12/14/2018: 241 AFTER THE HOLIDAY and THE DAIRY CONVERSION-THE HOMESTEAD (PART11) The lady had introduced herself as Eve...Eve? The name was so familiar. There was what could be described as a stunned silence as the names from the story registered. I realised that we could be jumping to conclusions, so I asked a couple of seemingly innocent questions as Ann put on a pot of coffee. We moved to the sitting room; Were they the ones who had sold the place via agents last year then? They confirmed that they were. They said they had lost their son Trevor in a road accident and the place held just too read Sex Story
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  2. New Mom

    12/14/2018: It all started when i came home early from school , I always used the back door , for i know how mom is about keeping the house clean, so i was walking to my room when i heard voices in my folks bedroom, I knew dad was a t work so who was mom talking to ? All i heard was mom begging the guy to fuck her , "Yes Harder! all she said , I was shocked i thought mom loved my dad , but here she was fucking some stranger. ;Oh! Mrs Sanford your pussy is so wet i heard the guy say. I lost all respect for my mom that day , she was nothing but a whore and soon dad would find out too for he soon caugh h read Sex Story
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  3. Vacation on a distant island (part 1)

    12/14/2018: There was a sense, a certain feel to it. The way it was obvious what about to happen. And he could see she had become troubled with how to behave about the consequences. He expected to be told not to look. Dabby flinched. Ben tried not to look, but it was too gross to ignore it. It wasn't the first time he'd expect her to get mad. But still, they haven't been exactly coming to terms with any of this. *** Couple of months ago they had been on vacation. The whole family been there, on that distant island. And while being there they've experienced something strange. Something th read Sex Story
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  4. My first encounter with Bandit

    12/14/2018: Our next door neighbor Caroline had asked me to feed her dog while she was on vacation. Bandit was a nice Doberman and he knew me well and even though he was really big I was not afraid of him. In those days I had started to experience some changes in hormone levels. My breasts were larger than ever and they had started to milk. My loving husband was absolutely delighted with our night foreplay… The second night after Caroline’s departure, I had had a long day and it was bedtime. Victor had passed out in bed, leaving me a little bit disappointed, because I was feeling a little horny that read Sex Story
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  5. Ebony Slavia

    12/13/2018: Purge, purge, purge, hotter, hotter, hotter, how it is, true story, more forthcoming. Over the years, I have gone out walking very early mornings, to prance and strut, usually wearing shorts or short-shorts, with tennis shoes or flip flops, sometimes bringing dresses and high heels along if the environment right. It was mostly for my own experiences to test how I truly felt and later became for my own pleasures, although simultaneously sorta expecting and/or looking for another hard dick to please, sure enough, inevitably. To my surprise, straight appearing men got at me almost immediately, read Sex Story
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  6. My Aunt

    12/13/2018: My story begins during that one fateful trip my aunt made to visit my mom and I. I was 19 at the time and my mom and I lived alone in our condo overlooking the water. Our house was nice, a big pool and a hot tub downstairs (my mom had a great job and that left us very well off). I also had a problem. After many years of masturbation I could not make myself reach an orgasm. I thought I came close a couple of times, but the fact that it never happened to me was cause for worry and I began noticing my cock would begin to hurt as it stayed up for hours on end at some times. My 21 year old girlfrie read Sex Story
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  7. Watching my Mom fuck a Black Man

    12/13/2018: I was in my junior year off high school, towards the end of the school year. We got released early one day and I headed home. When I got home, my mom’s car was parked out front and all of the doors to the house were locked. Which was odd. Even the side door which was always open was locked. I could always get in through the window to my room in the basement, so that’s what I did. My room was directly below my mothers room and I heard some movement up there. Nothing major but I could tell she was up there. There were times I came home and my mom would br playing with her viberator. I watch h read Sex Story
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  8. 20 Years of Infidelity Part 11

    12/13/2018: Barely thirth minutes after coming in Ellise, Jason was easing his cock into the blond, haired beauty who'd taken her place while sucking on her tits. Looking at the young blonde, I could tell she was dubious about taking all of that 9-inch cock. But she certainly seemed eager to try! Groans of pleasure starting from the pit of her stomach filling the air as inch after inch of hard cock filled and stretched her to the top of her cunt. The two young girls I'd help introduce to the joys of sucking cock were watching attentively and probably wishing it was one of them under Jason. They didn't read Sex Story
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  9. The answer to my question part 1

    12/13/2018: When is **** not ****?, was the question I asked my online friend, who just happened to be a very sexy Puerto Rican, with a very pert body and well proportioned for her size, 4 foot 9 inches size 8 dress which is usually off more than its on. This had been debated on and off for a long while and Lucy was always dreaming of being ****d and she wanted more than anything to be suddenly taken from behind and have her pussy forced open and a huge member shove unceremoniously up between her thighs and its to ever open cunt , whereas to my view this was a total waste whereas taking and k**napping read Sex Story
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  10. Collecting Rent 3

    12/12/2018: I knocked on the door of Apartment 8 and a second later the door opened and Kevin was stood there. Kevin was married to Helen, and they were a lovely mature retired couple who were always cheerful and happy to chat when ever I came round to collect the rent. "Come in Tony, would you like a drink?" Kevin asked "Yes why not" I replied So this tubby grey bearded man closed the door behind me and moved into the open kitchen area where he pulled a beer out of the fridge for me. "So Helen not here today?" I asked "She's in the bedroom, she'll probably be out in a minute" he replied "Now there was so read Sex Story
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