1. Potential Part 19

    4/15/2018: Hello readers: I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who read this and give feedback or at least make a comment. To the trolls who open this just to click thumbs down, seriously are you that pitiful? If you make it to the end of this chapter, get your ass to the comments section and give me feedback. Remember, this is a learn as I go hobby. I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing read Sex Story
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  2. The beginning

    4/15/2018: My name is Karen. I am mixed white and hispanic, from a small community close to San Antonio, Texas. I will be writing real stories regarding my life. How I became what I am now. My experiences have been more sexual than most girls due to various circumstances, and I have well earned the title being a whore. I mean that literally. I am not ashamed of this anymore, but I can't really say I am read Sex Story
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  3. Incredible Amie

    4/10/2018: Incredible Amie Many years ago, in the days of Prodigy chat, you could go to chat rooms related to the state you lived in. I had been hanging out in the chat room of the state I lived in and had met a number of people on it - both in person and just to chat online. My wife was aware of most of the people I chatted with and would sometimes sit with me while I chatted. One person I began chatting read Sex Story
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  4. Alyssa 2... and Morgan

    4/9/2018: Alyssa 2… and Morgan After Halloween, Alyssa and I became an “official” couple. We were together for just over six months, and it was awesome. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every single day, but we didn’t. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every week, but we didn’t. We did have sex as often we could though, and that was a lot. In that time I learned a few things about Alyssa read Sex Story
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  5. My first time with a tranny

    4/8/2018: My first time with a tranny It happened on a Monday morning. After waking up with a throbbing hard-on. I called up my regular booty call. But she couldn't make it. Because her husband stayed home from work that day. So I decided to browse Craigslist, looking for someone local. After posting my ad, looking for NSA sex. I sat back and waited. Within minutes, I received over a dozen new messages. But read Sex Story
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  6. The Night I Boned A Lesbian

    4/8/2018: I was the talk of the bar crowd (Shit probably the town) for quite a while after that night I boned a Lesbian. And it wouldn’t be my first time either. I don’t quite remember the girl’s name. I never saw her shortly after that. Honestly, nobody in my inner circle had seen her after that except for a few days. For the sake of the story let’s call her Julie. On Thursday nights we all would go down read Sex Story
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  7. Fun at the Bank

    4/7/2018: Hi everyone, this is my first story so please support and give your valuable feedback. My name is Angad, I am 18 years old, 5:11 ,Indian guy, dark hair, green eyes, fair and very atheletic. My cock is 6.5/7 inches and relatively thick and this is the story of how I lost my virginity. It happened a couple of months ago, my 1 semester at college had just ended and I had come back to my hometown.I read Sex Story
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  8. Experimenting with another guy

    4/7/2018: I was at a friend's superbowl party (2012), and met a guy there (Jackson) who was with his girlfriend. They were about my age and an attractive couple. Definitely the type you fantasize about having a threesome with. Even as a straight guy, this was a guy you'd consider messing around with if you were just crazy enough to ever go gay for a night. Anyway, we were all drinking of course and by read Sex Story
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  9. Seducing our Friend

    4/7/2018: It has been a while since I wrote a true story for here. This happened about a month ago with my now Fiance Kim, and her friend Barb. If you remember, Kim was my late wife’s sister. She is divorced about 5 years now. My Carol past on over ten years now. Kim and I have always been close and she and her husband used to be part of a small group of friends, 4 couples actually, that would swing read Sex Story
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  10. play date with cody

    4/5/2018: It all started off with a simple game of truth or dare. Some of my friends and I would have a get together that started with video games. Video games turned to watching porn and porn turned to truth or dare. In middle school, we had had some female experience but obviously not enough to our liking which led to truth or dare. Usually the truths were harder than the dares but every now and then read Sex Story
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