1. A Horny Friend

    6/3/2018: * * * * * Author's Note: If this story seems familiar to you, that might be because I originally published it to this site as five separate-but-related stories, and you may have already read one of those stories. However, I have chosen to further edit and republish those five stories as one complete novelette-length story, comprised of five separate chapters (appropriately being referred to in read Sex Story
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  2. My First Sexual Partner

    6/3/2018: When I was young I had this girlfriend. I don't know how to describe our relationship. I thought we were lovers and friends, now I'm not sure what she thought. She was a party girl and loved hanging with her girlfriends and going to parties. She loved rock music and we always had music playing in the background; in the house, the car, boombox. We were young and I was in love. I met her at the read Sex Story
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  3. Promotion Pays Off

    6/2/2018: Promotion Pays Off Recently, I'd had the opportunity to watch my wife have sex with someone else, and it turned out to be an unbelievable turn-on for both of us. We planned to repeat the experience as often as possible. This is one of those times. Finally - my hard work had paid off. I had just received a promotion to director of my division, with a healthy raise, and a celebration was in order read Sex Story
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  4. My co-workers 19 year old daughter!

    6/2/2018: I have a co-worker who has a 19 year old daughter. Tara has had a very sheltered life and she is very innocent, not a virgin, but naive & innocent. I came to discover that she also has a "daddy complex" and finds older guys attractive while ignoring guys her own age. Tara is about 5' 7" tall, red hair, very slim with small breasts. Tara grew up living in the country and has little to do when she read Sex Story
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  5. My first ever MFM thresome

    5/29/2018: This is a true story about my first ever mfm threesome I had... I had been having casual sex with a girl I met online for about a month. Her name was Danielle. She was short, curvy and could squirt like a fire hose. She would often discuss exploits she recently had with other men with the knowledge that I was not jealous and aware of the fact that it was just sex... Rough, orgasmic sex, but just read Sex Story
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  6. Poker night with Caine and his friends

    5/29/2018: I’m back. I know it has been awhile but that’s because of everything that has happened since the last time I wrote. As you may have imagined, I became pregnant as a result of those events. Since it was assumed to be my husband Derrick’s child, we never even discussed the idea of a paternity test. So who really knows who the child’s father is. I don’t care to find out because Derrick loves him and read Sex Story
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  7. Coming for a visit

    5/28/2018: I'd call you up and tell you that I will be landing around 1130 in the afternoon. So I land and as the plane is taxing in I send you a text that we landed and I'll meet you at the bag carousel 2. I get to the carousel 1st and no one is there so I wait for my bag to come and get it and your still not their. Everyone gets there bags and disappears and still no sight of you. So I grab my bag and head read Sex Story
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  8. 100% True Stories That Happened as a Teen

    5/25/2018: First Summer Vacation in my Aunts House... Me: 15 | 5'6 | 170lbs | Small Cock (4 inches at the time) Vanessa: 19 | 5'10 | 135lbs | Nice athletic body Back to when I was 15 years old. I usually enjoyed summer vacation and would most likely spend it with my aunt because i had enough of my mom. This time was different though My aunt got engaged with a cool guy name Paul. He in his 40's and had 2 read Sex Story
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  9. Fortunate Man

    5/25/2018: Chapter 1: The Start I am one fortunate man. I am a sinner that the good Lord has given a great blessing to. This is a true story that happened a few years ago. The names and events are not changed as I really don't give a crap. I am an older gentleman who has been overly successful in my business adventures. I have a been able to stash a small fortune while living a very comfortable lifestyle, read Sex Story
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  10. Drugged and raped at a party

    5/21/2018: This is not my story but i found it online and enjoyed reading it so i thought id share it with the community. Enjoy. When I was a teen I noticed my younger brother and some others guy friends of his get really excited, like they were doing something REALLY naughty, as they were trying really hard to act like they were not up to something. I kept my eyes on them to try to figure out what they were read Sex Story
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