1. Inescapable Pt. 02 of 02

    4/3/2019: It took close to an hour to get the hair ready. Every morning. Ialways had to take a shower - most girls didn't wake up each and every day with cum in their hair. Shampoo and oceans of conditioner. I only went to the salon once or twice a week. Most days I'd have one of my 'sisters' help me blow dry it, usually Anong. If they were too busy, though, it took even longer. And then, tons of product to read Sex Story
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  2. My Tall She-Male Pt. 01

    4/3/2019: Author's Note: I was working on this for awhile now. I hope you like it. So far I only have two parts in mind. ***** I woke up in Lisa's arms early in the morning. I had my back to her and her arms were wrapped around me in a bear hug. Her warmth permeated my body, it radiated from her muscled, well-toned body that I felt on my back. I smiled and snuggled back into her arms. Her cock was nestled read Sex Story
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  3. A night of passion takes a new turn

    4/3/2019: "There, I think that will work," I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. The lacy burgundy baby doll nightie and matching g-string contrasted well with my light tan. The six inch black patent leather stillettos finished off the outfit. My long black hair cascaded over my shoulders and down my bare back. My make up was perfect and my long burgundy colored nails had just been done. I read Sex Story
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  4. Another from the GurlTown Files Sherrie 2

    4/1/2019: Boonie Builders #2 One down, one to go, Shell thought. She remembered Gabe's “Hit him between the eyes” and decided she would. As they worked, Shell came out stretched a blue print out on a saw horse table, then moved around them taking measurements. Beneath her shirt, her tits hung free. She climbed a ladder near Nick making sure that her ass cheeks were in his view. Reaching, she flexed her cheeks, tightened them and slacked them. She knew her pantie lines were cutting into each cheek as she had put on a very tight pair this morning. As she cl read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Trans Incest / Taboo Author: GurlTown, Source: xHamster
  5. Who Loves Playing With Yourself?

    3/31/2019: So who loves playing with yourself? I have to admit I have loved doing so since a boy. Yes nothing beats sex with someone else but no one knows you like you know yourself. You have the ability for some very tasty feel good most any time you desire. Dreaming of ways to feel good is so much fun too isn't it? Maybe it's a home made sex toys to stuff a pussy or ass or a tight dick milking fake pussy using something imaginative. Just to see how it feels of course. But oh my don't some of them feel so kinky, so real, so tight? As I sit here in bra and panties with clothes pins on my nipples and my f read Sex Story
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  6. Haunted by the Futa Ghost 5: Futanari Watch Porn

    3/30/2019: Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Five: Futanari Watch Porn By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 “You were so beautiful dancing last night, Sayuri-chan,” Mitsuko-hime purred when I arrived at the onsen to bathe. She sat on the edge, still in her black kimono, her obi tied behind her back in a beautiful, thick bow of red. “Thank you, Ōjo-sama,” I said, bowing to her, my cheeks warming. “You don't have read Sex Story
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  7. Mistress Aminata Kanu's Dungeon

    3/30/2019: As Salaam Alaikum, to any kinky fellow Muslim reading this. Salutations and greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I am Aminata Kanu, also known as Mistress Ka, an expert on BDSM and Black sexuality. I'm a young Black Muslim woman living in the City of Santa Barbara, California. Before we go any further, I must warn you that I'm into some truly extreme shit, and I definitely don't apologize for it. The read Sex Story
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  8. Tamina the thick goblin seductress: Corrupting the innocent redhead

    3/28/2019: Tamani woke up slowly and comfortably. She smacked her puffy lips together, gazing around to see the sleeping bodies of various creatures and monsters. The air was warm so her green skin was glistening with sweat, no wonder she couldn’t keep herself from rubbing up against a passed out satyr. Her pixie style charcoal hair had line of pink hair, which looked cute against the tan fur of the sleeping read Sex Story
    Categories: Fantasy Alien, Bestiality, Body modification, Violence / Cruelty BDSM Drug, Straight Sex Mind Control Monster, Trans Trans Trans Author: TexanBelgianCutie, Source: sexstories.com

    3/27/2019: Luego de la primera vez que les conté con esos dos machos negros, se convirtió mi vida en una obsesión por esa exquisita raza. A mi padre, por razones de trabajo, le asignaron un chofer. Y para mi buena suerte era otra belleza que ya hace semanas me traía loca. Cada vez que entraba a la piscina y él andaba por allí noté que me miraba con calentura. Yo ya con mis 18 años, mis caderas, nalgas y algo de senos, caminaba por casa siempre despreocupada por lo que traía puesto. Dejé crecer mi cabello rubio y nunca dejaba de ponerme algo es read Sex Story
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  10. The Epidemic

    3/25/2019: Saturday David and Karl were necking on Karl's six-cushion couch. Karl was wearing a pair of his wife Bridgette's lace panties but was otherwise naked. He had a somewhat stout middle-aged build with a barrel chest. His body was unshaved. Up top his dyed-brown hair was thinning. He hadn't shaved that morning, giving his tongue-in passion an outward scratchy quality. David, by contrast, was full read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: byNils Huim, Source: Literotica