1. A Dream Fuck

    4/19/2018: John looked rather sheepish as he walked into the lobby at the women’s refuge. “Hi, John Barnes, I think Sarah, my wife, is here?” he said awkwardly as he approached the reception desk. “That will be the ‘Sour faced little cow with yellow hair?” the receptionist queried. “Er I was joking,” John admitted, “When I filled the form in.” “Oh well it describes her quite well,” The woman replied with an read Sex Story
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  2. Educating Anna (Part 1)

    4/19/2018: Anna was 15, though her family always said she looked 19, with long blonde hair hazel eyes and slim figure standing at 5’ 11 and 38D breasts she took after her mother. Though Anna was an early developer she had always been shy and self conscious about her body, being the tallest in her class she was always singled out for the jokes and teasing from her class mates. Only when she was home could she read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Teen, Mature / Older, Teen, Author: Tbarn1966, Source: sexstories.com
  3. The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke

    4/18/2018: Emilia Clarke sighs as she waits in a waiting room. Today she is meeting with Ryan Oakhill a Hollywood executive that has connections throughout Disney. She hopes that by talking with him she can get a Disney role of some kind. She doesn’t care if it is Star Wars, Marvel, or even a Disney Channel original. Emilia Clarke wants to be in a successful franchise outside of Game of Thrones. A franchise read Sex Story
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  4. Mom gets hers

    4/18/2018: I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom. There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O’clock. I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Incest / Taboo, Mature / Older, Author: tonysex23, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Madeline's Further Adventures

    4/18/2018: This story will make more sense if you have read my first Madeline story (July 2016).I placed this story in the Mature category because the mature Madeline qualifies to be there. However, her adventure dips into Loving Wives, First Time, BDSM (d/s), Lesbian, Group Sex, and Erotic Couplings (not in that order).Some gal. And, oh yes, its quite long, and slow for the sex to start, so there's no read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byIgneousRocks, Source: Literotica
  6. 239 A Dairy conversion (9)

    4/17/2018: 239 A Dairy conversion (9) At breakfast the next day the Menu appeared, it was hand written and the instructions read; At 9 am Sam is to be in the dungeon naked; he will then place on the chair the box of pegs, a candle and some weights, he will select them and be warned, if they are too light he will be punished, he will select a selection of whips for my use, and then Sam is to secure Peter in the pillory naked. He is then to handcuff him-self to the pillory post as well. There will be no safe word today and release will be at 4 pm there will be no refreshment or toilet breaks and Sent read Sex Story
    Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Mature / Older, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster
  7. My Summer Cougar Pt. 04

    4/17/2018: Saturday afternoon soon came around. On my way to Annie's to pick up my earnings I wondered what was in store for me today but tried not to get my hopes up. Then I thought about how much I would be getting for the work I had done and realised that my agreement with Annie had been an hourly rate. The way things had gone the last three days meant I really hadn't actually worked many hours. I needn't read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: bystoryfella, Source: Literotica
  8. The Sleepover Ch. 02

    4/17/2018: As I got up out of bed I put my black lace thong and my big T-shirt back on & made my way out of the room. I heard another door open I wasn't sure who it was so I went to go take a look. I saw Liz coming out of her room, and I noticed she was out of balance. "Are you okay Liz?" I asked. "I'm fine I already took my medication, but I needed a glass of water I'll be in bed in a bit, you should go read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byDarkdesir3s, Source: Literotica
  9. Unforgettable Holiday Ch 5

    4/17/2018: This is a story of swinging and bi curious sex.... best from the start...... Unforgettable Holiday ch 5 The sun was shining bright and hot as i walked along the beach , thoughts of our last evening fixed in my head , still unable to take in everything that had happened. My cock swollen in my shorts as i paddled my way along the shore down to the dunes . I could see naked people in the sea ahead of me , stopping to get my shorts off , noting that my cock had that swollen well used look, from our ongoing fun. It flopped from side to side , as thought read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Masturbation / Toys, Mature / Older, Author: xfox, Source: xHamster
  10. Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

    4/16/2018: Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3 I woke with a massive hard on, lying there thinking about the night before.....I had to pinch myself to check it wasnt a dream i was in, everything has really happened, all through meeting this sexy couple on a beach....albeit a Naturist beach , and yes we were all naked.......it was so sexy being around them , quiet unassuming mature couple, super chilled and enjoying playing their sexy games. Liz is an up together lady, she loves the sun , and being the center of attention when i came to sexy fun....she is so hor read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian, Mature / Older, Author: xfox, Source: xHamster