1. The Giant

    1/14/2018: “Pass me the mustard please, darling.” “Oh my gosh, look at this! It’s an ancient hill figure of a giant male with a large phallus.” He was explaining the chalk carving to his newly wed. “Do you mean a big cock?” she laughed. “Shhh…the other guests will hear you! Anyway yes, that’s exactly what I mean and you are being very rude!” he admonished her. “Let me have a look please,” she read Sex Story
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  2. Teen Titans Chronicles 5: Quiver Full of Toys

    1/14/2018: Teen Titans’ Chronicles Five: Quiver Full of Toys: This is the fifth edition of my Teen Titans’ Chronicles series. If you haven’t read the first four parts of the series, you might be a little lost at this point. I would suggest that you at least go back and read parts 1 and 2 before you read this addition. This story is set on the Monday after Parts 1 and 2, which happened over a Saturday and read Sex Story
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  3. My moms affair

    1/11/2018: hi this is raju and is the story of how my dads love affair with his friends wife made mom in trouble.my mom name is velamma she is 42 yrs old very beautiful soythindian women.she is very fair and have long hairs her boobs are round and big her ass is soo big and it jiggles while walking.her hip is having many curves and is very sexy to see her.her sizes are 36-34-42 and her boobs are 36g big read Sex Story
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  4. Karissa's Cheerleader Cunnilingus

    1/7/2018: It was a warm and sunny Friday morning when Karissa woke up. She smiled as soon as she opened her eyes. It was her favorite kind of Friday. In fact, it was the only day of the week where she looked forward to going to school. Today was gameday. Karissa climbed out of her bed. She stared at her naked 18-year-old body in a mirror that was hanging on a nearby bedroom wall. She never went to bed with read Sex Story
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  5. The Futa Fairy - Futa's Hot Boss Wish Chapter 1: Ms. Kim's Futa Solution

    1/4/2018: The Futa Fairy – Futa's Hot Boss Wish Chapter One: Ms. Kim's Futa Solution By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 “We lost another account. Ms. Kim's forgot to send them the follow-up information, so they went with another company to fill their shelves.” Britney's complaining voice drifted over the cubicles, reaching my ears as I walked from my office to the bathroom. I froze, a sudden blush tinging my read Sex Story
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  6. The Spanking Agency: part 1.

    1/2/2018: 1: Bottoms for Hire. Thirty-two Winchester Road sat just off the main bypass heading into the West End of London where small businesses and retailers of all shapes and sizes went about their trade. Today was the 20th of November and a steady drizzle fell from leaden skies as the huddled masses of the grand old city went about their daily routines. Inside number thirty-two, the man and his read Sex Story
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  7. Married for Blair

    1/1/2018: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t marry Jennifer to eventually get to her daughter Blair. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer was gorgeous, especially for forty, that’s why I had initially approached her at the bar 2 years ago. But it was more casual then. She had seemed…appropriate, and nothing turns me off more than that. We’d fucked a few times and I was getting ready to cut it off when she invited me read Sex Story
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  8. Driving with Uber - An Unexpected Benefit, Chapter 7

    1/1/2018: Khrystiana called me a couple of days after my birthday and told me that she wanted to get together. She told me that she had loved our birthday celebration but did want to talk. She told me that she had the feeling that I had enjoyed it as much as she had. But she told me also that her concerns were about how I was handling the aftermath. She wanted us to get together to simply talk, so read Sex Story
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  9. The Arrangement

    1/1/2018: It was Friday night when I got the text. I was hoping to have a weekend to myself, but duty calls. I’m 30 and single. Why, you ask? Because living with a man requires too much compromise. And I’m not the kind of woman who pretends a man is ‘the one’ just because I want a ring on my finger. I’m attractive, sexy, 5’ 6” with DD tits. I don’t have a problem finding men. The problem is that men are read Sex Story
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  10. When Mistakes happen - Chapter 2

    12/31/2017: Miss Summers watched as April left her office before standing up and without knocking went straight into Miss Coe’s Study. Miss Summers glared at Miss Coe and demanded sternly, "Who asked you to cane April?" Miss Coe looked up in surprise and replied, "I thought you said last night that April would be coming to my Study for a caning?" Miss Summers retorted quickly, "I said no such thing read Sex Story
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