1. Making the First Move

    7/3/2018: Andrew first saw her when she moved to his school to do her “A”-levels, and almost immediately she became his secret obsession. Her name was Emily, and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen in his life. He used to watch her during break while she chatted with her friends. But he was far too shy to speak to her and, as far as he knew, she never even knew he existed. He’d read Sex Story
    Categories: Teen, Author: naughtyannie, Source: LushStories
  2. Moved into a new life part 1

    7/3/2018: ATTENTION: This is a story out of imagination only. It is intended only for those places in the imagination where we think things that we would never do and would not work out so Okay in real life. It is a fiction and intended for entertainment of the private mind only. Probably need to work on format consistency . It should be readable. Longest thing I have written in many, many years. Let me read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Teen, Masturbation / Toys, Violence / Cruelty, Teen, Author: Thinkingman, Source: sexstories.com
  3. A Happy End to High School; Part 3

    7/2/2018: I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Sweet innocent Heather, well not so innocent it would seem. "What are you thinking?" I ask Heather, "and you?" I glare at Mr Edwards. "You saw nothing here Josh!" He tried to tell me off, with a serious look on my face. I burst out laughing, "oh I saw plenty Mr Edwards! I can't believe what I saw but I did!" I reply in disbelief, stepping into the classroom read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Teen, Teen, Author: BigRoMans, Source: sexstories.com
  4. A New Beginning: Ch. 02 Tidings

    7/1/2018: A New Beginning : Tidings (Authors Note: This series is a long one, and meant to be read in order. I'll be posting more chapters in due time, but I've got other projects I also want to write. If you enjoy my work and want to support it, please PM me and I'll message you back with a link to my Patreon! Either way, I hope you enjoy my work, thanks for reading!) Months passed as I researched away and read Sex Story
    Categories: Science-Fiction , Incest / Taboo, Teen, Teen, Author: TheAeternal, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Jagan's Honeymoon

    7/1/2018: Jagan was a 21 year old man. He had recently married Deepa. Deepa was a 20 year sex bomb. She had excellent tits and ass. The vital statistics can be put down as 28-22-30. Jagan felt that he was the most lucky person on the whole earth to get life mate as good as Deepa. Deepa was slightly taller than Jagan but it did not matter. She was looked almost a foreigner with her very fair skin. Only, her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Wife / MILF, Teen, Author: altaff143, Source: sexstories.com
  6. A bet is a bet

    6/30/2018: Robert Foss knew there were reputations about him circulating in the school. It had started a couple of years ago, when he stupidly had said that he didn’t think that there was anything wrong with having sex with eighteen year olds, as long as they weren’t attending this school, to a couple of his co-workers. That was his honest opinion, yes, but the facts about this statement had soon spiralled read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , BDSM, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Discipline, BDSM, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Humiliation, Teen, BDSM, Teen, Non-consensual sex, Mature / Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Reluctance, Teen, Spanking, Written by women, Teen, Author: Royal_Nightshade, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Straight Virgin Loses a bet and his Anal Virginity

    6/29/2018: I’ve finally decided to share my life changing first sexual experience with another man. I don’t consider myself to be a great writer by any means, and honestly this is probably going to be the longest thing I’ve ever written by far. I changed the names of all people involved for obvious reasons, but otherwise its completely true. I’m sure people will say “bullshit”, and honestly looking back on read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Anal, Ass to mouth, Bisexual, Teen, Coercion, BDSM, First Time, Gay, Group Sex, BDSM, Reluctance, Teen, First Time, Teen, Author: Bi_cock_lover_89, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Tale of the other world Act V

    6/28/2018: Far off in a distant dark land. In a castle perched high in a hill. There stood that man. And there stood the sister. And under foot there stood an army of soldiers from the legion and of mutations created through science. "We will bend this land to a knee and we will kill those who appose us. We sling this world into darkness. We will bring the other world to us and make it our own!" "Sir what if read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Anal, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Teen, Violence / Cruelty, Author: 434pelican, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Little Piggy 3 - Boys! Nothing but trouble.

    6/28/2018: Little Piggy 3 - Boys! Nothing but trouble. Little Piggy woke when she felt her father rustling in the bed and remembered last night. She slid off the bed and headed back to her bedroom quietly. It was very early in the morning so she went to bed and returned to sleeping. She started dreaming about her adventure with her father's dick. The feelings of her body and her father's strong passion. Her read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Group Sex, Mature / Older, Teen, Author: Harry_n_Wild, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART THREE

    6/28/2018: PART 3: The Double-Penetration Vacation SUMMARY: Luke buys Violet a round trip airfare to Cancun Mexico with him and his friends. They are enjoying their vacation living the resort life. Luke and Violet have sex again. His best friend, Jacob, walks in on them two. Instead of being embarrassed by the surprise presence of Jacob, Luke and Violet let him stay and watch. However, Jacob gets to do more read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Hardcore, Mature / Older, Mature / Older, Mature / Older, Group Sex, Wife / MILF, Teen, Author: Lukesmitty, Source: sexstories.com