1. Highschool exploration chapter 3. Todd gets feminized

    10/17/2018: Thank you for reading my story. This is a true story as I remember it. This story may not be for Everyone. Thursday morning I find myself at school as usual. Gym class is next. I'm in the locker room getting changed​. Probably flag football again. I'm wearing my bright pink panties. They feel so nice. So very soft as they are silk. But so firm. I'm going to have to untuck in order to participate read Sex Story
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  2. BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part One

    10/17/2018: I was 20 years old and still living at home with my parents. My sister (Kelly) who is 3 years older than me, had left home and got married (to Eddie) at the age of just 17. Kelly had a gorgeous little girl called Amy. I often visited my sister on a Saturday afternoon to see my niece and play with her, sometimes I'd take her to the park. Occasionally I would baby sit for Kelly and Eddie so they read Sex Story
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  3. My wife and her father

    10/16/2018: I would like to start by telling a little about me, my wife and our situation. If you want to get to the good stuff you will have to skip ahead several paragraphs. Also, this is all from my point of view. I found it all very hot, hopefully you will too. We have been together for about 20 years. We married young and neither of us had many partners before we met. She is average height, long brown read Sex Story
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  4. My daughter Taylor Pt.2

    10/16/2018: My name is David and my wife’s name is Karen. We have been married for a little over thirty years. We have two children; Jason 31 and Taylor 29. For the last 8 years we have been “empty nesters”. In part one of this story, I told you about how I lured my daughter Taylor into my bed. Our daughter Taylor decided to divorce her husband of 6 years and to move back in with us until the divorce is read Sex Story
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  5. Fulfilling Indian Mom's & Son's Sexual Fantasies

    10/15/2018: Well my name is Parth and I came accross many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine real story but was hasitant. Some how I got courage to write. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer read Sex Story
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  6. Helen - Story 01

    10/15/2018: Helen checked her makeup and got out of the car. She stood in front of the smart detached Georgian House, checked the time – 8:01, exactly right – and then checked the address before slipping the note back into her handbag. “It is the right place. Have I ever got it wrong ?” She looked over her shoulder at the huge black man-mountain standing behind her. Julius was six foot seven and, apart from read Sex Story
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  7. My self torture #2

    10/14/2018: Story of myself torture #2 This is going to be my second story. For those who have not read my first story of how I self torture myself for sexual orgasms I will give a brief synopsis of me and what I like to do before I continue with my recent self torture. -My name is Debbie and I'm a 51-year-old white divorcee. I am 5 foot 7, 148 pounds. I have green eyes, shoulder length brown hair. My read Sex Story
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  8. Sex with my aunt for the first time

    10/12/2018: When I became 13 my dick is to get hard a lot and wonder why that happen, I had wet dreams that I was having sex with one of my neighbors, now when I became 17 I was horny and always wanted to know more about sex and women’s body, boobs, and pussy, I had an auntie and her name is Jhuma, she was close to me, 5’2’’ and small boobs and she’s 27. That time she had one kid and living with her husband read Sex Story
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  9. Sloppy seconds

    10/10/2018: I finally have my sloppy seconds, so I have Toni sit on my face tell her to push out that come while I eat her out. She is so fill my face neck and chest are covered with all the dripping ,I could not believe all the come she still had stored in that pussy but then again she did get at least 4 loads in there . She is wiggling all over my face as I suck on her clit and lick out her pussy till she read Sex Story
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  10. Stranger Suck Off

    10/8/2018: I approached the door and pressed the buzzer for Steve's flat. He answered quickly and buzzed me in, he lived on the second floor and his door was ajar when I got to it. I pushed it open, walked in and closed it behind me. Steve was standing in his lounge doorway and he invited me in. I walked toward him and knelt down and got ready to suck my first cock. The events leading up to me giving my read Sex Story
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