1. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 10, Chapter 13: Discovered Love

    5/20/2018: The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman Chapter Thirteen: Discovered Love By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xerathalasia – The Free City of Raratha My fingers dug into the cracks in the rotting mortar of the abandoned tower, my ears prickling. From the top, our destination, I could hear the passionate moans of sex, the plunge of hard cock read Sex Story
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  2. Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved....Chapter 3

    5/20/2018: Wandering Through Life..A Look Back At The Ladies I've Known and Loved....Chapter 3 I'll return to Nam later as I had a time with H and C but I'll trip forward to late day with a relationship I had with V that went a year and three months and I fucked up with another V that messed my mind up for quite a while.. As I mentioned before I cruised the biker internet sites and had a few enjoyable read Sex Story
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  3. Wendy's discovery

    5/20/2018: Wendy Harrison grew up just like her two big brothers, both in stature and in looks. Like her big brothers, she was almost two metres tall, with a solid build, and she looked very much like how her brothers looked. Fair to say, that's not pretty, with short mousey brown hair that kind of gave her a nondescript look. Wendy found getting work difficult after leaving high school with an read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Author: Katiewest, Source: LushStories
  4. Facebook porn and sex

    5/19/2018: Hi, this is Sameer from Mumbai, and I am going to tell a story of my encounter with a stranger girl Debika whom I met on facebook. First let me tell about myself. I am tall, 6 ft, wheatish complexion and of a muscular build. My cock is 7 inches long , quite thick, 3 inch circumference anI was rubbing her pussy skin.private area clean and shaved. I am not a virgin and had sex with two different girls. My age is 31. I work in an MNC and do a lot of traveling within India and abroad. Now let’s come to the incident. In this facebook generation, a lot of things start through social media. I keep s read Sex Story
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  5. The Island Part 3

    5/17/2018: The Island Part 3 Chapter One I knew I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. I was running towards a burning tree, but the closer I got to it, the more it seemed like it was burning water. A huge burning waterfall. Josh was just about to jump into the pool of water when I woke up. I quickly pulled myself upward and looked to my right. Josh was sleeping next to me. His face was tilted to the side, read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Gay, Male Solo, Masturbation / Toys, Romance, Author: Robyboyrob, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Navy Lesbian Girlfriend Introduces me to "Hen

    5/15/2018: Navy Girlfriend Teaches Me a Lifelong Lesson By far the best day I ever had in the Navy was when my Commanding Officer called me into his office and told me I would be mentoring Maureen O’Conner the first British Air Traffic Control Candidate here at the Navy Air Traffic Control School in Memphis. I expected to pick up a short haired, chubby, dowdy British girl at the airport. But instead a very tall, red haired Irish beauty in a British Navy uniform stepped off the plane. Maureen was stunningly beautiful woman in or out of uniform. ATC School was one of the hardest schools in the Navy and I read Sex Story
    Categories: Lesbian, Masturbation / Toys, First Time, Author: captjim51, Source: xHamster
  7. Flasher Girl

    5/15/2018: Introduction: If you like looking up girls skirts, then you will probably like this. I’m Pepper and please dont judge me too much for grammar and all that because Im not a professional writer and I don’t wana get all bogged down seeing if I did everything right. I mean jeeeeze, if you wana have great writing and sex then how about just going to your local library and blowing yourself some Shakespeare? Anyway, this is about when I got into flashing and its my first story here. ……………... I’m 22 and almost 5ft4 and 118 with brown eyes and almost black hair. I have mischief in my eyes a lo read Sex Story
    Categories: Masturbation / Toys, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: kissing_frogs, Source: xHamster
  8. Flashing My 2nd Cousin

    5/14/2018: Introduction: My second cousin wasn't a hot guy and didn't know his way around girls. So I gave him a big long wide look up between my legs and since he was a college virgin, I gave him a helping hand. I’m really happy about all the people who been nice to me here & liked my stories. A lot-lot have said I should do more flash experience stories. It’s not like I wana get all known for the flash stuff but I mean I love flashing. Just don't wana bore yall by just writing that. So I dont know I guess one more & see what comes next. This is one that just now popped up from my memory and I read Sex Story
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  9. Mate's girl

    5/13/2018: Well, a few years back I was working at a bar and a girl gave me her number. Her name was Hannah. I ended up dating her for a few months. By dating, I mean fucking regularly. She wasn't anything special and looking back on it she was pretty crazy and if I'd known then what I know now, I probably not have messaged her, but I did, and that's another story. Anyway, Hannah wasn't super attractive - probably a four, and quite overweight, but I was going through a bit of a dry spell at the time and we did have a few good times together for a few months before it all went super crazy and I swore n read Sex Story
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  10. Slutty Fun at the YMCA Pool

    5/13/2018: Hi Y’all I’ve recently started swimming again as I enjoy it as a way to stay in shape and get some exercise. My neighbor here in Spanaway works at the nearby Mel Korum YMCA and was able to get me a family membership for the cost of a single membership. I like it much more than the JLBM pools and facilities as the k**s can enjoy the slides and such without the hassles and regiment of the military. I’ve been coming here two or three times a week for over a year now and I just love it. I try to come after dropping off the k**s at school and before driving for Uber on the weekday mornings becaus read Sex Story
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