1. Wendy's discovery

    5/20/2018: Wendy Harrison grew up just like her two big brothers, both in stature and in looks. Like her big brothers, she was almost two metres tall, with a solid build, and she looked very much like how her brothers looked. Fair to say, that's not pretty, with short mousey brown hair that kind of gave her a nondescript look. Wendy found getting work difficult after leaving high school with an read Sex Story
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  2. Facebook porn and sex

    5/19/2018: Hi, this is Sameer from Mumbai, and I am going to tell a story of my encounter with a stranger girl Debika whom I met on facebook. First let me tell about myself. I am tall, 6 ft, wheatish complexion and of a muscular build. My cock is 7 inches long , quite thick, 3 inch circumference anI was rubbing her pussy skin.private area clean and shaved. I am not a virgin and had sex with two different girls. My age is 31. I work in an MNC and do a lot of traveling within India and abroad. Now let’s come to the incident. In this facebook generation, a lot of things start through social media. I keep s read Sex Story
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  3. The Island Part 3

    5/17/2018: The Island Part 3 Chapter One I knew I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. I was running towards a burning tree, but the closer I got to it, the more it seemed like it was burning water. A huge burning waterfall. Josh was just about to jump into the pool of water when I woke up. I quickly pulled myself upward and looked to my right. Josh was sleeping next to me. His face was tilted to the side, read Sex Story
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  4. Navy Lesbian Girlfriend Introduces me to "Hen

    5/15/2018: Navy Girlfriend Teaches Me a Lifelong Lesson By far the best day I ever had in the Navy was when my Commanding Officer called me into his office and told me I would be mentoring Maureen O’Conner the first British Air Traffic Control Candidate here at the Navy Air Traffic Control School in Memphis. I expected to pick up a short haired, chubby, dowdy British girl at the airport. But instead a very tall, red haired Irish beauty in a British Navy uniform stepped off the plane. Maureen was stunningly beautiful woman in or out of uniform. ATC School was one of the hardest schools in the Navy and I read Sex Story
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  5. Flasher Girl

    5/15/2018: Introduction: If you like looking up girls skirts, then you will probably like this. I’m Pepper and please dont judge me too much for grammar and all that because Im not a professional writer and I don’t wana get all bogged down seeing if I did everything right. I mean jeeeeze, if you wana have great writing and sex then how about just going to your local library and blowing yourself some Shakespeare? Anyway, this is about when I got into flashing and its my first story here. ……………... I’m 22 and almost 5ft4 and 118 with brown eyes and almost black hair. I have mischief in my eyes a lo read Sex Story
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  6. Flashing My 2nd Cousin

    5/14/2018: Introduction: My second cousin wasn't a hot guy and didn't know his way around girls. So I gave him a big long wide look up between my legs and since he was a college virgin, I gave him a helping hand. I’m really happy about all the people who been nice to me here & liked my stories. A lot-lot have said I should do more flash experience stories. It’s not like I wana get all known for the flash stuff but I mean I love flashing. Just don't wana bore yall by just writing that. So I dont know I guess one more & see what comes next. This is one that just now popped up from my memory and I read Sex Story
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  7. Mate's girl

    5/13/2018: Well, a few years back I was working at a bar and a girl gave me her number. Her name was Hannah. I ended up dating her for a few months. By dating, I mean fucking regularly. She wasn't anything special and looking back on it she was pretty crazy and if I'd known then what I know now, I probably not have messaged her, but I did, and that's another story. Anyway, Hannah wasn't super attractive - probably a four, and quite overweight, but I was going through a bit of a dry spell at the time and we did have a few good times together for a few months before it all went super crazy and I swore n read Sex Story
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  8. Slutty Fun at the YMCA Pool

    5/13/2018: Hi Y’all I’ve recently started swimming again as I enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and get some exercise. My neighbor here in Spanaway works at the nearby Mel Korum YMCA and was able to get me a family membership for the cost of a single membership. I like it much more than the JLBM pools and facilities as the k**s can enjoy the slides and such without the hassles and regiment of the military. I’ve been coming here two or three times a week for over a year now and I just love it. I try to come after dropping off the k**s at school and before driving for Uber on the weekday mornings becaus read Sex Story
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  9. A Penance of Twelve - Part 4

    5/12/2018: Denise falls off the wagon and damages the car of a young lawyer. Unable to pay for the repairs, she agrees to a series of twelve alternative payments, each of which she learns to enjoy as time goes on. This is Part Four and Denise is now beginning to enjoy and explore her circumstances. Story contents include nudity, oral sex, reluctance dominance and masturbation. Comments are welcome. More to read Sex Story
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  10. Sunday driver

    5/12/2018: It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, not unlike most I suppose. It was getting a little late in the day, and I was starting to think about getting ready for the week ahead. Outside the rain had been falling off and on throughout the day, and the air smelled sweet like it does after a good rain. Fall was definitely in the air. I was staring out the window, lost in my own thoughts about what the week would bring, when he said, “let’s go for a drive.” I lept at the chance to have something to do, not thinking about where we would go or really what we would do. Just excited for a change of scenery read Sex Story
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