1. Creating a Monster ch1

    6/22/2018: Well I guess its been about 4 years now that Haley and I've been on our own, ever since her dad left it's just been her and I together. We do alright, I have a good job, so money is not been too much of an issue, we have plenty of friends and family close by, all and all things go pretty good for us. My problem started about two years ago. Haley was a precocious 8 year old entering the 3rd grade, read Sex Story
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  2. Cheerleaders' New Coach, Part I

    6/22/2018: Mr. Crete’s new student teacher was Jessica Calhoun, a former all state cheerleader from the next county. Jessica was an excellent English major, and she was an outstanding teacher-in-training. However, her real talents were as a cheer coach who could choreograph the most innovative cheer and dance routines. Jessica was quickly assigned the role of varsity cheer coach as part of her read Sex Story
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  3. Beth's Wedding Reception Encounter

    6/21/2018: Beth was in her room getting ready to attend a wedding reception with her parents and she wasn't happy. Oh, she had loved any and all outings when she was a little girl as they were occasions for her to get all dressed up pretty. She loved the attention and compliments as much as the music, dancing, and the unlimited soft drinks. However, by the time she reached sixteen these events had read Sex Story
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  4. Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 11-15

    6/21/2018: = = = = = = = = = = Chapter 11 – Cum to Mommy = = = = = = = = = = = My rent was paid, and I'd been working my cute little ass off studying all semester. Spring break was on my mind. A little sun, relaxation and alcohol sounded really attractive. I was a little short on cash, so I’d need to catch a ride with someone and find a place to crash, but a lot of kids did that. Six or eight in a hotel room read Sex Story
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  5. Daddi's Anal Fantasy | Lesbian

    6/21/2018: It was another typical morning in the bedroom where mummy was just pampering herself at the oak dressing table, seated on a stool as she kept her gaze fixed on her reflection in the mirror. She was applying her make-up like per usual, trying to look pretty for someone in particular. Her body was wrapped in nothing more than a fluffy gown, entirely nude beneath it; she had yet to get dressed read Sex Story
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  6. Touched

    6/20/2018: Oh, I just can't believe it! I'm an airline stewardess and have a layover in New Orleans and all the others of the flight crew only wanted stay at the Hotel and get a good night sleep. So here I am at a strip club, by myself, thinking that maybe I could get a little girl action, but that stripper was just using me as another customer! Maybe it's the drinks, but looking at her, all I wanted to do read Sex Story
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  7. Incestuous Harem 18: Bred by Our Brother

    6/18/2018: Incestuous Harem Chapter Eighteen: Bred by Our Brother By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Clint Elliston Shock and pleasure shot through me, my cock unloading a final squirt of cum into Lee's hungry mouth as Melody kissed me and hugged me. My mind didn't want to work. I had one half-sister swallowing my cum, after swallowing my piss, and the other kissing me, hugging me, excited by the news she had read Sex Story
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  8. Trilogy

    6/18/2018: Note: This story is not a trilogy of erotic tales, but instead, a tale of three people who share three erotic encounters... I do hope you all enjoy! Originally written under my pen name venomlegions ***** -one- "FIRE" I was jealous when my twin brother John told me he had a girlfriend. John was mine, and I didn't want to share him. I couldn't tell him that, of course. I was the fast girl during high school, and even in college, when my tastes went far beyond what I could get in back seat, I never even tried to make love to John. We were best friends, and sometimes he was the only guy i read Sex Story
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  9. My daughters turn me on (Part I)

    6/17/2018: continued from the introduction… Sam had stripped down to only her panties and snuck into the adjoining unused bedroom that also had access to her daughters bathroom. She still smelled of salt and sweat from the morning run with her daughter Amber and she was already turned on by the odor left behind on her own body. She loved the scent of her body whether it be from a run or just living out a read Sex Story
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  10. A Woodland Walk

    6/17/2018: . . Mf, mf. Ff, MF, blackmail, inc, Anal, 1st) It was a warm summer's day and I was taking an enjoyable morning stroll through a wood near to where I now lived. Having recently bought a house on the edge of the nearby small market town, I had begun to explore the surrounding area, and so, handycam in hand, I took pics or video of anything interesting that I came across. Rounding a bend in the path read Sex Story
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