More forbidden fruit

26 Feb 2012

Sex Stories gives more fruits

We still don’t give you fruit to eat. But we give you some good sex stories. Have fun!

My mother was too wise to allow Mary to sleep in the same room with me
after having, as she thought, opened my eyes and allowed me to taste
the forbidden fruit of love. That night I was glad to retire early and
went to sleep fully believing my usual bed-fellow would lay herself by
my side when she returned home with my aunt; but I slept soundly till
the next morning and was greatly surprised to find myself alone when I
awoke in the morning, and lay for some time wondering how it
was–supposing of course they had stayed at my aunt’s friends all
night. About eight o’clock there was a tap at the door, and I called
out “Come in!” and there was Patty all blushes and smiles to say it was
nearly breakfast time.

“Here, Patty,” I said, holding out my arms to her, “Come and forgive my
rudeness to you yesterday. Kiss me; then I shall be sure you do.”

“How can I help loving you, Master Percy, after what you did to me?” as
she threw her arms round my neck and imprinted a long, burning kiss on
my lips.

“You didn’t have Mary here last night; your Mamma made her sleep with
her last night, and they are not up yet, so I made a pretence to call
you. I couldn’t get you out of my thoughts all night, you wicked, bad
boy. Now you have ruined me.”

“My love, how could I help it? You looked so tempting as you lay asleep
on the bed,” I said, getting one hand up her clothes till it fairly
grasped her mossy palpitating love grot.

She didn’t struggle, but said softly: “Ah, no, you mustn’t, you’ll make
me a baby, Percy; you are such a big, strong fellow.”

“You don’t love me, Patty, or you would want me again, but I mean to
have it now, just this once, my darling, so don’t make a fuss, I must
have you now,” pulling her down by my side as I threw off the sheet,
which was all I had over me, and exposed to her view my Prick in a most
glorious state of erection.

There was no resistance now, as I made her grasp the staff of life and
champion of love in her hand. “What a big thing!” she whispered. “Only
to think it has been in me, or I should be dreadfully frightened, you
bad, bad boy,” she whispered, gluing her lips to mine in a long, ardent
kiss. It was too delicious to hurry matters, her hand was gently, and I
believe instinctively, caressing my delighted Prick, which seemed ready
to burst from excessive desire, as our tongues met in rapturous
dartings in and out of each other’s mouths. She heaved a deep sigh, and
knowing the psychological moment had arrived with her, I rolled over
between her legs, and her own fingers, directed by the intensity of her
feelings, put the head of my affair well within the lips of her
swimming Cunt, one or two easy shoves sending it home to her heart’s
desire, as she heaved up to meet the penetrating strokes.

“Ah, how lovely, to feel it all in me again! You don’t know how I have
longed for you once more. Percy darling, since you ruined me yesterday.
Ah, that was awful, how you stretched and tore into my poor Pussy, and
yet, you bad boy, I loved you for it, I wanted it so; why didn’t you
run after me when I run away from you in the corridor at first? But I
guess it was Mamma you were after just then, dressed as you were in her
things. The sight of you and that kiss did make me feel hot. Now tell
me everything, or I will shove you off, and you shan’t have any fun
with me.”

I had got her too tight, but to please her and add zest to my fucking,
I told her what a love my mother was, and how we had enjoyed ourselves
in her bed, adding, “No fear, I shall fuck every one in the house now,
neither my mother or my aunt shall stop me now I have found out what a
pleasure it is.”

“You dear boy, Percy. I must have my share, even if you make me a baby:
shove into me! Quicker! Faster! Fuck me hard! Ah! oh! it’s coming
again. Spunk into your Patty. Say you will love me a little.”

My boiling hot sperm shot into her delighted cunt at that same moment,
making her squirm with the excess of her emotion, but it never relaxed
in stiffness and kept on poking away, and making her more and more
excited till we both came again in a perfect flood of love juice, which
was so profuse that my balls and thighs, as well as her notch and legs,
were all drowned in the creamy, viscous fluid and we lay panting and
exhausted. There was no time for further fucking just then, so I rushed
off to the bath-room to refresh myself.

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