1. Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter 1

    7/13/2018: This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. I fuck my innocent neighbor when she comes to me for comfort. It was four months ago when my new neighbors moved in. I was used to the neighboring house being empty since the previous occupants had moved out a few months earlier, which was no big loss because I never got on with them. That family seemed to think I was to blame for my wife leaving me, despite everyone else knowing it was my wife who had the affair and had left me. So it was good to have an empty house next to mine, but read Sex Story
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  2. Morning Treat

    7/13/2018: Mornng Treat Easter break and Danny was home again from university.With his parents at work and his sister away he enjoyed the lie in each morning and the privacy of not having to share a room with another student. Awakening with his usual early morning erection he had taken to enjoying a slow masturbation and letting the cum spurt out over his stomach before cleaning up and showering.This morning he began to think of some of the girls in his lectures that he didnt know and wondering what it would be like to fuck them .Slowly he coaxed his cock to an erection running his fingers ov read Sex Story
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  3. Norton Towers - the apartment block full of highly

    7/13/2018: Chapter one Fulfilling all my sex fantasies What does a reasonably active professional man of 60, full head of hair and reasonably libido do when made redundant? In my case it was a case of being realistic and finding any job that pays the bills. So when I saw this ad for a mature concierge porter/handyman, I thought why not?’ After submitting the application I was invited to be interviewed by the ‘property management committee’. As I entered the old upmarket Edwardian mansion block in the suburbs I was met by a smartly dressed lady but there was something different. I could not read Sex Story
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  4. Loving Mum Part 1

    7/12/2018: Even as a young schoolboy, I was fascinated with my mum. I remember getting up early for school each day just so I could catch a glimpse of mum dressing in front of the roaring open fire. To see mum pulling up her panties or sliding on her stockings, gave my pre-pubescent cock a raging stiffy. Mum has always been a good looking woman, lovely long legs and gorgeous tits, I remember regularly wanking my little prick thinking about mum. Years later I graduated to taking her panties out of the laundry basket and can still remember the sheer excitement of wrapping them round my read Sex Story
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  5. Night visit

    7/11/2018: It wasn't quite a thing she thought she would resume. She had come to think of it as of mistake. Andrew could thank Olivia who'd been tended to trust her inner feeling and might've been influence mom in some ways. They were kinda best pals, Nataly and she. At the age of almost forty, they both happened to have in common this strange sentiment, a certain propensity to feel light hearted. Though, it wasn't the Olivia who decided first to act on it. And that is uneasy part. Nataly ended up with a bit of resentment towards her friend, 'cause Olivia had become so relaxed about the whole thi read Sex Story
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  6. Reece and his mum

    7/11/2018: June had a day of work and had decided to spend the day tidying the house. She started with the lounge and then headed to her son Reece's room. Normally she wouldn't venture inside there but as it had been ages since she had given it a good clean she thought it was about time. She started stripping the bed and as she grabbed the pillow she saw something coloured there. She reached for it and was totally shocked as she quickly realised it was a pair of her panties that she had put into the washing basket a couple of days earlier. As she held them she realised that there was a large pool of whit read Sex Story
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  7. Cheering up Mom

    7/10/2018: "All holidays are tough but none of them hit quite as hard as Valentine's Day. That's when it really hits me that I'm alone." I couldn't get those words from my mom out of my head. It had been three years since my father died and, while it was certainly tough on me and my siblings, I believe that it was hardest on my mom. My parents had a great relationship. Of course, they fought with each other read Sex Story
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  8. That Feeling

    7/10/2018: I see her and she looks up to me as I look down at her. For a second it is as if motion slowed down and then she falls forward into my chest and gives me a long hug. We both know, or I know the passion I have for her. Still thinking how it cannot be possible that this amount of beauty can look at me, stare at me with words of how handsome I am. I don't believe it, but I know how beautiful, pretty, how hot she is. Her face is sexy. Her whole body and aura breaths sex, exhaling lust though I feel something different. This feeling is a feeling all people try to run from. We run through red ligh read Sex Story
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  9. Seducted by his mom.

    7/10/2018: I made my way back home after my encounter with the neighbor. I didn't want to see my mom, so I went and watched tv in my room. Would my mom confront me? Would she say something to my dad? Was she possibly turned on by the whole episode? I sat there hoping that she was since it was her that I had been thinking of. Dinnertime came soon and I made my way downstairs. Mom didn't say anything since my dad came home to join us. She looked somewhat nervous to me, as she didn't look me in the eyes the rest of the evening. A whole week went slowly by without a word from her. My father was home each read Sex Story
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  10. A Crude Awakening

    7/10/2018: Chapter 1 Since my divorce 10 years ago my sex life has been all but non-existent; Settling for the mouse of a man I foolishly married far before I even knew myself resulted in over a decade of mind numbing mediocrity. Here I was approaching my 40s, alone and childless;suffering from a lifetime of chronic sexual disappointment. I met Glen as I walked out of the only variety store in our small read Sex Story
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