1. First Time With My Mom

    9/18/2018: My name is Doug, I'm 18 years old, and I've always thought my mother was very attractive. She divorced my father when I was very young. Since she raised me all by herself she never really went out much, but definitely not because she wasn't attractive. She always took great care of her body. She's 39, 5'9, about 130lbs, but still thin, long blonde hair, amazing long legs, and 38DD breasts. Since it was always just us living together we were pretty open about everything and it wasn't a big deal to sometimes walk around in our underwear or to walk down the hall in the nude after taking a shower, read Sex Story
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  2. Controlling Sister 2

    9/18/2018: This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Controlling Sister 2 (F-solo, m-solo, mF, MF, mf, Ff, 1st, blackmail, bd, inc, interr, mc, nc, oral, impreg, tg) by Krosis of the Collective --- After my read Sex Story
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  3. A Sarratt Story

    9/18/2018: Living on my own in London in my 20s after graduation from University I was lucky enough to meet (via a contact magazine) and have a relationship for several tears with Sarah, an older lady in her early 50s. Sarah was very much 'in charge' of our games and had a wicked and experienced imagination, which I was only too happy to go along with - the combination of her experience and my youthfulness was extremely sexually powerful, and much more fun than any girlfriends of my own age that I had. One Friday after work it had been arranged that I would go up to meet her for dinner; as ever it was m read Sex Story
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  4. Interviewing the Slut Wife of mine

    9/18/2018: Cheryl was sitting on the couch as I began to do an interview video of her. She wore her black shelf bra, black hose, and several loads of cum on her tits and face, plus some oozing from her cunt. “How did you enjoy your afternoon, my horny little slut?” I asked as she scooped a bit of cum from her right breast and then lick it from her finger. “Oh, it was so much fun fucking and sucking four guys for an hour,” she smiled lewdly, flicking her tongue out a couple of times. “You’re happy with all of that cock them?” “Mmm, but of course, and all of that hot cum they shot in my pussy, and dow read Sex Story
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  5. Husband's nephew

    9/17/2018: TJ is my husband's nephew and after some problems at a college down south involving a fraternity party and a few girls, he transferred to the college where I work as a college guidance counselor. I will never forget picking him up at the airport. I had not seen him since he was 10 and he certainly was not 10 anymore! He was a man. And I felt my cheeks flush as I noticed his eyes running over my body. At 55 I work hard every day to stay fit (not to mention the boob job his uncle paid for 8 years ago) and it always makes my pussy tingle when one of the college men take notice of me! TJ made fri read Sex Story
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  6. Marking My Mom's Pussy

    9/17/2018: Have you ever wondered how a son and his Mom end up having sex together? For me it all started when my Dad died suddenly. It was a devastating time and it left my Mom and me in a bind. We were without my Dad's income now. I was supposed to be attending college. I had to put that on hold and find a job. It was tense in our house for awhile. I took to stroking myself to release some of the pressure. I didn't have a girlfriend so I thought about my Mom. For being in her late forties she looked awfully good to this nineteen year old guy. I often thought what it would be like to be inside my read Sex Story
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  7. My work with my partner.

    9/17/2018: Let me tell about sex in my way. Maybe you practice this already. If you do, you sertainly has discovered that sex is about the feelings you get on the tip of the penis and the vaginal rubbung and toch to the girls clitoris tip. We play first. I'll touch her skin, stroking her breasts. Rubb her butt and lead my hand to her legs from the ancels and up to her crotch and down again the other leg. Sticking my hand into her skirt, from top down into her panties from behind and over the thigh and feel on her legs. The skin from stomach to thigh is very soft and nice to feel. So I open my pants so he read Sex Story
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  8. The over exited Librarian

    9/17/2018: THIS HAPPENED IN 1998 I started using the local library for some books as I was trying to learn German, I spent some long days in there glued to the books. This particular Friday I was still studying when the librarian came over and said she had to shut up, I looked at my watched and saw it was 8pm. As I got my stuff together she led me outside. As she locked up I said “Do you fancy a drink?” as there was a pub just across the road, she said “Why not” I put my books in the car and led her over. I ordered and we sat down as we started talking I studied her, she was around 55, later she to read Sex Story
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  9. Early Years

    9/17/2018: As most young men and woman as growing up you might hear your parents having sex down the hall. Well I am no exception to this, I can remember several times I had heard them and yes like every young boy I got hard and had to jerk off to them. One day I was home from school and was nosing around my parents room. I found a box under their bed on my dads side and well hell yes I opened it. WOW I found all types for adult magazines and two toys in it. I pulled the magazines out and under there I found naked pictures of my mom. For what ever reason I did not look at the magazines I looked through a read Sex Story
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  10. Maduras Anonimas Cap. 02

    9/17/2018: Habían pasado un par de días desde mi primera experiencia con una madura. Me encontraba desesperado y ansioso por volver a follar otra vez, pero lamentablemente eso no era posible. Tenía que esperar hasta la siguiente reunión, la cual no llegaría sino hasta varios días después. Las cosas continuaban con normalidad en el complejo departamental. Mi madre seguía con su horario irregular de doctora, a veces pasando todo el día en casa y otras dejándome solo la mayor parte del día. Yo continuaba con mis paseos por el lugar, tratando de fijarme más en las señoras e intentando memorizar sus números read Sex Story
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