1. The Garden

    3/10/2019: There are two things I enjoy that, when experienced together make me feel wonderful. All right, I know what you are thinking but no, I mean a hot summer's day and my garden. Those two things together have the ability to make me forget all my troubles and woes. You see, when the sun shines, I can potter around in my garden to my heart's content and when the chores are completed and the read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Author: Annamagique, Source: LushStories
  2. Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 5

    3/10/2019: I woke up as I heard the bathroom door closing, Linda must have woken up to shower. I looked at the clock next to the bed, it was almost 2pm. We really tired each other out. I heard the shower turn on and Linda was in there for a while. I guessed that she really wanted to clean up after our last fuck which was really intense and messy! She came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. Her red hair still wet and in contrast to her pale skin. She suggested that I take a shower and that she'd have a surprise for me when I got out. I wasted no time. The hot water felt great against my sk read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Hardcore, Mature / Older Author: TallNJChub, Source: xHamster
  3. Sharon is owned pt 2 , after the prom

    3/9/2019: Sharon was jerking Billy off as he talked to Cindy on his cellphone , it was the day after prom ,and it was 3pm. Sharon & Billy had spent nearly the whole time in bed. She even had his father , George bring them breakfast in bed while she continued giving Billy head. Last night Billy had come home super horny cuz he had only been jerked off by Cindy in the limo ., nothing else. So being the good read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Fisting, Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Mind Control Mature / Older Author: nutzbubby, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Breeding My Widowed Aunt Rose

    3/9/2019: After a year in college I had become very disillusioned with my prospects. Not only was I failing my classes but I felt like a little cog in a big machine; a machine designed to extract money from people like me. However, my parents had high expectations and I didn't want to disappoint them. After much consideration, I figured I would take a semester off to figure things out. As expected, my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: Larry78723, Source: sexstories.com
  5. fun in the park

    3/8/2019: “The sun was rising in the east, slowly emerging from its slumber. The shadows fading upon the sarengeti. You could hear the galloping antelope spry with the new day and the roar of a roller coaster?....My name is Jack im a a****l caretaker at the park and my day has started to wind down after a long night shift. But I was not ready to go home as I had finally asked out this girl who works in the Rescue a****l show on the other side of the park.Her name was Dalia. And she had the most beautiful dark eyes and voluptuous hair I have ever seen.We decided why not spend a day together at the park t read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: onestory, Source: xHamster
  6. The Blade

    3/8/2019: It's about 1am. I feel sick with excitement and nerves. I can't quite believe what I'm doing. Part of me wants to cancel. Unable to reconcile what I'm about to do with the fact that by day I'm a middle aged house wife and mother. My phone vibrates in my hand making me startle. 'I'm here' is all it says.I rise and walk to the front door. As I open it I hide behind it, hardly wishing anyone who read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story BDSM Oral Sex / Blowjob Violence / Cruelty BDSM Mature / Older Written by women Author: Daddy's shadow, Source: sexstories.com
  7. A Knock on the Door

    3/8/2019: There was a knock on the door. It was a too early for Claire to be home and even if it was her, it was unlike her to forget her key. So even though she had no idea who it could be, Lori was more than a little surprised to see a good looking young man at the door. He was about Claire's age, 19 or 20 and looked familiar, but more important than that, he looked upset. "Um, can I help you?" Lori said read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Mature / Older Mature / Older First Time Author: PT Winters, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Neighborly b**st

    3/7/2019: As a preface let me tell you that this story certainly did not end up the way it started. Now I have to introduce myself. I am Marjorie, married to Paul my husband of 22 years. Initially in our marriage like many others, my husband wanted sex more than I. At this point I wish I had given him more of what he wanted. We both got to find out what that one president was talking about when he started marketing stuff for E.D. My hubby developed erectile dysfunction and now sex is no longer an option, for him. I felt guilty as well as frustrated at the same time. I'm getting closer to 50 (not there y read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster
  9. Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdl

    3/7/2019: Adventurous Dora Unlike the other tenants in Norton Towers, Dora dressed smart but demurely. She was fairly attractive for a 60 year old but one thing I did notice was the fact that her demure dresses were always very tight – especially across her arse. One evening just as I was ready for home, she buzzed down asking a big favour. “Robert, I know you’re ready to leave but I am getting severe cramps in my thighs, I can hardly move. I am a bit embarrassed but as I know you’re discreet, could you by any chance come up and get my legs going, so to speak”. She went on to explain that what no read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Mature / Older Author: seniorsexlover, Source: xHamster
  10. Unexpected First in the Custodian’s Room

    3/7/2019: It was 1974 and it was just a week before my high school graduation. I was among the youngest in my class having turned 18 just a few days before. I was also still a virgin and had never had any form of sex beyond masturbation. This situation was certainly not a moral decision or do to my having any hang ups about sex. Unlike my very pious parents who made me attend this stupid Catholic school, I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction Coercion, First Time Teen Masturbation / Toys Mature / Older Teen Teen Author: Mr. Butts, Source: sexstories.com