1. BimboTech Chapter 6: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wives

    5/4/2018: BimboTech Chapter Six: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wives By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals “I know. By five sexy bimbos,” moaned my bimbo wife Alice from the expensive surround sound. She was on the TV screen dominating the living room cuddled against Director Steffen. He headed the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, who certified all cosmetic read Sex Story
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  2. Valentines outdoor antics

    5/3/2018: This is a true story that happened to me & my lady on 14th of Feb 2017. Please go easy this is the first story I have ever written. I had bought some suction cup toys online along with a black self bra with red roses stitched in it & matching pantie set for my girlfriend & as I work away i had them in the car when I got back from site to show her. She was wearing a tank-top & a skirt with a bikini read Sex Story
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  3. A geeky girl gets what she asks for

    5/2/2018: Author's note: This story is fictional. All the names have been changed to avoid any similarity there could be with real events. English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes there may be! I look forward to your reactions! Enjoy my fantasy! ___________________________________________________________ Hi, I am Andrea and I was 18 years old when this story happened. I live in a read Sex Story
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  4. Unwanted: Part 1

    5/1/2018: From the moment they got married, Lauren and Randal Taylor always knew they wanted a son. Randal was the owner of a thriving business and it stood to reason that one day he would leave his company to his offspring. Wanting their name to be carried on, Lauren and Randal agreed that they both wanted a boy. It was with great disappointment when they welcomed their daughter into the world a little read Sex Story
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  5. My First time with him ... (Other Life)

    4/30/2018: My First time with him ... (Other Life) Hi i m aswin , i m from bangalore , i m 27 years old , i m a sex addict . These webcam modelling happened when i was 24 years old I used to watch sex videos all the time , i used to webcam model in this website as well , many times chats are filled guys and few girls , girls wud b happy seeing me exposing my private parts as per there requests. i started to enjoy this webcam modeling , i started to b online late and b present early in the morning, it bcam addiction to me, then after few guys started to say u r soo sexy , u have amazing body , which star read Sex Story
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  6. Another Day of Chores

    4/30/2018: Another day of chores, another day of the same old round of things!! You can’t help but think there must be more to life than this. And now the damn electrics have gone and blown and you’ve got to wait in for some fat sweaty bald 50 something electrician whose going to charge you the earth for a blown fuse!! 11 o’clock comes and goes and still no sign of the guy!! Finally at 12:30 he turns up and read Sex Story
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  7. Mijn lagere school

    4/29/2018: Toen ik in het laatste jaar van de lagere school moest ik na blijven van mijnheer Vermeulen en mocht pas een uur later naar huis nadat ik mijn strafwerk had gemaakt. Wij waren de enige die samen met juffrouw Zwartjes die op woensdagmiddag nog in school waren, toen ik mocht gaan werd de voordeur achter mij op slot gedaan. Ik bleef nog even rond het gebouw slenteren en liep via de dichtbeboste schooltuin naar voren en kon van hieruit naar de lerarenkamer kijken en zag dat juffrouw Zwartjes en mijnheer Vermeulen daar rond liepen. Tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat ze elkaar hevig zoenend omhelsden, i read Sex Story
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  8. It's Not Rape If I Like It.

    4/29/2018: JOHN Let me describe a woman to you. She’s eighteen years old, about five-foot-five, and probably around a hundred and ten or so pounds. Now that we've gotten the statistics out of the way, let me paint her picture in your mind. Straight, black hair frames a pale face, whose complexion is dotted with hundreds of freckles. High cheekbones, large, piercing, blue eyes, full, pouting lips, and a thin, read Sex Story
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  9. My first sugar daddy

    4/29/2018: I just turned 19 and I had a good muscular body and a good cock. I always wanted someone as a jerk off buddy or a cum buddy since I got addicted to cum and anal. I surfes on the internet to meet people who want the same thing and I found an intresting website. It was a website for men between 35-60 years old who were looking for a young guy to be there sugarbaby. You could see photos of the read Sex Story
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  10. Jordan's Game

    4/28/2018: "A guy runs up the same hill by his house every day. He runs to the summit and then he runs back down. One night there is a torrential downpour and his normally surefooted path becomes a muddy mess. He runs this all year round though. No amount of weather stops him. He knows exactly where to step along the path to avoid slipping and falling. This downpour was different though. It was the type of read Sex Story
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