1. My First Time Was With A Cock And I'm Straight

    4/28/2018: My first sexual experiences was with a guy. I am not gay and I do not like cock. It was between me and my long time childhood best friend. To my knowledge he isn’t gay either. Fast forwarding to today, he’s married to some older chick and I live with my girlfriend. My experiences with him was the only guy I’ve ever experimented sexually with. It all started when we were younger, in our later read Sex Story
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  2. Granny Dee and her Younger Lover Part 2

    4/27/2018: Well this is part two of my rendezvous with Granny Dee Since we first met I have texted Mrs Dee back and forth for a couple of weeks. Things have come up where she couldn't meet, but we eventually worked out a time and place to get together. Since our last meet I've been jacking off thinking about her quite a bit, probably more than I should let on. I'm sure it's not the norm for most men to want read Sex Story
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  3. Game Night

    4/27/2018: Boom – my DMR went off. The shot was beautiful. The heavily armored beast of a man on the far side dropped like a rock. I could feel the rage as I sat back and smiled, my headset reverberating with the sounds of victory calls from my teammates as the victory screen faded into view. There was my gamer tag floating at the top with twenty-four kills. I giggled as I leaned back against my little piece read Sex Story
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  4. Chapter 6

    4/26/2018: Chapter 6 Now that I had Toni trained it was time to bring it up a notch so I told her since we have been doing mainly male, male female she had to find someone for me another female so she set up a mutual friend to come over and just playing innocent board games .cards and dominoes .Her name was Vera we have known her since I met Toni had been friends with her for a long time she was very horny read Sex Story
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  5. Boating Fun 3

    4/26/2018: I hope you have liked the other 2 stories. I have tried to recall all of the details from my encounter with Tracy and Vicky. I know Tracy wanted to have a 3 way with Vicky and I, but that never happened in the time Vicky and I dated. It was now August and Vick and I were your normal dating couple. We saw each other as much as possible during the week and every weekend for sure. The sex between us read Sex Story
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  6. Outside Dick

    4/24/2018: As a married woman, I know I had no business looking at this man. I have been married for 7 years. I love my husband with all my heart, but recently we have seem to be growing less interested in each other. We still sleep together, not as close as usual. We don't even go to sleep at the same time anymore. He has been so busy with this new account at work that he rarely talks to me anymore. I feel read Sex Story
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  7. It's What's Inside That Matters

    4/24/2018: I didn't have to think twice, the ad was clear about the cock size and the picture was there to prove it. It seemed very real. We planned to meet at this little strip mall. The guy would be in a BMW. I got there and a white BMW was parked at the very end. When I got closer, he lowered the window and I saw him. He was a handsome man with deep blue eyes. But his greying hair turned me off. I can't read Sex Story
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  8. A day at Autozone turns into something better

    4/24/2018: It started as any other night at Autozone but let me start from the beginning. I'm John I'm 19 years old kinda stocky being 6 ft. 4 weighing 250 lbs,I have some meat on my bones but Not obese. I have dirty blonde hair that's about average length and blue eyes. I wear glasses and they just add to my facial features. Anyway I was working the front counter when a blue vw beetle showed up. At first I read Sex Story
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  9. The Warehouse Peephole

    4/20/2018: The Warehouse Washroom M/F/blowjobs/peeping I had been working at it for months. The peephole was finally completed and now the glory hole was done. I admit it was a far fetched fantasy, but what the hell, it excited me into masturbation every time I worked at it and that’s all that mattered. I am a foreman in a huge warehouse. We hold imported goods from all around the world. Skids of Asian read Sex Story
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  10. Potential Part 13

    4/20/2018: “You claim the story is finished in earlier replies but it's xnxx that is your hold up fine that's the excuse here but what about over at ------- it has been well over a month since the last chapter came out. Sorry either your story is not finished and you lied or you're lazy as hell...” Note to readers: Comments like the one above do nothing to motivate me. I completely understand the frustration read Sex Story
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