1. Campsite Diaries part 1

    9/8/2017: For a couple of years in the 90s I worked on a camp in the south, set up by a Christian group to host and take care of unmarried teenage girls who had been sent by their families. The majority of the girls had been caught in sexual relationships with men by family members and sent away to be reformed on the camp. At least half of these girls were pregnant or no longer attended school. The camp set read Sex Story
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  2. June the Instigator The Final Result

    9/8/2017: The Final Result It had been pretty quiet for a few weeks, it was pretty warm 30C days a lot of the time and very dry, not the ideal weather for bushwalking. So a bit of catch time for a bit of house maintenance. Then a couple of weeks before Easter Maggie rang up. “Fancy an overnight camp somewhere” “Why not “ I said. Maggie said “ I need to check on a track for a short backpack for the group at the end of April and weather looks pretty good this weekend” She filled me in on the basic details and I agreed to pick her up from her place, early on Friday afternoon. So off we went up through Yea read Sex Story
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  3. A trip to the Mall changes the Hill family forever

    9/7/2017: Sandra Hill (41) is a middle aged mother of 2 and works as a grade school teacher at a local private school. Her two children Samantha (17) and Jacob (14) attend the same school and are very active in school activities at the same school where their mother teaches. Their father Michael works as a general contractor and is frequently away from home for 10-14 hours a day. It is that work schedule read Sex Story
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  4. MOM

    9/7/2017: As Jonny lay on his bed, enjoying the soft lips and wet tongue working slowly over his hard cock, he thought about how wonderful his life was. As Cindy, his mom, loving wrapped her lips around her 14 year old son's warm, stiff cock, she thought back to how it had gotten this far. She thought back to how her husband had passed away 3 months ago as she popped Jonny's cock out of her mouth and slowly licked around his tight balls. She thought about how lonely she had been, and how comforting it had been to have a son like Jonny. She thought of how they had gradually grown closer, first wi read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older First Time Incest / Taboo Author: moneysex23, Source: xHamster
  5. Caught Naked By Mom

    9/7/2017: My name is Jason and the following happened when I was eighteen years old. I had just finished taking a shower one morning and was stepping out of it when my mom walked into the bathroom with a handful of towels. She looked down at my dick, which was at half-mast. She looked me in the eye and winked, as she licked her bottom lip. "Oh my, ummm, e-r-r-r, I want to talk with you when you're finished," was all she said before leaving a towel for me to dry off with and backing out of the bathroom. The thing is, if she had walked in about a minute earlier she would have caught me cumming al read Sex Story
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  6. Surprising pick up

    9/7/2017: So, one day the wife was away with friends for the night to watch a show in Edinburgh, as I was at a loose end I decided to go into town and do a bit of shopping, once done I thought I would head into the local weather spoons for a drink and some lunch. As I sat there in a corner sipping my beer and reading the paper a lovely looking youngish woman of late twenties asked if it was okay if she sat at the same table as me, I of course said yes no problem, but was somewhat caught off guard as the pub was not that busy and there was plenty tables to choose from. She introduced herself as Karen and read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older Author: Scotsman67, Source: xHamster
  7. One Night stand with a Twist

    9/6/2017: One Night stand with a twist My name is Stefan and this is my story of a one night stand I had many years ago, I was 27yrs old and to remind you 6ft tall, olive skin, average build and a decent 9” cock. I was down my local having a few beers with nothing much happening. I did something I have never done before and decided to go to the club in town on my own, always gone with a group before, read Sex Story
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  8. My coworker Raymond shows a video

    9/5/2017: I was with some of my coworkers that evening at a bar after work. One of them, Raymond, a black guy from the Special Development Department, suddenly approached to me. He pulled out his cell phone to show everybody there a video of my wife on a bed, being violently fucked by his huge black cock. Raymond told me how my wife had fought him for the longest time, until her first orgasm overwhelmed her as I watched her legs and feet twitch as her orgasm washed over her curvy sexy body. Unrelenting, he continued to pound my wife with such intensity, as Ana and I have ever done. Still in awe read Sex Story
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  9. Nicole - The Pizza Shop BBW - Part 1

    9/5/2017: There's a great pizza place a few miles from where I work and usually go there for lunch once or twice a week. One of the owners, Nicole is a pretty hot BBW. What I've learned from talking with her is that she's in her early 50's, divorced, with grown k**s. She lives with one of the Spanish women (Maria) who works in the kitchen in a 2 bedroom condo. Nicole is tall with long brown hair, she's very Italian looking, with olive skin, very big tits and really juicy looking big ass. She's usually wearing an apron at the pizza place so alot of what her body looks like was in my head. After several read Sex Story
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  10. Hot tub

    9/5/2017: My friend in the house maintenance business offered me another day’s work, unfortunately it was not at the house I had worked at before. When he told me, it was installing a hot tub, I told him I could not do it just not my line of work. He said not to worry as he would be doing it just needed someone to help. I thought the extra cash would come in handy, even though it would not prove to be as much fun as the last job I did. So, I spent the day working with him and we got it installed and he asked me if I would stay on to finish cleaning up and wait for the house owner to get back as they h read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, Author: Nottm-col, Source: xHamster