1. My Little Sister Sophie, Part 6

    9/7/2018: The next morning I awoke in a daze. At first, I thought everything was a dream. Then I noticed I was naked and I normally sleep with boxers on, unless I’ve had sex. I just don’t like the feel of my cock dangling around and my scrotum getting stuck to my thighs! Don’t get me wrong, I love being naked, but for comfort, I always wear boxers in bed. I sat up and thought about the night before. I had read Sex Story
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  2. English school girl raped in Egypt

    9/6/2018: An interview with Charlotte. Charlotte tells us about the terrible experience she had as a schoolgirl in Egypt, when she was brutally raped by two Arabs. This is the first time; I have ever talked about what happened. Where did it happen? I was at a private girl’s boarding school in England. The summer holidays were due to begin, my parents worked in Egypt at the British Consulate and I was going read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Humiliation, Interracial, Teen, Rape, First Time, Teen, Author: Mikegritty, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Potential Part 17

    9/6/2018: Hello readers. If this is your first chapter of Potentail, I encourage you to start from chapter 1. You'll enjoy it more that way. I know it has taken a ridiculous amount of time to post these chapter, but I swear, I'm going as fast as I can. If you're still hanging in there with me, I thank you, and I'll do everything in my power to keep making it worth reading. Potential by Bistander Chapter 17 read Sex Story
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  4. Amelia Part II

    9/6/2018: Ella is standing there shocked and surprised at what was taking place in her older sisters bedroom. Never had she imagined this scene in her head before. As Ella was standing there, Amelia is looking at her while still having my dick in her ass. She at this point was slightly slid herself up and down my shaft releasing small moans here and there. The room stood silent for maybe a minute as no one read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Anal, Consensual Sex, Hardcore, Teen, Group Sex, First Time, Author: EverydayDoingIt, Source: sexstories.com
  5. In The Beginning: chapter one

    9/5/2018: Preamble: Most of the Mike Claymore mysteries were written in the 1999 to 2004 period during a depressing period in my life. The writing period was culminated by a tragic loss that left me disinterested in ever writing again. I have attempted to write in that old familiar style but my life has changed to the extent that I can no longer even think in that manner. Recently I have enjoyed a read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Teen, Mature / Older, Author: davebccanada, Source: sexstories.com
  6. The Magic Notebook (Part 1)

    9/5/2018: Clara picked a book up off the ground where someone had apparently tossed it. How could some people be so lazy as to not even put it back on the shelf? She sighed and put it back where it belonged. The young woman had been working at the small used book shop for the past month and it was not as enjoyable as she had hoped. She had loved the little place and couldn’t believe her luck when a help read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy , Job / Office Sex, Mind Control, Teen, Written by women, Author: ChiaPet, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Betrayed!

    9/5/2018: Betrayed! By Randy MacAnus All rights reserved by the author. If you would like to see more chapters to this story, please indicate that in the comments below. If you have ideas about directions you might like the story to take, by all means include them in the comments. I have additional chapters outlined, but am open to modifying, if I get interesting feedback. I'm straight. I'm sure of that read Sex Story
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  8. I Had to Rape the Little Bitch

    9/5/2018: Part 1 “I DON’T CARE, GODDAMN YOU! I DON’T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU SAY! I’M EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO ANYTHING I DON’T WANT TO DO! GET YOUR STUPID ASS OUT OF MY WAY, I’M LEAVING THIS FUCKING HOUSE! YOU’LL NEVER SEE MY ASS AGAIN!” Needless to say, Jamie was upset with her father. She had been more than two hours late getting home from school. When she came through the door, read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Discipline, Incest / Taboo, Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Rape, Wife / MILF, Teen, Author: Don'sdick, Source: sexstories.com
  9. James Bob and Abdul

    9/4/2018: The three boys were sat in the library on their study period. Abdul, who was mentally deranged, was dry humping the others chairs. A common joke circulating the school was 'Abdul's gay' but it was a joke, no-one believed it. The other two boys, James and Bob, ignored him for the most part. James, who had brought his laptop, had a large stash of questionable material regarding female genitals read Sex Story
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  10. Part 3 All In

    9/4/2018: My Awakening part 3: As I lay here after the most incredible sexual experience in my young life, savoring the feeling of Franks body against mine, His warm breath in my ear, the musky odor of his sweat and best of all the feeling of his thing going soft inside of me, I can’t help but think of how much my life has changed in the past 24 hrs. It started by being forced to were panties. Then Frank read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Trans, Author: pantieboy1985, Source: sexstories.com