1. First BBC

    9/11/2018: It started on craigslist, as most of my sexual adventures have. I had posted an add looking for someone to treat me like the slut I wanted to be. There were a few responses, but only one really stood out to me. He was a 43 year old man with a picture of a nice thick black cock. My mouth was watering as I responded. Being he was downtown and i was a couple miles away, we agreed to walk towards each read Sex Story
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  2. Heavy cummers wanted!

    9/9/2018: My wife Melissa relayed to me that she would love to find a guy who was a heavy cummer. Melissa loves to be creampied both vaginally and anally and she also loves the feeling of cum being spurted in to her hot mouth. Melissa told me that the feeling of a man coming in her drives her over the edge and the warm gooey feeling of cum being shot inside of her drives her crazy. I already knew this fact, read Sex Story
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  3. My first time anal sex...

    9/7/2018: So, I'm 23 years old, and still was young and pretty and more naïve. My boyfriend, shall we call it "Dick" (pun intended) was, for the millionth time annoying me about how if I wanted to prove my love to him would surely give him the chance to fuck my ass out. I didn't have anything against anal sex, in fact I always wanted to try it out and usually be turned way on with porn vids about anal sex, read Sex Story
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  4. Jerking off to mom

    9/6/2018: A little back story... This all happened around 1994-96ish... My mom was a very sexy woman in her late twenties and a mother of 5... tan skin, long beautiful hair, thick body, nice ass and big tits, D-cups I believe. I don't exactly remember when it was that I started to fantasize about her but I think it was around the right at that age where I had recently discovered masturbation. I'm 19 years read Sex Story
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  5. Potential Part 17

    9/6/2018: Hello readers. If this is your first chapter of Potentail, I encourage you to start from chapter 1. You'll enjoy it more that way. I know it has taken a ridiculous amount of time to post these chapter, but I swear, I'm going as fast as I can. If you're still hanging in there with me, I thank you, and I'll do everything in my power to keep making it worth reading. Potential by Bistander Chapter 17 read Sex Story
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  6. Amelia Part II

    9/6/2018: Ella is standing there shocked and surprised at what was taking place in her older sisters bedroom. Never had she imagined this scene in her head before. As Ella was standing there, Amelia is looking at her while still having my dick in her ass. She at this point was slightly slid herself up and down my shaft releasing small moans here and there. The room stood silent for maybe a minute as no one read Sex Story
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  7. Bahamas Vacation (1)

    9/5/2018: Bahamas Vacation My fiancee, Debby, and I had dated since we were 15. It is now over 9 years later. I was on an airplane, heading for Nassau in the Bahamas for what to have been our honeymoon. My mind drifted back to I recent events. Debby and I became engaged over a year ago, after we had both finished our bachelor degrees. I was working toward being a veterinarian. She was a physical education read Sex Story
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  8. I Had to Rape the Little Bitch

    9/5/2018: Part 1 “I DON’T CARE, GODDAMN YOU! I DON’T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU SAY! I’M EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME DO ANYTHING I DON’T WANT TO DO! GET YOUR STUPID ASS OUT OF MY WAY, I’M LEAVING THIS FUCKING HOUSE! YOU’LL NEVER SEE MY ASS AGAIN!” Needless to say, Jamie was upset with her father. She had been more than two hours late getting home from school. When she came through the door, read Sex Story
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  9. Part 3 All In

    9/4/2018: My Awakening part 3: As I lay here after the most incredible sexual experience in my young life, savoring the feeling of Franks body against mine, His warm breath in my ear, the musky odor of his sweat and best of all the feeling of his thing going soft inside of me, I can’t help but think of how much my life has changed in the past 24 hrs. It started by being forced to were panties. Then Frank read Sex Story
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  10. Jim's anal slut second chapter

    9/4/2018: It has been a week since Jerome's friend Jim introduced him to his hot white twink neighbor, John. Since then, Jerome has not been able to stop thinking about John's tight white ass and how awesome he was in sucking cock, and he was hoping to see him again. So Jerome went to Jim's apartment to see if John would be around. Well at that time, Jim was out of town and just then, John went out in the read Sex Story
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