1. Mom needs son's help

    9/22/2018: The Evanses never missed a church sunday. Vanessa and John felt that church was a very important part in raising their two k**s, Jack and Annie. Jack had just turned 18 and Annie was almost 19. Jack had just started highschool and his older sister was well into her second year in college. Vanessa and John wanted their family to stay together so they bought Annie a car so she could drive herself to school about 45 minutes away and still get home every night. John was a very conservative businessman with a nice six figure salary so the family was well off. They lived in a lavish home outside of read Sex Story
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  2. Me and my uncle wife

    9/21/2018: I am writing a true story it happen with me in my life and I will never forget her. For me it’s a beautiful experience I did in my life but in the same time for many people it will be abnormal to get hot and hard on your uncle wife a relative for you and an older woman in the same time and her kids are the same age with me and till now I am 30 years old and my name is Ted and my uncle wife is 50 read Sex Story
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  3. The Landlady

    9/21/2018: Just a silly story I wrote over a couple of nights. Completely fictional, hope you like it. NEW TENANTS Jack started seeing Lorna and it became serious. Trouble was that Jack being eighteen was a little naïve regarding women and couldn’t see that she was basically selfish. They say that love is blind and it was in this case, fortunately Lorna wasn’t prepared to become tied down with marriage and suggested they merely live together. That would give her a get out clause when she tired of him. Looking for rented accommodation, they found one, it was cheaper than most primarily because the land read Sex Story
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  4. Me and My mom First time.

    9/21/2018: hi. today i am going to tell you what happened between me and my mom. i was 18 and my mom was 38 but she looked like 28. let me tell you something about my mom she has a slim body and perfect round brown tits and her ass is bit bigger but it makes her even sexier. Also she has a really nice hair. one day i came home after school and took a shower, had my lunch and turned on the tv. i watched the tv about 3 hours. it was 7 pm then. i went to my room to get some sleep because i was tired. i used to jurkoff before i went to bed. so i started to jurkoff thinking about my mom. i usually call read Sex Story
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  5. my closest friend and my sister - pt2

    9/21/2018: welcome everybody here is the second chapter of the story after i have seen my closer friend Alice kissing my sister and with his unexpected reaction after he saw me, i went out to my room to take my breath and to think and get relaxing, many thoughts have attacked my heads, and i saw that for sure that is not the the first time of them doing that, so i have nothing to lose, the only thing i can rescue that if he didnt took her virginity, i dont know if you know or not in our culture the virginity is the most dangerous matter of girl, cuz girl should not losing it exept after her marrige and read Sex Story
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  6. Flower

    9/20/2018: Flower.... There is a young Eastern European woman working as a waitress at a local Chinese restaurant. The last 5 or 6 times we have visited I have found myself feeling very attracted to her sensually and increasingly more sexually. The desire to be with her is increasing every time I meet her and I feel I need to let her know but cannot summon the courage. I want her know how I feel and see if she feels the same for me. Yesterday we had a family party and I had just taken my seat when I saw her like an angel walking towards our table. Immediately my heart was pounding and all I could think read Sex Story
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  7. Blackmailed

    9/20/2018: student blackmail mature lady teacher Joey can't remember where this all started, his fascination with the school's guidance counselor, maybe when she would ignore him and instead entertain the jocks that went to her office for counseling or maybe this woman was just really desirable. Joey Jones was 18, a high school senior, and the captain of the chess team. There were other girls his age that he was interested in but there was something about the counselor that captivated him. The guidance counselor was Mrs. Zilpha Rollins; she's the guidance counselor of Joey's high school for the past read Sex Story
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  8. His Mom Makes it up to Him

    9/19/2018: Ben, walked home glumly, his head down and thinking about what had happened at school today. What had happened was everyone at school was now making fun of him for what had happened last weekend. He was at a party and lots of people were hooking up, he started chatting with this girl and after a while and some heavy kissing she asked him to follow her. She lead him to a bedroom and she pushed him read Sex Story
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  9. My Stepmother's Surprise

    9/19/2018: My name is Robert, I'm 18, skinny and not too tall. I've never had much luck with girls, in fact I never dated one and I used to spent my days playing games on my computer and watching porn. Shemale porn. Dominant shemales fucking men. I wish i could be one of those men on the videos, that turned me on so easily. I was alone one day jerking off watching a scene of Yasmin Lee dominating a tied up read Sex Story
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  10. Treating My Boss

    9/18/2018: Treating My Boss Disclaimer: This story involves cuckold, interracial, and old vs young themes. If you dislike these genres, please don’t continue to read. Being a new home owner can be stressful. It can be even more stressful if your job was on the line. That was the case for me as my workplace was downsizing and changing into new management. They were already firing people and I didn't know my read Sex Story
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