1. The Retirees Club (16)

    7/17/2018: Something hard glanced off my right ear. I dove for cover behind a fallen tree. My companion dove too. He landed in a spot that was just frozen dirt, I was next to a pile of icy snow. Somebody threw an ice ball at me! My companion… I realized it was Tom. I peered over the log and saw two women with an ice ball in each hand – Molly and Cindy. I started packing an ice ball of my own. Tom said, "I read Sex Story
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  2. The roleplay

    7/16/2018: What started as a normal conversation ended with 2 orgasms,i will mark his replies with H and mines with M. H: Your seductive as attitude,opening. M: Attitude makes everything. H:In decent way. M:Yes H: Your a lday boss. M: I am. H:You like to be like this. M: I do. H: To see how burns under your look,and you to push him to the limit unril he totally surrends you. M: Good boy. H: T o feel that he listen and that he belongs to you and he execute what you order. M: Faced you like to be submissive. H: To beg for your touch,ure lips andure caress. H: Yes i admit.Is a part of me.Helps me to find my read Sex Story
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  3. Karen My School Teacher 9

    7/16/2018: I turned off the light in the bedroom and closed the door. I lit some candles in the living room. And turned off the lights. The door that led into the garden was all glass as the rest of the wall. There was a fence around the garden only 4 feet high. So i pulled the curtains so no one could see in. As i pulled the curtain i saw the cat outside and let it in. I filled up the cat bowl with food. And started to fell a bit hungry myself. So i made myself a sandwich and put one of Karen's LP´s on. I picked out one of her jazz records, I really like that music. I sat down and eated my sandwich. I s read Sex Story
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  4. Margie's Revenge

    7/15/2018: I love sex. I love looking at sexy women. I married a sexy woman. I look at pictures of sexy women. Somewhere along the line, I don't know when, all those sexy women on the internet made me forget about the real thing I have at home. I think it was basically bad timing; shift work takes its toll. It can make you a little bit crazy. This is a story about how my young wife taught me a lesson, and read Sex Story
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  5. Step Mom, Step Son AND....

    7/15/2018: I woke up and looked over at the clock seeing it was about 6:30 in the morning. I lay there seeing how I felt as I have been sick as a damn dog all week with some sort of flu bug. Luckily for me, my step-mom was taking care of me. I hadn't really gotten to know her all that well until now. She married my father about 4 year years ago not giving me much time to get to know her. I had just left to read Sex Story
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  6. “Oh fuck, Annie

    7/15/2018: “I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!” “Which one did you get?” I asked read Sex Story
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  7. My Slutty Teen Slave Part 3

    7/14/2018: I awoke, groggy and unfocused. I sat up slowly, causing Jessica to move in her sleep. A small smile played across her lips. Turning to look at the clock, I cursed under my breath. It was already 6:28. There was still so much for us to do. My feet sank into the carpet as I crossed the room. I pulled on my pants as I stepped out into the hallway. I had a call to make before the festivities could read Sex Story
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  8. A long day in the wastelands

    7/11/2018: Life had become both easier and more difficult since the crash as far as Katja was concerned. On one hand food could get a bit scarce and security had undeniably taken a turn for the worse, but on the other hand it was much easier to figure out if a day was successful or not. Survived the day? Check. Ended the day with more supplies than it started with? Hm-mh. Yep, looked like a good day, Katja thought as she closed the door behind herself and went over to her workbench to get the heavy backpack off her shoulders. A heavy backpack was always great, and today she had found some truly great st read Sex Story
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  9. Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 1: Virgin Controlled by Her Daddy

    7/10/2018: Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter One: Virgin Controlled by Her Daddy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Deidre Icke, President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research, marched through the halls of her office building, the florescent lights flickering, the walls painted a mellow beige. At a first read Sex Story
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  10. A Crude Awakening

    7/10/2018: Chapter 1 Since my divorce 10 years ago my sex life has been all but non-existent; Settling for the mouse of a man I foolishly married far before I even knew myself resulted in over a decade of mind numbing mediocrity. Here I was approaching my 40s, alone and childless;suffering from a lifetime of chronic sexual disappointment. I met Glen as I walked out of the only variety store in our small read Sex Story
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