1. Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 2

    4/22/2018: After showering, I emerged from the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my waist. It’s now Angel’s turn to stare, her eyes transfixed on the towel being pushed forward by a very erect cock in need of relief. She is sitting on the edge of the bed, still wrapped in her towel. Rising to her feet, Angel walks over to me and kisses first one cheek, then the other and whispers, “I have read Sex Story
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  2. The little special pill 10

    4/22/2018: My girlfriend Karen and her parents were going away for the weekend to see her fathers parents, and so I agreed, because I didn't have much else to do, I would go around to her other grandparents who lived just round the corner from us and help them with some gardening. I knew Bob and Valery fairly well, Karen had introduced me after a couple of months of being together, and now it was three years later and they were like grandparents to me too, so I was more than happy to help them for a few hours that afternoon. So after lunch I arrived and Karen's grandparents house and wandered into the ba read Sex Story
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  3. Viel zu teure Mieten für Studentinen

    4/22/2018: Hallo zusammen Mein Name ist Luisa, bin 21 Jahre jung, und Studiere Tiermedizin. Zu meinem Aussehen, ich bin 1,65 klein, habe sehr weibliche Rundungen, also großer Po und ein 75D Körbchen, und auf den Hüften vielleicht ein bisschen zu viel Babyspeck. Aber den wenigen Männern die ich bis dahin hatte, hat das allen ziemlich gut gefallen. Ich habe Braune schulterlange Haare und dunkle Augen. Als ich von unserem kleinen bayrischen Bauerndorf in die große Stadt kam, war ich voller Tatendrag. Studium alles perfekt, einen kleinen Nebenjob in einer Bar, der aber leider nicht ausreichte für meine üb read Sex Story
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  4. Better Late

    4/21/2018: When I had hit puberty is when I noticed just how hot my mom was. Beautiful golden brown hair, nice body and great personality. I would sneak around to get a peak at mom naked and it was well worth it. She had this golden brown small bush and these great pussy lips that hung down. I can not tell you how many times I wanked one off thinking of her. I even peaked in on her when dad was putting the meat to her, man oh man the way titties swung as dad banged away. I went away to college and grew out of my crush for mom. Towards the end of college mom and dad got a divorce. I did not worry too mu read Sex Story
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  5. Collecting rent 5

    4/21/2018: So I sat on a chair across from Mrs Kale Summer and her teen daughter Lilly, as they sat on the sofa, glancing at the apartment contract. "It's my usual contract, just the regular terms and conditions" I said as Kale a hot redheaded tall MILF read every page slowly, then after another minute she found the last page, the payment page. "What the fuck is this?" she asked looking up at me in surprise. "Oh just an option I put in there, some of my residents do sometimes struggle to pay with cash so I offer an alternative payment plan" I replied casually. "Really? Sex is a valid payment?" she asked read Sex Story
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  6. Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 12

    4/20/2018: Shall I ever get the hang of being early for work 8.40am shall I get used to being awake before noon, I went to Tim's drive-through hoping coffee would wake me up I did Tim's this morning as not to bump into my old boss, yawning as I walked into my office building, as usual, Judy the receptionist sat behind her desk. "Morning, Carla," Gee, how can someone look so happy at this ungodly hour when read Sex Story
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  7. Sister and brother take a ride ch.2

    4/20/2018: If you missed part one My name is John and my sister's name is Emily. We are twin brother and sister off to our freshmen year of college together. Our parents were driving us there in our stuffed suburban. Emily and I were in the back seat and had just discovered how amazing sex with each other was. "I can't believe I just came in you Emily." I said as I was looking into her glowing eyes. "You aren't on the pill! You could get pregnant." "I know, It's ok John. If that happens we will deal with it." She said as she was still slowly sliding her pussy up and down my still mostly hard cock read Sex Story
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  8. Sexual War with a Chinese Client.

    4/19/2018: Hello my fellow boys, girls, men and women reading sex stories. I just completed my college and waiting for my offer letter for software company .I stay in rented home .trying for other jobs too and updating my technical skills too .I stay with another friend of mine too .we stay in lower part of home .our house owner in the top floor. I look good ,fit body with no tummy ,wealthy family and fair ,had my own vehicle .had a naughty mind .love pornography a lot ,watching women on road ,massages at times .love getting massaged by blind women too .reading adult stories .had a affair during coll read Sex Story
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  9. Forbidden

    4/19/2018: Ever since our last encounter the chain of command has done a great deal in separating us. My supervisors have given me extra duties and have even taken me out of the office to help in other offices. Anything to make sure you and I were separated. Your Col has given you TDY assignments up the ass, lasting from days to weeks. We have not physically seen each other for months. It has gotten to the read Sex Story
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  10. BBC for heavy tit teacher wife

    4/19/2018: BBC for heavy titted teacher It seems I’ve been fixated on one thing for a couple years now. This one thing… it clouds all my other thoughts and I am now on the verge of obsessing. Ok, I am obsessed. Let me explain… I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for over 25 year now. I was attracted to her immediately when we met. I was only 15, she was 16. Overly infatuated with huge breasts since the start of puberty, another life long obsession that still is in the forefront of my mind, virtually 24/7. Certainly an addiction and hopelessly addicted to sex and big tit porn…but I digress – read Sex Story
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