1. At the store

    8/14/2018: The end of the year is always a busy and stressful time for me what with various family and work commitments, I feel like I'm constantly on the go until the first of the year. So now that we have finally changed to the new year, I feel relieved to be done with that stress. I woke up just before noon on January 1st on top of my bed and still in my black sequin cocktail dress and my black Soma Vanishing edge bra and matching black high cut lace panties. My hair and makeup were a mess and I felt a little hung over. Once I was coherent, I woke in a panic thinking I had to be somewhere, so I quic read Sex Story
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  2. A Friends Help

    8/14/2018: I was watching the Atlanta Braves struggling to beat the Florida Marlins when the phone rang. I had just cracked a cold beer and didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I yelled to my wife, “Honey, can you get that??” It stopped ringing so I had my answer. A couple innings had past, and I was close to finishing my Mirror Pond Pale Ale, a local favorite, when my wife entered the room. “Who called”, I asked. “Sue”, my wife responded. “What’s she up to”, I said with a non-caring tone. “She wanted to get together for lunch next Saturday”, she responded in kind. “I’m playing golf next Saturday”, read Sex Story
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  3. After Practice

    8/14/2018: Christine Willoughby was twenty-five and a nurse. She was of an athletic toned physique; her breasts were of a divine medium size, firm, soft, and oh so natural. Her arse was full and firm, a perfect bubble butt while being small. She was a beauty, the sort that only turns up once in a generation. Her features were so soft and perfect they had to have been sculpted by the Gods themselves read Sex Story
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  4. Dreams Can Come True

    8/13/2018: Saturday Evening, July 22 After the girls had left and we had finished cleaning up after Pam’s Girl’s only day. Pam and I were sitting together on the dock at her house on the lake, dipping our feet in the water. At one point, I was staring into her beautiful eyes as she was telling me about her work, when suddenly, she leaned against me, taking my face in her hands and I felt her soft read Sex Story
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  5. PE class #2

    8/13/2018: The next week was my next lesson and I couldn't wait. I took my time entering the changing room, hoping to catch the girls. I didn't wear my swimming shorts under my uniform hoping to be seen. As I walked into the changing room my mouth dropped and my penis hardened as stood before me were nine completely naked girls, who made no effort to cover up. They all stood there, naked, watching me. I put read Sex Story
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  6. Fuzzy Faced Allia: Yippy and the dog

    8/12/2018: Allia lived in a diverse world full of monsters and creatures. Her home, a massive city, had defenses to keep the evil out, but that didn’t prevent her parents from mistreating her and using her like a toy. They fed her various body modification potions starting at the age of nine; which warped her into a bizarre creature. As a result, the poor girl was a freak by the age of 18. The strange read Sex Story
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  7. Something Like That

    8/12/2018: "FUCK!" "FUCK!" "FUCK!" The words bang out, followed by a locker door slamming shut, the metallic bang echoing in the large concrete locker room. Coach is off to a staff meeting, so it's only me and whoever is having a fit about eight aisles down. Channeling my inner Adams, I gather up a handful of towels and make my way to the eruption. I find her in the aisle just before Varsity read Sex Story
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  8. 3-some

    8/12/2018: This is a true story about my wife's 3 some when she was about 22 before we were married, and how she told me about it. Before this happened D and her friends Phil and Jo were good friends and used to go out for drinks quite often D fancied Phil and he fancied her and didn't try to hide it always coping a cheeky feel of her sexy arse and being very touchy and telling her how fit she was, on one read Sex Story
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  9. You're A Dumb Cunt, Kate... And I Love You!

    8/11/2018: “Someone’s going to see us!” “Shhh… no they won’t. But they might hear us if you don’t keep your damn voice down.” Kati grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the structure near the end of the subway platform. From there, all we could see were the lights on the tunnel walls as they traveled away from us. Although we had now been dating for several months, Kati continued to surprise me read Sex Story
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  10. My Punishment

    8/11/2018: The phone rings. I answer, “Hel-" "Don't speak. I'll be home at 8. Be in position." No sweet talk, no asking how my day was going. Just his demand. Shit. Not good. I looked at the clock. 7 already?! I get up and get busy. I glanced at the clock, two more minutes. I get in position, knowing you won't come in any earlier, but even if you're late, I’m not to be. It feels like forever, but I finally read Sex Story
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