1. Lesbians first time college bus

    1/15/2019: I’m Riya. I’m 22 years doing my Engineering in one of the top private colleges a top city in Tamilnadu. This is the sensual lesbian experience of me – us girls – in a moving vacant bus. About myself, I’m Riya (22) doing a 3rd year and my friend/classmate Pritha is 22 years. Shalu (23) is one year senior to us. (All real but nicknames). Shalu is a senior – in the sense – only in our academics. We three have been friends since the beginning of our college. Shalu and Pritha know each other for years as they live in the same neighbourhood. So there was no senior – junior between them. And in coll read Sex Story
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  2. Das Klassentreffen

    1/14/2019: „Und – wirst du mit ihm ficken?“ Entsetzt riss sie die Augen auf und boxte mir gegen den Oberarm. „Oh Gott! Nein – natürlich nicht!!!“ Mir gefiel, dass sie sich gar nicht über meine derbe Ausdrucksweise mokierte. „Aber er sieht doch nicht schlecht aus.“ „Und wenn er wie ein junger Gott aussehen würde … nein, Danke!!!“ Ich wollte sie noch ein wenig pieksen. „Aber er hat bestimmt einen sehr hübschen Penis …“ Sie stöhnte auf. „Ich weiß sogar genau, wie er aussieht. Seit wir für das Klassentreffen die Nummern ausgetauscht haben, schickt er mir dauernd Fotos von seinem Schwanz …“ „Und was has read Sex Story
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  3. The Man of Sin: Chapter 7

    1/13/2019: Chapter 7 The panel broke free of the ceiling and struck a student, the corner cutting him from his temple to the middle of his forehead and sending blood pouring onto the floor. Everyone in the hallway was either left petrified or frantic, hearing the crash and the cry of pain. Thane was there, still taking pictures of the school and now finding something to photograph. This was no coincidence read Sex Story
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  4. My Hospital Stay: Wednesday

    1/13/2019: Stephen's mind was still buzzing after Nina helping him shower yesterday. He'd been thinking about it all day and it still put butterflies in his stomach. But as much as he was thinking about it; even yesterday couldn't match what had happened on Monday with Carol. As soon as he got a really vivid picture of Carol in his head she appeared in the flesh. Every time she had passed by the read Sex Story
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  5. The Exchange - Part 1

    1/12/2019: The Exchange - Part 1 I'd always wanted to go to the U.S. Just anywhere over the pond, really. I'd only been abroad when I was too young to remember it. So when the opportunity to move to Atlanta, Georgia, for the remainder of my studies, I bloody well took it. The campus wanted students with qualifications as good as mine, so they invited me, and even offered to pay for the plane ticket read Sex Story
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  6. Magic Pillows of Happiness

    1/11/2019: One day when I was 16 I came home from school. I did my normal routine and made my way up to my bedroom to start on my homework. My desk was in the corner of my room next to a window that looked out over the backyard. It was a cool day so the air conditioning was not on and all the windows were open. I'm working on my homework and I hear someone in the back yard. I looked out the window and down read Sex Story
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  7. The old man who destroyed our life (Part I)

    1/10/2019: Me and my husband were staying with rent at an old men, 65 years old. We had some issues with the money and we couldn't pay the rent. The old men agrees to pay him the rent after we solve our problems. One day he saw me in front of the bathroom, that i put my towel down a little before i entered. He liked what he saw, in that short time, but he wanted more. So, the next day, he was trying to sneak in the room, without knocking the door. Well, in that day, he almost caught me naked. I was in my snickers and t-shirt and i reacted to his behavior, as being rude. He told me that he saw me a litt read Sex Story
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  8. Help! I'm Trapped in a Girl's Body (part 1)

    1/10/2019: When I woke up that morning, I had to pee very badly. I sat up, but I immediately noticed that my body felt strange and unusual. I stood up and walked across the room and flipped on the light switch. My feet felt weird and weak, and I could hardly walk. I looked into the mirror. I didn’t see myself, however. I saw a girl. Her hair was brown and straight, and it stretched to her shoulders. Her face read Sex Story
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  9. What Really Happens at the Hairdressers

    1/10/2019: It was one of those morning that we all have had from time to time. Where we wake up sexually aroused. The first thing Barb did was take a shower where she put the water massage to use on her pussy. She had a huge orgasm where her legs became so weak she wasn't able to stand and she slumped to the floor. At first she thought that now she would be able mind off sex but it didn't work. By the time read Sex Story
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  10. She's Back

    1/10/2019: She sat on her bed. Quiet as a mouse. Her legs were crossed and her laptop was staring at her, urging her to go online. She’d been away for a long time. She thought she had met “the one” who she could spend the rest of her life with. It turned out that it only showed her that she was much better off on her own. She didn’t need anybody, just her family and friends. She had a roof over read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Author: RoseBarbie94, Source: LushStories