1. This is a continuation of things, chapter 2

    9/16/2018: Chapter 2- Kim and Tarri Jean While in school in NJ, I dated three or four girls. All the relationships were platonic, just simple dates with nice school mates. During my senior year, I escorted a girl that had just moved to town and knew no one. My mother had sold them a home and the mother asked my mother if I would take her daughter, Kim, to a school dance and introduce her to my friends. I asked her what Kim looked like. My mother said she saw her from a distance once and said she looked tall, thin, had nice features, and long blond hair. She laughed and said Kim’s mother described her as read Sex Story
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  2. Watching my wife with three black men

    9/16/2018: That Friday I had come home early from my office. At three o’clock I was waiting for my wife to come home from work; but I kept waiting for her until six and then I started to feel worry about her. No phone calls… it was something very strange. I send some messages, but she did not reply… Past seven I finally rang her office and the security guard said that all the staff had left, including my wife. He was sure Ana had left four hours ago… I was thinking to whom could I call to ask where was my wife, when suddenly my pone rang. It came up as Anita’s calling; but a deep man’s voice sa read Sex Story
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  3. Finally fucking my stepmom

    9/16/2018: Before we start with anything let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Mark. I’m 18 years old, 6’2” with short brown hair and a toned body. I was never really into athletics but I work out occasionally so my body is in good shape. I also have a 9 inch dick that I was always proud of and that always kept my girlfriends happy. There’s one person though that I always wanted but I could never have. Or so I thought… The woman I am talking about here is my step mom, Lauren. My dad was so lucky to have married her because she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, if not read Sex Story
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  4. Val Saslow And The Crew

    9/16/2018: I had just been given a promotion to foreman in the warehouse I was working in. The guys that were now a crew I ran, got along fine. Everyone basically knew what to do in their job, and when to do it. Everything was going alone great. About two months into the new position, we were in the locker room, and everyone was starting to get ready to leave for the day. Cleaning up, changing out of their work clothes, etc. I opened my locker, and to my surprise, a folder fell out of my locker. The folder hit the floor, and the contents emptied out onto the floor for all to see. The contents of the fo read Sex Story
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  5. Long Wait and Finally Fucked a Hot MILF

    9/15/2018: Hi all literotica reader, this your Shekar again back with another hot and erotic sex story. Be ready to get busy with your hands and fingers. For all of you, if you don't know me, I am Shekar 24 years old live in Pune. Have an athletic body and a monster cock which will satisfy any girl or aunty. Now let's start with the story. * I used to work in the nearby school as a football coach for part read Sex Story
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  6. At the movies

    9/15/2018: At the movies It was late January & as usual for summer in Oz it was hot. It was over 40 degrees on this particular Saturday. My wife Sandy suggested we go to the cinema and cool off in the AC there. I said that sounded like a plan and went into the bedroom to put some cloths on. Sandy followed me in and pulled out a pair of running shorts and a T/shirt for me and a very tiny skirt and an almost invisibly sheer blouse for herself. As I reached or my underwear draw Sandy put her hand on mine saying “it’s too hot for that” and proceeded to put on her skirt and blouse covering her previously read Sex Story
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  7. 'Leg attraction'

    9/15/2018: As I sat on the patio my thoughts were s**ttered in many directions. A warm summer breeze lifts my hair and delicately raises my skirt as it sheers past. I peered down at my tanned smooth thighs knowing they are once again taunting,... and well. It's now been two years since our canoe trip following my discovery of Michaels peculiar attention. I wanted to allow him time to mature which provided me plenty of time to seduce his mind. This certainly isn't something that one can just initiate but instead, requires time to indoctrinate him into the concept of alternative pleasures. I read Sex Story
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  8. I own Joyce

    9/14/2018: My name is Mark Evans & im 20 yrs old im an ordinary guy but for one thing. Im great at mind control thats why i have two much older sex slaves , you see ive always enjoyed the company of older women One is my mother Joyce Evans who is 55 & the other is my neighbor Amy Johnson slightly younger at 53. Right now they are both collared & leashed wearing their identical 7 inch thigh high hooker boots read Sex Story
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  9. An afternoon affair

    9/13/2018: My wife Misty had been out. Showing properties. And running errands for her mother. When she returned back to the office. To descover mom in a intense and stressful meeting. With a rival company. Which was represented by these two guys named Gary and Bob. Mom had this piece of land, that one of her rich clients wanted. To build a million dollar home on. But the land was land locked by property owned by Gary and Bobs company. And these two were just as greedy, rude, crude and unethical as she was. Yes Mom had finally met her match. These guys were not going to be push overs. But Mom had h read Sex Story
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  10. The Retirees Club (03)

    9/13/2018: Eventually I let Tom's cock out of my mouth and sat back, kneeling and still admiring his now softening dick. The foreskin was slowly recovering his pink head, still covered with his cum and my spit. I was so focused on servicing Tom that I hadn't noticed that Bill and Frank had come around behind me. "Your first time on a man?" asked Frank. "Mmm, yes, but it won't be my last. Damn!" Bill chuckled read Sex Story
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