1. 05] Hot and Hard.

    7/1/2018: This is a true story. And while complete in itself readers are advised to read the 3 preceding parts to better understand the whole situation. Those offended by mature/young gay sex are advised not to read this. Hot and Hard. The Saga of Ajay and Raja Concludes. Part 4. They would often strip me naked and both still full dressed, would kneel in front of me, with mouths open. I would let one suck read Sex Story
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  2. Cousin and Familiy Reunion

    7/1/2018: I opened the letter from my aunt and read with amusement as it announced a family reunion. The reunion was to be held at a scout camp and would be a rustic retreat and a chance for us to renew old families ties. The date of the reunion fit in with my schedule as I was on fall break from the university,so I decided to attend. I sent in my fee and made plans to see cousins I had not seen in years read Sex Story
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  3. Growing up

    6/30/2018: Based on real events in my life. Growing up I was always getting into trouble with my curiosity. If I had interest in anything, I would jump in and see what happens. Some good and some bad results happened but I always learned from my mistakes and if curious enough I kept at it until I was satisfied. From swimming, diving, sports, mechanics, gardening, fishing, hunting and entrepreneur-ism. I read Sex Story
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  4. Straight Virgin Loses a bet and his Anal Virginity

    6/29/2018: I’ve finally decided to share my life changing first sexual experience with another man. I don’t consider myself to be a great writer by any means, and honestly this is probably going to be the longest thing I’ve ever written by far. I changed the names of all people involved for obvious reasons, but otherwise its completely true. I’m sure people will say “bullshit”, and honestly looking back on read Sex Story
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  5. The Kiss Chapter 4

    6/26/2018: As I told in very beginning of this book I had at least three very near miss when came losing my virginity. If you also remember I told you I lost my virginity in very UnOrthodox way or at least I think so. This build to that story Well enough of that lets jump right into the story shall we The Kiss w/Christine F Well at this point Jackie and I are still engaged to be married. We had been actively read Sex Story
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  6. Bahamas Vacation (3]

    6/26/2018: Bahamas Vacation (3) (Background: I took a trip to get away from memories after my fiancee's, Debby’s, death. We had planned to be here, Nassau, Bahamas, on our honeymoon. I met Cinnamon, an employee at the hotel, when I checked in. We have spent the last two nights together. She has the next two days off and has offered to be my tour guide.) I woke up in the morning in Cinnamon’s bed at her read Sex Story
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  7. A cougar experience

    6/24/2018: I'm a 23 year old lad who has always wanted a cougar experience, and one day a couple of months back I finally got what I wanted, and damn it was good! It all started one Friday morning a couple of months back, I was having a browse on a popular dating app when one woman in particular caught my attention. I'd seen her around my area a few times, and I'd always thought she was fairly attractive, read Sex Story
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  8. A Delicious Jessie Sandwich

    6/24/2018: No girl has impacted me like my friend Jessie, and no sexual experience has affected my life more than the one I shared with her on December 26, 2013. Yes, we did slip up earlier that year when I took her in during a snow storm. It wasn't our intention, but we ended up having sex that night, the result of nearly 10 years of unresolved sexual tension. By then, Jessie had been married for a little read Sex Story
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  9. Near miss 2 with Jackie back seat Diana grandma car

    6/23/2018: After this Diana hock me up with her best friend Jackie. Let me tell you Jackie was sexy as hell. Redness brown hair shoulder length great personality. Jackie was five ft seven I believe and I can still remember how sexy she look in green and brown dress she was wearing at last game of our baseball league. The next season Jackie grand mother sign her up to play with us and we hit it off kind of read Sex Story
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  10. Forbidden Attraction 1 (Revised)

    6/22/2018: The bell finally rings. Physics class was over, and next was my favorite class of all... Choir! Everyday, before going to class, I would stop in the bathroom to freshen up for my hot Music teacher Mr. Connor. I sprayed on some coconut body spray, unbuttoned my blouse to show a little more cleavage and headed up to his room. "Hey Erica, how are you?" Mr. Connor asked smiling as I approached his read Sex Story
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