1. The Research Assistant

    4/8/2019: The day was finally here. Today would be the day that Carla would find out if she had been accepted into her university’s graduate research program and which professor she would be matched with. It was the end of a long, stressful road full of interviews and exams. She felt she had performed pretty well on everything and was hoping for one of the more prestigious assignments. Maybe even read Sex Story
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  2. Okay Daddy

    4/3/2019: "I love this movie daddy!" "Stop calling me daddy." Karajan pauses the movie. I'm in trouble now. Karajan is upset. He stares at me, and I have to look down. "Okay. I'm sorry." "Baby--look. Look at me." I look into his deep dark face. All these issues you have. Trust me, we'll get there. But we need to learn to love like normal people first. Take care of each other." "But I already do love you so read Sex Story
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  3. Start At The Bottom, Work Your Way Up (Or, "Toes to Crotch")

    3/30/2019: I was a young lawyer, eager to save the world, and very much in need of some real courtroom experience. Divorce work tended to be precisely the type of work that got young lawyers that fast-paced experience in litigation, and it was, quite honestly, difficult to mess it up. Besides, judges tended to give young guys like me a little extra leeway when it came to doing things correctly. A read Sex Story
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    3/26/2019: THE BOSS'S SLUT CHAPTER 2: THE TRANSITION After my usual long commute home (two subways and a train), I drove my little car the last five miles to my efficiency apartment. I lived in the Western suburbs where we lived when married. After the divorce, he moved away so I stayed put, downsized. It was a relatively safe area and apartments were affordable for a lowly Accounts Specialist. Within the read Sex Story
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  5. A Freebie for Randy

    3/21/2019: In the aftermath of our first paid sexual encounter, I lay bent over the desk with my ass pleasantly sore and leaking cum down my stocking covered legs. Randy had left moments after pulling out of me, but I stayed on the desk for about twenty minutes just enjoying the feeling of being used. After cleaning myself up I went back to my desk, still dressed in my all-red outfit, and began to order read Sex Story
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  6. The Chapman Curse (Part 3)

    3/13/2019: The warm water swept over me as I slipped into the bath, as always I had to give it a moment or two before fully laying back, as the hot water played hell on my sensitive back. My breasts poked out of the water like two small hills as I reached over to my left and clicked the play button on my laptop. There I was in full colour and high definition, sitting between Chad and Dean as they scribbled read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Bisexual Hardcore, Job / Office Sex Group Sex Teen Author: Doc88102, Source: sexstories.com
  7. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 2

    3/7/2019: Chapter 2 I woke up with ben's head lying against my chest, the tent was left open and the warm air was caressing our naked bodies. It was maybe 4am and the only sound was from the trees rustling in the wind and ben's breathing against my skin. Being fully awake I gently undid myself from the human binding and walked over to the kitchen stove to heat up some milk. I as I sat on the dining table read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Teen Gay Job / Office Sex Romance Teen Author: stabian, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Mrs. H has to chaperone ch 2

    2/28/2019: Mrs. H has to chaperone ch 2 This is the sequel to "Mrs. H has to chaperone" I'm currently in the girl's locker room, on my knees sucking a teenage students cock. When I hear the voice of another teacher... As I hear Nicole's voice coming from behind me, I feel a bevy of mixed emotions. A part of me is embarrassed, for getting caught in such a compromising position. But with Justin and his big read Sex Story
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  9. John's 3am fantasy. John and Claire part 2

    2/26/2019: Later that day John was having difficulty sleeping, he opened an eye to look at the clock, 3am shone brightly from the illuminated display. John's mind was awash with what had happened that day with Claire. It kept going round and round in his mind. John had found the experience quite mind blowing and was restless and a long way from being able to sleep. Knowing he needed to get to sleep read Sex Story
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  10. Room Service (Anna 2)

    2/26/2019: I lay quietly in bed with Anna, trying to make as little noise as possible as we both recovered from another passionate night. “One day” I whispered, “I would like to fuck you without worrying about being caught!” “I know, me too.” She whispered back, her hand gently rubbing against my leg. “I am sad though, you go home tomorrow.” I smiled at her soft gently face, my hand tracing down her cheek read Sex Story
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