1. mom fucked by my friends dad

    3/25/2018: Hi tHis is raju and tHis is tHe story of my mom How sHe got fucked Hard by my friends dad.my mom name is velamma sHe is a extreme Hot women sHe is 38 yrs old yet sHe is Hot sHe is a typical soutHindian lady Having size of 36-38-44 and Her boobs are big melons of size 36g and are Huge in size round and Her waist is Hot witH some curves and Her ass are Huge and it jiggles wHen sHe walks and sHe is read Sex Story
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  2. A Young Man Needs Discipline

    3/24/2018: Adam awoke late on Sunday with a large headache and remembered what he could of the previous night. He’d had lots of friends over, and the party had become an orgy of beer, overturned flower pots, broken bottles, and spilt glasses of overproof rum. Adam tried to clear his head. The mob of the night before had been replaced by complete solitude; his stepmother was out in Calgary, and he was read Sex Story
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  3. Katrina Flips the Rape

    3/18/2018: (Joe is wrestling with Katrina on a bed with the intent to rape her.) Joe: You’re gonna take all my cock in your hot pussy until I cum, bitch. I’m gonna put my baby in your belly. (Katrina smacks Joe and sprays something in his face. Joe passes out.) (Joe wakes up on the bed completely naked, face down, tied down, and his ass in the air. Katrina is stripped naked except for her panties she is read Sex Story
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  4. Vacation 4sum

    3/17/2018: The lights were blinding but giving me a great view of my husband’s cock sliding in and out of a woman whom we had just meet 3 hours ago, the contrast of her ebony skin and my husband’s tan legs and chest, his white swimsuit area looked so nice against her black skin, she was on top riding him bent forward locked in a kiss I looked over to make sure the video camera was still running as I took one read Sex Story
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  5. New Girl At The Grange (Part 1)

    3/13/2018: Mr. and Mrs. Darnell were at their wits end with their 16-year-old daughter, Kimberley. She had just been expelled from her second private boarding school in the past twelve months due to her poor behaviour and persistent disregard of the school rules. The most recent incident which had finally resulted in Kim's latest expulsion was due to her being caught late one evening trying to sneak a read Sex Story
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  6. Queen Yavara: Chapter Four

    3/13/2018: Chapter Four ELENA I was more than a little disappointed that the other rangers hadn’t found Yavara’s camp. It was less than a hundred yards from the main road and parked right in a clearing, as obvious as could be. The smell of rotting orc flesh should have at least been a solid clue. I pulled the arrow from the orc’s throat and inspected it, confirming that it was Nadi wood. I traced Yavara’s read Sex Story
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  7. An Unexpected Benefit of Driving with Uber, Chapter 6

    3/12/2018: Driving for Uber, An Unexpected Benefit, Chapter 6 Khrystiana had called me the night of her return from Sweden and she was just bubbling with excitement about her visit. We must have been on the phone for over an hour as she told me about the things that she had done. She confessed that she knew that over the next few weeks she was going to be homesick but so be it. We talked about the read Sex Story
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  8. Sisters By The Pool Part 17 (Series Finale)

    3/10/2018: [To my faithful readers - I have decided that the time has come to wrap up this series. My long breaks have mostly been because of my struggles with ideas, and the pressure to continue the story. I need to finish things in the only way I know how. I may end up writing future bonus chapters to this series, but I want the continuation to be done. I know some may not like how I've chosen to end read Sex Story
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  9. Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 3: Daughters Pleasing Daddy

    3/9/2018: Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Three: Daughters Pleasing Daddy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I groaned, my orgasm shivering through me, my dick lodged in Crystal's pussy. She was the second daughter I'd fucked today. My fantasies of taking my daughters, using their barely legal cunts, had read Sex Story
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  10. Todd's Tinder: Emi

    2/26/2018: “Well fuck you too bitch.” Todd slammed down the cell phone onto the desk, and dove into his bed. Wanting to scream into the pillow, but failing to find any noise in his throat. He didn’t remain immobile for long before getting off of the bed and grabbing his phone and falling back onto the bed, unlocking his phone and opening up the messenger app and scrolling up in his most recent conversation read Sex Story
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