Forbidden Fruit

26 Feb 2012

Sex Stories doesn’t give you fruit

We do give you some nice sex stories to read like this one!

How well I remember my early days, almost to babyhood when it was
always the care of my beautiful mother to bath me herself every day;
there was also Mary my nursemaid, but when Mamma had to be away at any
time the supervision of my bath was delegated to her sister. Auntie
Gertie, a pretty girl of sixteen or seventeen.

Till six or seven years of age I slept in a cot in my parents’ own
bed-room. Papa was a very dark fine handsome man, Mamma equally so, or
much more beautiful to me, had lovely golden hair and deep blue eyes
full of love for me in every glance.

I can just remember one day when Mary and Auntie Gertie were giving me
my bath, I thought they were looking at my little spout, as I said
saucily: “What are you looking at, Papa has got such a big one.”

Amongst the tricks I used to play on my nurse was one of suddenly
running up to her and raising her skirts in fun, so one day when Mamma
was bathing me, I suddenly said, “Mamma dear, Mary has such a lot of
hair at the bottom of her belly;” making the poor girl blush crimson,
as she explained my tricks to Mamma.

Another time to Auntie Gertie: “You should see my Papa hug my Mamma
like a bear in bed.”

After this my cot was removed to the nursery, as Master Percy was
getting too observant.

What romps I used to have with Mary; then when I was about eight or
nine years old, I often would insist upon sleeping with her, always
creeping inside her night dress, to nestle close to her soft warm flesh.

I would kiss her titties and pretend to be a little sucking pig, as I
played with her belly even as low down as the hairy part, which she
always resisted my handling by keeping her own hand over it.

Often her motions were very curious; I fancied she was rubbing herself
between her thighs, and she would finish with deep sighs and what
seemed to me a tremulous shudder; generally she would also kiss me

Time passed on and I was growing quite a big boy. Somehow Mary and
myself seemed instinctively to avoid ever mentioning our bed-fellow
games; as far as I was concerned, there seemed something too good to be
told, even to Mamma.

I must have been nearly twelve when Mary had to go home for a few days,
to nurse her mother, so Auntie Gertie took her place in the nursery.

She saw me to bed about eight o’clock, and then went away, leaving me
awake, wondering if she would let me get into her bed. Bye and bye I
heard her enter the room, so pretending to be asleep, closed my eyes as
she came to look at me, with the lamp in her hand. “What a beautiful
boy, if only I dared!” I heard her say softly to herself. Then placing
the lamp on a table, she came again to the bedside, and imprinted a
warm kiss on my cheek, then another and another. Opening my eyes in
apparent surprise, I threw my arms round her neck and gave her back
kiss for kiss; this went on for quite a minute or two, till she said,
laughing and blushing at the same time: “What a silly, spoony boy you
are, Percy; I thought you were asleep.”

“Oh, no, Auntie Gertie, dear, I do love you so, and when you kissed me
I could not help paying you back; don’t you love me a little?”

“Now go to sleep, there’s a good boy, I must go to bed myself, put your
head under the clothes, if I catch you peeping at me, I’ll whip your
bottom, that’s all;” drawing the sheets up over my face. “Now keep like
that, till the light is out.”

If I could not see, my ears listened till I heard the well known ripple
of her water in the chamber pot and out of shame impudence whistled,
the same as I had heard the groom do to Papa’s horse when he wanted it
to piss. Sudden darkness.

The sound of that rushing stream electrified me; sensations I had never
experienced before coursed through my veins, my little pego hardened of
it’s own accord, so jumping out of bed, I exclaimed: “Auntie, I must
give you a last kiss, how funny the noise of your pee-pee has made me
feel, I am all of a tremble, just feel me,” winding my arms again round
her neck; she seemed only too willing to return my eager kisses,
drawing me to her bosom till I could feel the firm palpitating orbs
pressing against my breast.

“Come into bed, and cuddle me, Percy, I feel so chilly to night,” she

Only too pleased I nestled myself by her side, still kissing and
calling her my loving Auntie.

Fate had ordained I was to lose my maidenhead that night, young as I
was. Her hand passed all over me, caressing every part, and she freely
abandoned her bosoms to my impassioned kisses.

Presently her hand wandered down to where my stiff standing pintle was
throbbing against her belly, her hand closed upon my staff, which felt
to me bigger and bigger every moment, and must even then have been a
good six inches.

Not a word passed between us; she glued her lips to mine, almost
sucking my breath away and altogether seemed in such an agitated state,
that I was nearly frightened; still I felt only too pleased, as she
held my affair in her hand and slowly passed her fingers up and down,
up and down, drawing back the foreskin each time. Somehow she gradually
worked me into a position between her legs as we lay side by side, then
she commenced rubbing the nose of my machine in a moist sort of chink
embowered in the silky hair at the bottom of her stomach. One of her
arms hugged me round the waist, and presently a soft whisper murmured:
“Percy, push yourself close to me, it’s so nice, my darling.”

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