1. The old man who destroyed our life (Part II)

    12/9/2018: Well, i said that i already had to buy some food, so i am ok with that. I got in the room to change and dressed normally, with a pack of jeans and a shirt. When he saw me, he told me that i should wear something sexy as i was wearing yesterday with my husband. I told him that yesterday was an event and that i don't dress like that every day. He understands that, but he wants me to dress as i would go in a shopping day at a mall. I tried to say to him, that i don't know what should i wear and he told me that i should get a skirt, not to long, a mini dress if i have and a low cut shirt or some read Sex Story
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  2. Naughty Neighbor part 3

    12/9/2018: ............I remove myself from my all Fours position and get Scott to sit in the middle end seat of the spa. .We are both covered by the water below our waists as we stand together to swap spots. And then we kiss like a loving married couple arriving home from work together, I caress his chest again and with one hand seek out his nipple and his dick with the other........I actuality feel his width and length and can immediately compare to what I have had, and what I get from Brad. He whimpers when I suck his nipple, his silky chest hair a sensual addition to his amazing real man sized nipple read Sex Story
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  3. Janet and I - The threesome

    12/9/2018: Janet and I – The Threesome. Janet and I spent about 6 months having sex. Very good sex (although at the age of 18 pretty much any sex is good sex). We’d progressed through oral and regular sex adding anal as well. I found out a few years later that there was something called the Holy Trinity. Oral, regular and anal sex, all in one session. One day though when I went round to her house she met me with a serious look on her face. “We need to talk,” she said. My first reaction was have we been found out or have I got her pregnant? “OK, what’s up?” “We’re going to have to stop seeing each other read Sex Story
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  4. Mom sold again

    12/8/2018: Mom gets sold again and Loves it. Jill sat at the kitchen Sunday morning, her son Evan was still asleep but she couldn’t stop thinking about the events of Friday and Saturday. Evans two friends had given her the best sex she ever had, and she had no intentions of giving them up. The phone rang it was her husband Al, she answered with a cheery hello due to the fact she was still leaking cum form read Sex Story
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  5. Becky's mom

    12/8/2018: When I was 16 my girlfriend, Becky, was a total bitch. Her mom noticed too, and I told her that I thought she was a great lady and that I was going to miss not talking with and seeing her. I was going to stop seeing her daughter. About 3 days later she asked me to stop by and say hi, she said she wanted to see if I was interested in doing some yard clean up. So, I did. I got to the door and went in, it was just the two of us. She said she had a list and would be back in a moment. She came back in her bra and panties. My dick was hard in an instant, 2 seconds tops. She was thick and a bit on th read Sex Story
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  6. Gin with Gerri

    12/8/2018: I must admit that it was a strange situation in which I found myself. I was just 19, going on 20. I had pretty much cruised through school, doing what I had to do but not much more. And then, somewhat to my surprise, as my 20th birthday approached, I suddenly found myself becoming uncharacteristically ambitious. I suddenly found myself wanting to get on; wanting to make a name for myself. Edward, read Sex Story
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  7. Seduced By A Granny 2

    12/7/2018: It was spring break for Richie, and like any college student before him, came the partying, girls, and the usual quarts of beer and booze ingested. Along the way he ran into one particular woman he found appealing despite the age difference, and the fact he was young enough to be her own grandson. Mildred was a lonely widow, living all alone in her own little home with no one to talk to except for her tank full of tropical fish; they were the only ones that kept her company. Then one day she ran into Richie and suddenly she felt more alive, and most important more attractive. The relationship read Sex Story
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  8. Anita dripping wet

    12/7/2018: That afternoon my sweet Ana came from work laughing… I asked her if she was in a good mood and she said it had been a fine day. Then I insisted why, but she said only that it was a fine day. All week she had this huge grin on her face coming from her office. I asked everyday why and everyday she said she was just happy… On Friday evening she rang and said she was going to be a little late; she was going to the pub for a couple hours after with the guys; so would meet me at home… Ana arrived late that evening. I was at the kitchen, opening a wine bottle. Of course she was again lau read Sex Story
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  9. Its fun while you're travelling...

    12/7/2018: This incident took place around 5 years ago, when I completed my 12th boards exam. I was travelling to my native place-near Shimla- in the 2nd class AC with my cousins who will be joining me after 3 days. I met this lady in the train. We were in the same compartment. I expected more two people to be joining us as there were two more berths empty. The journey began and after 20 mins the TC came for a round up when I asked him about the remaining two people in our compartment but he told us that these two berths were vacant, hence there were only we two in this compartment. It was an hour after read Sex Story
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  10. Rocks in Their Heads Pt. 01

    12/7/2018: Author's note:This story contains a few Australianisms and other minor references to popular culture that may not be entirely clear as to their meaning, but where necessary I've tried to explain them as naturally as possible in the text. For any further explanations a simple internet search will most definitely help the reader. However, I think this section is pretty straight forward.This story is read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byThefireflies, Source: Literotica