1. What's The Big Deal? Part 2

    4/13/2019: What’s the Big Deal? Part 2 Several days had transpired since the events of the previous story. Life had gone on as usual for our little family and why shouldn’t it have? We were comfortable and for the most part content. My husband Noah had no inkling about the changes I had in store for him though. I had now devised the first few steps to transform him into a cuckold; a desire of his that I had read Sex Story
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  2. I molested my sister

    4/12/2019: A little iver a year ago is when it happened. Im 17 and my sister is somewhat younger than me. Not by much, maybe a year. Ut started when she fell asleep in the living room. I noticed she was in a pair of white panties an i just couldnt resust. I crawled in the floor next to her and removed the part of the blanket that was over her ass, my god her perfect ass. Shes a heavy sleeper so i didnt need read Sex Story
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  3. Sex stories Introduction & Virginia Beach W/ Diana chapter 1

    4/11/2019: The following sex story’s are an accurate account of my many sexual experiences I had in my late teenage years. Out of respect for the woman who to part in these stories I will only be using their first name. Stories contain here range from the many near miss to going all the way. So I surely hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I do telling you about them. I promise you i won’t leave a single read Sex Story
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  4. Indiant Aunty banging

    4/10/2019: I decided to head home early during the work day and was coming down my street when I noticed my nephew's car pulling into my driveway. I don't know why but I pulled around the corner and quietly made my way to the back of the house. I then spotted my nephew, raj talking to my wife guddi in the downstairs bedroom sitting on the bed. I heard her yelling something about her pussy as he was read Sex Story
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  5. True accounts pt. 1

    4/9/2019: These memoirs might come as a surprise, however my story needs to be told. I'm far too mentally famished to face a juror, and too eloquent to be caught other than by self submission. Ironic, yes? Real names will not be used and certain times and dates will be allocated for my personal safety. What I mustn't change is the details, because in the details is where lies the emotion and passion of my read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story Cannibalism, Violence / Cruelty Death, Horror, Humiliation Author: Dullahan, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Melissa plays with me!

    4/9/2019: Melissa shared a fantasy that she wanted to explore my body totally! I was not sure what she had in mind, but if it was a fantasy of hers I would go along with it! We started this encounter by soaking in our hot tub for quite awhile. Melissa made us drinks and then more and more drinks. I was pretty buzzed and she led me to our bedroom. Melissa sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck my cock, read Sex Story
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  7. part 3

    4/7/2019: Part 3 Well the week flew by and we dropped of our daughter at her friends for the weekend. Toni spent the afternoon getting ready for the evening dressed to the 10’s around 10 pm Lynn showed up with a bottle of rum and we sat down all relaxed and had a drink. the conversation was easy and time flew by then the woman started to talk sexual and the hints where flying around when suddenly Toni turn read Sex Story
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  8. In The Park At Night and All The Way Home

    4/6/2019: As the young married couple sat on the back deck of the bar listing to the local artist play his guitar and sing, they drank beer and wine and enjoyed the cool night air in the summer. Katy wore a blue dress that accentuated her large round boobs that spilt over the top and clung to her wide hips. The skirt of the dress ended just below her large round ass and under that was nothing but the cool read Sex Story
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  9. Alice's Betrayal

    4/2/2019: Hi I’m Alice, not my real name, but the story Im about to tell is real. Im 5’6”, black hair, very pale light skin with very small pink areola surrounding perfect nipples on my taunt double C’s , full lips, light brown eyes and a tight ass. My pussy is trimmed short but not completely bald. I am a bit of a tease and most guys would tell you Im one of the sexiest things they have seen since I love read Sex Story
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  10. The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex

    4/2/2019: The Time I Accidentally Paid for Sex ___________________________________________ Know that this is a true story, at least to the best of my memory and understanding of it. I was in my early twenties, twenty-two, maybe twenty-three. I was on a four day trip to Vegas for a bachelor party. This was the night of day two and we decided to hit up a strip club. Its one of the more popular clubs in Vegas read Sex Story
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