1. Lynn and Lee: Long Distance Lust

    8/3/2018: Author's Note: While the timeline is typically irrelevant to this series, as each is a quick vignette, this is the earliest so far, happening before all the others. Also decided to go first person, as I feel I'm a little better at that now than when I first started writing. This one is as true as it can be, accounting for the passage of time and faultiness of memory. ***** It was a long dry spell read Sex Story
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  2. A trip to the mall

    8/3/2018: Of all the things Jenny had imagined about a society crashing before it actually happened what she had expected least was the degree to which she enjoyed it. She had fought, shot and killed people, stolen food and supplies and now she was sitting in the back of an almost empty supermarket and masturbated because she damn well could, and frankly Jenny wasn’t sure which of those felt best. The survivor’s guilt she had read so much about was more of a survivor’s pleasure, the pain and grieve where there, but felt more like challenge a read Sex Story
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  3. Locked-up Little Fuck Toy

    8/2/2018: Sir’s Little Fuck Toy Bars all around her. Black metallic bars. She wrapped her arms around them and pulled and pushed, but nothing happened. It was a sturdy cage. She sank down and sat on the floor of the cage for a little while. She straightened the skirt of dress. She was wearing a mint green one today, with a strawberries embroidered at the seem and a tight body of smock stretching over her read Sex Story
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  4. The Ring of Desire - Chapter 1

    8/2/2018: The Ring of Desire Chapter 1 „Oh, this is good!” My breathing was becoming more and more irregular with every second. I could feel the pleasure inside of me building up, slowly. I hadn't blinked for multiple minutes already and I could feel my eyes starting to hurt a bit, but I wasn't able to stop. My left hand was practically moving on its own, trained from years of experience, while my right read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Cum Swallowing, Incest / Taboo, Masturbation / Toys, Mind Control, Author: iambobokay, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Seasons: Spring Ch. 01

    8/1/2018: Authors Note: Seasons is my first attempt at erotic fiction and I hope you enjoy it. This is the story of a young man, Jason Davies, who is struggling to find happiness and purpose, and is at a major crossroads in his life. I have several thematic arcs already planned that coincide with each season and the entire story takes place over the course of a year. I will cover a broad range of themes and read Sex Story
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  6. My step-sister - part 1

    8/1/2018: When I was a teen my parents divorced. A few years later when I was a senior in high school my mom married to Ned. We moved into Ned's house. It was a modern house with the common rooms, living room, kitchen, and dining room, in the center and two wings on either side. One side was the master suit where mom and Ned had a bed and bath and the other side had two bedrooms and a bathroom. I shared the wing with Ned's daughter Chrissy. I was old for my grade and had just turned 18 early in my senior year. Chrissy was almost a year older than me but because she and Ned had spent a year in France read Sex Story
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  7. Passion on the Run

    7/31/2018: Finally!!! 6 weeks after signing up for the competition and you got the information, as you read you’re thankful that your friend told you how to train…. Then you see the date for the first leg of the competition…. Tomorrow!!! All the instructions tell you is that the competition is set over 3 dates, first leg is a marathon, second and third leg to be confirmed later and where to go for the first read Sex Story
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  8. Now Serving #...- A story about the C-Train

    7/31/2018: I met Callie about ten years ago at our corporate office. I had been working there for just over three years prior to her arrival. She was this hot little blonde, tan, girl just 22 years old. She was short, around 5'5", petite, guessing 105-108lbs, tiny tits but looked perfect on her body frame, nice tiny waist an an amazing little ass. She was perky and very outgoing. Needless to say, she got noticed by the single guys and some older married guys too. As for me, I just happened to be friends with a girl who worked with Callie... My friend Jessica put in a good word for me and within Callie's read Sex Story
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  9. Dunes of Maspalomas

    7/30/2018: I'm going to try to translate -with google translate, there must be a lot of mistakes, my apologies- my first (still there's not a second one) experience in the dunes of Maspalomas (if you don't want to read at the end there's a summary): I'm on top of a dune, I have two options: in front I have the sea and people enjoying a day at the beach, behind me the area with trees and bushes, area of vice and perversion. I doubt, what do I do, go or don't go, after I don't know how many minutes of doubt my feet decide to take the initiative and lower the dune... to the area with trees and bushes. I'm read Sex Story
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  10. Ninfas en el bosque

    7/29/2018: Ninfas en el bosque Lucia y Elena están de vacaciones en una casa rural en medio del bosque, por la mañana deciden ir a dar un paseo. Las dos tienes 20 añitos, Lucia es rubia y lleva coletitas, viste con un pantalón corto de cintura alta y una camisa de manga corta a cuadros, Elena es morena, bajita y tetona, viste igual que su amiga. Tras un buen rato Lucia se detiene, para a Elena con una mano y la arrastra detrás de un árbol -¡Mira Elena!, dice a su amiga mientras señala a una pequeña cascada en el río próximo Allí estoy yo, también de vacaciones, hace calor y he decidido desnudarme y met read Sex Story
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