1. Kelly retruned, what a great Christmas present, pa

    1/15/2019: If you haven't read any of my previous stories, I recommend you do.http://xhamster.com/my/bloghttp://xhamster.com/stories/kelly-retruned-what-a-great-christmas-present-747662 Once Bob and Jack left, I walked over to the couch where Kelly was sitting. She still had some tears in her eyes as I sat down, reached out to her as she fell onto my chest. Hugging her tightly while caressing her back I said "I didn't know what happened,if I did something to upset you or what?" She looked at me with her doe like eyes and said "I tried to reach you before I left but your phone wasn't working, i read Sex Story
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  2. Sissy for Mommy's Nipple Cream Ch. 03

    1/15/2019: Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. ***** Recap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While raising her son Jim as a single mother, Julia developed a special bond with him by never stopping breastfeeding, which had the side effect of growing her breasts to a monstrous H-cup. Once Jim hit puberty, Julia made him start dressing and acting as a girl during read Sex Story
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    1/15/2019: Сначала немного о себе. Для всех знакомых я обычный женатый мужчина. Но сам себя я ощущаю настоящей развратной блядью и шлюхой. Несмотря на вполне насыщенную сексуальную жизнь с женой, обычного секса мне не хватает. Дело в том, что еще с детства меня очень возбуждали би-сексуальные отношения, а если еще точнее, то обычно я отождествлял себя с развратной девушкой, отдающейся и мужчинам и женщинам. Лет с двенадцати обычной подростковой мастурбации мне стало не хватать и я начал мастурбировать переодевшись в мамино нижнее белье. Ну и конечно же следующим шагом стали игры с моей попочкой. В общем read Sex Story
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  4. Casey Blossoms

    1/14/2019: As I grew up, I knew I wasn't a guy – not a normal guy anyhow. The normal boys liked doing rough things, fighting, playing war, playing sports, watching sports, hunting, fishing, all those male things. I didn't like any of that. On the other hand, I never wanted to be thought of as a sissy. I went through some of that, so I hung out with the boys and did just enough boy things so no one bothered read Sex Story
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  5. Haunted by the Futa Ghost 4: Taken by the Demon's Tentacles

    1/14/2019: Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Four: Taken by the Demon's Tentacles By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 The beat of the drum summoned me to the stage before the statue of our shrine's guardian, Kanshu-no-Kami. I was dressed in my miko garb, my red hakama about my legs and cinched tight at my waist, my haori over my kimono, the tasseled ends swaying before me, dangling with bells that tinkled with read Sex Story
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  6. Helping Rob's Dad

    1/14/2019: I lost my anal virginity when I was fifteen, when one of the school prefect’s called Rob made me his personal fuck toy. Later Rob mentioned our fuck sessions to his divorced father. Apparently Rob and his father had a good relationship although Rob lived with his mother after his parents were divorced. Rob and his Dad’s relationship was a close one mainly due to their high sex drives. Rob and his read Sex Story
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  7. My journey part V1.

    1/13/2019: My journey part V1. Me and Matt just looked at each other and the wardrobe before again looking at Anne in wonder as she looked at both of us with that beautiful half smile on her face, “once you have chosen your outfits we can decide what wig and make up you want to use” she said. Anne had some beautiful clothes and as I began to go through her wardrobe I found a wonderful pink satin blouse that I put on the bed beside Anne and further exploration led me to a black knee length skirt that looked like I may have been able to fit in to. Matt had found a lovely delicate looking chiffon d read Sex Story
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  8. Baise multiple au sex shop

    1/13/2019: Texte hard Arengements Claudia de Saint Amant De temps à autres, je vais dans un sex-shop Parisien pour trouver des hommes et me faire baiser. J’aime ces séances de sexe, hard, avec de vrais très bons mâles. Cela faisait plusieurs semaines que je ne m’étais pas faite baiser, faute de disponibilité. Je m'y rends, ayant envie de sensations très fortes. Toujours vêtue sexy et très provocante je rentre et choisi un film de transsexuel pour une projection en cabine. Je prends des doses de gel dans des distributeurs gratuits et entre dans la salle des cabines. Celle-ci est composée de plusieur read Sex Story
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  9. Seduced and Hoodwinked Ch. 02

    1/12/2019: ACCEPTING JASMINE Thursdays were working out wonderfully for Darin as a masseur at the Spa. He would massage the voluptuous Rita first and as always, she would leave him with a boner and ready for sex. Jasmine was his second and only client and they would spend hours together. He massaged her lovely petite body and he loved her tits and ass. She loved the way his strong hands massaged her smooth read Sex Story
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  10. I Had Always Wanted ..... Part 2

    1/11/2019: < Sorry to have been so long in posting this part. I hope to not be so long with the next. > If you haven't read the first chapter, I recommend that you do so. Everything rolled long very well the next morning, even though we were an hour late getting there. We were so elated and sexually fulfilled that it was remarkable that we could even walk, but we managed to be ready for opening 20 minutes read Sex Story
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