1. Mom screwed hard by an old pervert neighbor

    11/28/2017: Hi this is raju I m 17 yrs old my father works in abroad and he visits our place 8yrs once we live in rent house and my mom name is velamma she is 42 yrs old and she is a devoted wife to dad.she is really a hot maal every men will die to fuck her.such a hot body .she looks like a typical south Indian women.she always wears Saree she is very fair and her long hair extends up to her buttock.which read Sex Story
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  2. Times of morning blindness

    11/27/2017: My cousin's name is Sabah and she is 36 years old and I am the first to marry my uncle and I will deal with her as my big sister until something happens that I did not expect. One day my uncle told me about the marriage of her eldest daughter and because I was considered like the eldest daughter he wanted me to help him choose a device My daughter Muna and of course agreed and did not hesitate and asked me to accompany her daughter and mother to choose household appliances and kitchen utensils because he does not know of these things and of course all my uncle and so I was very much at home an read Sex Story
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    11/27/2017: .....My mom Megan, 31, felt she was not performing in bed very well. She didn’t get dad, who was way older, turned on anymore. She didn’t want dad to stray to another woman so she went to the Doctor. This was a new Doctor, and he was a young guy which she felt may be better suited for her problem. She told him she wanted to turn her husband on and be hotter in bed for him. Mom had a killer hot body. She had beautiful smooth skin, big tits, perfect hips and legs. This Doctor saw opportunity to take advantage of her. He gave her a pelvic exam and massaged her G spot, her clit and then mas read Sex Story
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  4. Norton Towers - Chapter 5

    11/27/2017: Part 1 Being employed at Norton House general factotum, handyman (fucking helping hand), and my life took on an entirely new meaning and taught me that life really does begin at sixty. Everything was discreet and the tenants very nice and pleasant. One would think they were just ordinary middle class oldies. But the truth was that they all loved sex in every way – literally. It read Sex Story
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  5. Ass Payment

    11/27/2017: Today as I work, I notice a beautiful woman walk in. Her dark Latin skin tells me she might be Mexican. She is a short but athletic looking woman. She has the biggest breasts I've seen in awhile. Her boobs are about DD to DDD. She is wearing yoga pants that really hug her big ass. She has a sexy ass! As I watch her watch her grab a cart, a customer walks up to my register for me to ring them up read Sex Story
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  6. An insatable cleaner chapter 4

    11/27/2017: It was a quite autumn afternoon and Lucy was strolling across the common with her friend Liza, idly chatting about anything and nothing when the twilight suddenly went and total darkness engulfed them both. Within a minute at the most both had sacks over their heads, arms bound and both lifted off the ground and thrown onto the metal floor. The vehicle sped away as the realism of their situation dawned on both women, they had been k**napped. Liza felt a hand sliding up her thighs and she froze, she had only even experienced her husband doing that, and ever since her cherry was removed at th read Sex Story
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  7. The Professor

    11/26/2017: So it was their third date. Their first date had been fairly routine, some sightseeing, brunch, a few kisses, and a goodbye hug. She really didn't know how she felt about him. He seemed nice enough, pleasant, engaging, fairly attractive, but she wanted more than that, much more. She had been thinking about what might become of these encounters, what kind of relationship might best fulfill her read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: by60andsensual, Source: Literotica
  8. Driving to Texas

    11/26/2017: It was hot, and we were barreling down the Interstate in the biggest U-Haul truck I was able to get. My mother-in-law was riding with me, my wife and two sisters-in-law were driving in a car as we drove from Chicago to San Antonio. It wasn't our intention to keep the two vehicles in close proximity during each day's drive. Instead, we had agreed upon the end-of-day stop where we'd all have dinner read Sex Story
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  9. The Family Getaway

    11/25/2017: I used to love going on family holidays especially if other family members joined us making it a huge party. As I was growing up the family holidays got less and less but I was getting older and didn’t mind so much. What I loved most about our getaways was when my uncle, his wife and my uncles daughters came with us. My uncles wife was beautiful, she had long dark hair like an Arabian princess, her body was slim and toned but she had curves still. She had this peachy bum that was so prominent from her body, her slim toned stomach led up to her breasts, they were big but they didn’t sag, read Sex Story
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  10. Teases and Touches [FM][Long]

    11/25/2017: If there was one thing Eric and Clara had in common it was their ability to play with fire without getting burned. In every other possible regard they differed, positioned firmly on opposing sides of their social circle and often enough on opposite sides of the room. It was a gap love could not bridge, and neither of them fell victim to any illusion in that regard. But the bridge they had found was much more powerful, dangerous even in that they shared their love for destructive relationships. They needed the group to stay sane and fight loneliness, but in moments of clarity Eric realized the read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: postappantsdown, Source: xHamster