1. Ugly Clair

    2/9/2018: I walked into a place to have some blood work done. There was a woman in front of me signing in. After I signed in I went into the waiting room to wait and the only seat left was next to that woman. She looked to be in her late 60's. She was not good looking at all she actually had a man face. Her hair was auburn and it almost looked like a wig. She was about 5'-8" and wearing tight clothing which showed all her fat and lumps. Over all not attractive at all to me. She struck up a conversation with me. The room was really crowded so we had a long wait. Our conversation was all over the place sh read Sex Story
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  2. Erica's Adventures: Snowed in

    2/9/2018: It had seemed like a good idea when Darren, Simon and Wayne decided they would trek out to the forest to do a bit of winter fishing together. None of them had banked on there being the kind of snowfall you didn't often see in England, blocking off access to the road and snowing in the Land Rover they had brought with them. Under the circumstances, they had been quite fortunate. The cabin they were stuck in was heated and had plenty of food, so they weren't in any real trouble. It had a ham radio, so they sent out a message each morning and evening asking anybody who was listening if they wou read Sex Story
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  3. Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART 2

    2/9/2018: Part 2: Fucking Mrs. Taylor Again I'm packed and ready to go. I woke up today at 7AM. I had to head out to the airport at 3PM. I ate breakfast then worked out in the mini gym my dad set up in the garage. As I'm finishing up my last minute check list of what I need to take to Cancun, my phone vibrates. I check and see a text from Violet. "Hey Luke. I just wanted to know if I could stop by so I read Sex Story
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  4. The hiring manager

    2/9/2018: Hello. My name is Mr Joe Mellow and I am the hiring manager for an employment agency. We hire part-time and full time staff. The “dream jobs” are the work from home jobs. All the women want them. Let me tell you about a true story, circa 2000. Her name was Sandi. Sandi had lost her job, and her husband had walked out on her and her two k**s. She was doing her best to raise two teenagers and put food on the table with the small unemployment stipend each week. She was behind in her rent and facing eviction. As she dressed that morning she realized that her diet of rice, pasta and potatoes th read Sex Story
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  5. Snow White & The Queen

    2/8/2018: “Every fairy tale has a bloody lining.” -Alice Hoffman *** "Mirror, mirror, on the wall…" "What's that, mother?" The Queen turned away from the glass. Her stepdaughter sat at the tower window, embroidery in her lap, looking puzzled. "Just something I used to say when I was a little girl," said the Queen. "A rhyming game. There's a second part to it, but I can never remember how it goes." She read Sex Story
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  6. meeting my ex lover Dirk

    2/8/2018: Tuesday morning while I was in the mall, I bumped into an ex-lover, Dirk. We chatted for a short while and when saying goodbye he gave me his business card and said to message him if I want to catch up sometime. When I got home, I decided to go have a oily foam bath to relax a while. Once in the bath and relaxing I started contemplating whether I should message Dirk or not. My loving husband had never met him and it would be better for me to keep my relation as a secret. Then I decided to save Dirk`s number to my phone and then I finally messaged him. I said it was real nice to bump into read Sex Story
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  7. Jacquie - Nobody's Fool

    2/8/2018: This is my first effort here so please let me know your thoughts. All participants are over 18 years of age. * I didn't realise it was Jacquie until I excused myself for jostling her in the crowded exit to the cinema. I'd been to see a film with mates and on the way out a bunch of kids were milling around our feet at the doorway, so I had to take evasive action to prevent any kiddy injuries read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byspeedballslick, Source: Literotica
  8. Misnomer rant

    2/8/2018: Lectori salutant, I agree in advance, I am an old sod. I've passed the mature boundary of 50. And yes, I admit I'm a stickler for <u>accurate</u> use of language. Which is why I wrote this rant. In short: * Gangbang are: - not threesomes (1F & 2M; 2F & 1M; 3F or 3M) - nor foursomes (1F & 3M; 2F & 2M, 3F & 1M, 4F or 4M). => this means a gangbang consists AT LEAST of a total of 5 (read five) participants, or more. Whatever their sex, colour, inclination (vanilla or not), their has to be a minimum of 5. Capish? * Flogging read Sex Story
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  9. TIM & ERIN

    2/7/2018: This story is about a young woman that is seduced by the wealth and power of her rich boss. All the characters involved in any sex are over 18. Thank you for reading. Enjoy! TIM & ERIN prolog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The wedding bells were once again silent. The gifts opened, the honeymoon over. They had both lost their virginity on the first night in a honeymoon suite. Their sex was unsatisfying and painful for her and not much better than masterbation for him. She was shy and definitely inexperienced but read Sex Story
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  10. An Unconventional Convention

    2/7/2018: "And that's why I think 'Scott's Folly' has always been one of my favorite episodes," Maggie McAllister said as she smiled out at the two thousand fans that filled the ballroom of the Royal Grand Hotel. The cheers that greeted the fifty-two-year-old actress were such that an unknowing observer might think the short haired redhead had won an Oscar rather than her claim to fame having been that read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older, Author: byAnn Douglas, Source: Literotica