1. My 14th Birthday Gift

    11/8/2018: It was that time where my 14th birthday party was wrapping up. Everyone had left my house expect for one of my best friends named Madison. She was about 5' 6" with a great looking body with developed boobs for her age. I had always respected our friendship even though sometimes there was a lot of sexual tension between us. Once it was just Madison and I left in the house, I decided to go upstairs read Sex Story
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  2. Cold Night

    11/8/2018: Comment if you liked it, and I’ll get to work on more. I hope you enjoyed the story! Take care! I was thirteen. I wore a little extra makeup to cover the acne that had been dotting my face. I had a rather rounded body, with small A cup breasts. I was so proud of them, I had a few pairs of bra’s which I immensely enjoyed – it made me feel adult. I had just began thinking about boys – you know in read Sex Story
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  3. The beach trip Part 1

    11/7/2018: Tammy and I had been working hard the last couple of months. I was gone for weeks at a time in my tractor trailer so we were missing each other a lot. When things slowed down some I was planning a trip to Sarasota for us without talking to Tammy about it. So, I was coming in on Thursday afternoon with the truck and was going to be home for a week or so. And Tammy and I loved the beach so I figured read Sex Story
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  4. Gender issues all my life, finally found a fit.

    11/5/2018: . I grew up in a middle-class family, the usual life of a young boy. I played baseball and had a few friends. My family didn't have any sexual openness, there wasn't obvious flirting between my parents, and my first impressions about my body were clouded with shame. . My sister and i played often and we tried to stay out of moms hair, and dad was disinterested with young children, that would read Sex Story
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  5. Sissy Blackmailed Into A blowjob!

    11/5/2018: I was relaxing at home one day, laying down on my bed, lost in pleasurable thoughts as I was touching myself. Then out of nowhere my phone buzzed next to me and it kind of surprised me, I picked it up and saw a text from tyler, someone I’ve known for years. He wanted to know If I wanted to hangout with him at the grand city mall today, honestly I really did not want too but honestly I had nothing read Sex Story
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  6. Jamie

    11/5/2018: Jamie I met Jamie at a track meet. I went to watch my friend Michelle compete and cheer her on. I ended up spending the whole day eyeballing the cute little blonde with the perfect ass. As it turns out, she was actually one of Michelle’s teammates, so I begged her to introduce me. Eventually Michelle gave in and introduced me to Jamie. I spent the rest of the meet with the both of them, cheering read Sex Story
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  7. My first blow job

    11/3/2018: I was 13 and going into 8th grade that summer we had a new family move into our naborhood. As I was outside playing basketball I had noticed theyes had a hot son as he came out to join me we enter duce our selves. I told him my name was Mary and he told me his name was mark. As the summer grew on so did our friendship. We were always hanging out playing basketball hide n seek with all of the kids read Sex Story
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    11/3/2018: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 48 PHOTOS AND FUCKING It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in beautiful Switzerland. Although both of us, I and my husband loves to be naked at home when we are alone. But, not that day, even it was holiday. The reason was that a cute girl Melina, about 13 / 14 years old, beautiful and the only girl of our businessman neighbor, was at our home. She used to come read Sex Story
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  9. Heavy cummers wanted!

    11/2/2018: My wife Melissa relayed to me that she would love to find a guy who was a heavy cummer. Melissa loves to be creampied both vaginally and anally and she also loves the feeling of cum being spurted in to her hot mouth. Melissa told me that the feeling of a man coming in her drives her over the edge and the warm gooey feeling of cum being shot inside of her drives her crazy. I already knew this fact, read Sex Story
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  10. My Best Friend's Monster Cock

    11/2/2018: In the darkest part of the night, three years before, I'd risked it. Trying to conceal the crack in my voice, the heavy breathing, trying to laugh along, I'd pulled my still-developing cock free from my sleeping bag, felt it tingle in the cool air, felt it quiver slightly against my hand as it bounced free. I rubbed the head slowly between my finger and thumb, inches from where he was lying next read Sex Story
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