my pocket, and walked into room 441. I closed the door and paused. Was I really doing this? "Hurry up, cocksucker," he demanded, as I heard shooting as he was playing call of duty. As I walked to him, he didn't look at me at all as he focused on the game and spoke into his headset, "Yeah, a white boy just walked in, eager to suck my dick." I should have felt humiliated, but as I saw he was naked from the waist down and his big black cock was dangling down there tempting me, I only felt hunger. I dropped to my knees beside him, then obsequiously crawled between read Sex Story
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  10. Karen Toured The Construction Site Naked, Part 1

    3/13/2019: Karen loved the old farmhouse with its beautiful landscaping. It sat on a hillside about four-hundred-fifty feet off the highway and was starting to get run down. As we were passing the old farmhouse, we noticed a sign saying that a new subdivision was going to be built there. The windows and doors had already been removed from the old farmhouse, and a bulldozer was parked next to it read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Author: utman, Source: LushStories