1. The Benefits of a Single

    1/6/2019: I stepped into my room and locked the door behind me. I was so lucky I had a single. I unslung my gym bag and tossed it down by my desk. Going to the gym always makes me super horny. When I’m doing the weights, I’m fine, but right after, while I’m still sweaty, any little thing sets me off. On the way back from the gym, while I was crossing the pond, I passed by two girls talking to read Sex Story
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  2. Die Nachhilfelehrerin

    1/4/2019: Als ich meinem Mann durch die riesige Glasscheibe des Abfluggates ein letztes Mal zuwinkte, merkte ich zu meinem Entsetzen, dass ich mich frei fühlte. Ein halbes Jahr würde er nun auf einer Großbaustelle in Brasilien verbringen, die er als Bauleiter beaufsichtigen sollte. Oft hatten wir über seine Abwesenheit gesprochen, und nun, als es so weit war, spürte ich nichts von Traurigkeit. Als er durch den schmalen Gang, der zu seinem Gate führte, verschwunden war, drehte ich mich um und genoß die eigenartige Leichtigkeit, die mich durchströmte. Es war nicht viel los am Flughafen um diese Zeit, ab read Sex Story
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  3. LEZ Be Lovers

    1/4/2019: This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- LEZ Be Lovers (FF, MF, bi, blackmail, cons, interr, nc, oral, impreg, safe, toys) by Krosis of the Collective --- When I arrived in the big city, ready read Sex Story
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  4. Hired help

    1/4/2019: Many years ago, I was a spotty 13 year old virgin who worked part time in our local fish and chip shop to earn some cigarette money. I worked in the back of the shop peeling and chipping the potatoes, it was a tedious job but it was money. Thankfully during my break I was joined by the old lady server (she was at least 25 but to me that was old) and we just chatted about nothing. As the weeks passed I noticed she was hanging round longer and looking at me "funny". The boss noticed the amount of time she was spending with me and said "she's after you", but being a young niave virgin I wasnt sur read Sex Story
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  5. My neice the model

    1/3/2019: It was a grey wet day in England and I was thinking what to do as a hobby. Then iI remembered that I had a half decent camera stored away somewhere, after a couple of hours going through boxes I found it. Off I went to take a few snaps which didn’t turn out too bad. I showed them to a friend of mine who does photography as a second income. He was quite impressed and said he has a model shoot coming up if I was interested he would ask if I could join him. A few weeks later I got a call from my friend saying that all was ok and the shoot was next week if I was available. Which I was luckily. So read Sex Story
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  6. Loud Neighbors

    1/3/2019: It's my first night in my new apartment and I can already tell my neighbors are going to be a problem. I have heard their voices a thousand times and their feet stomp around above me double that. Somehow I can hear everything. I knew a three hundred dollar apartment wasn't going to be the best quality, but I didn't expect this! I am twenty two and have finally saved enough money to live on my own, read Sex Story
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  7. Wie ich zum Wichsen kam

    1/3/2019: Seit einiger Zeit erinnere ich mich wieder an die (ganz) alten Zeiten. Wir hatten eine kleine Wohnung und ich kein eigenes Zimmer ! Ich schlief mit im ... EHEBETT !!! Eines nachts wurde ich wach...Unruhe neben mir. Nur das Licht der Straßenlaterne schien ins Zimmer. Öffnete meine Augen...meine Mutter lag neben mir. Ihr Körper wippte leicht auf und ab. Im schwachen Licht sah ich ihre großen Titten hin und her bewegen. Sie war zwar mollig, aber nicht zu dick und ihre Brüste waren wirklich schön anzusehen. Ihre strammen Beine waren angewinkelt, Stiefvater über ihr. Ab und zu klatschten ihr K read Sex Story
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  8. the secret they don't want you to know 2

    1/3/2019: Maria my hot redheaded girlfriend and Josie her cute brunette glasses wearing friend sat on the sofa chatting as I sat across from them playing the Xbox. Maria flicked through her IPad when she suddenly gasped "Hey look at this article!" she said offering it to Josie. Josie glanced at the IPad and then began giggling "That can't be true" "It must be it says they've done tests" replied Maria "Yeah, but... really!?" Josie replied unconvinced. "What's that?" I asked curiously. "This article says that sperm is the best cream for your skin to look great!" Maria replied. "I could believe it, that's read Sex Story
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  9. Fateful Encounter

    1/1/2019: We have all had encounters that we remember and those we want to forget, but this particular one I had has stuck in my mind, even though I have for so long tried to put it out of my mind. I periodically I find myself remembering this eventful time in my life and I slip back to when it all happened. Maybe I wish it would somehow materialize again or that I could somehow go back and relive the read Sex Story
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  10. A Painful Confession,PART I.

    12/31/2018: Gillian was 32 and had been married for for 10 years.They were happy years,she wanted for nothing and her husband showered her with love and affection,she got whatever she wanted,had a nice house and big 4X4 to drive around in,she had as much money as she wanted and ...and still there was something missing.Gillian lacked excitement;her husband worked hard and never questioned her about what she was upto when she was all alone,just as well because Gillian was having an affair,nothing but lust ,just fooling around.Gillian had no intention of giving up her marriage and all the benefits that came read Sex Story
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