3/23/2018: MALL PRINCESS I will never understand how I got into all this. I was an eighteen year old high school senior ready to graduate in a couple weeks. My grades were good, my ACTs and SATs were great. I had applied to three really good colleges and been accepted by all three. I had chosen the very best, Brighton University, an excellent, small private school. My parents had set up a college fund for me read Sex Story
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  2. Auntie Donna

    3/22/2018: My auntie Donna... she'd have been 41 at this point with myself being 26or so. She's 5feet9niches tall, thick dark brown hair, fantastic tits around 34DDs which were nice and firm and a peachy, sticky out-ey ass to match. She's a hairdresser and takes care of her self, painting her nails to match her outfit which would have been chosen and picked out the night before, her face is round and she read Sex Story
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  3. Maya - After the party

    3/19/2018: Well, it seemed that my summer kickoff party was a raging success. I kept hearing stories of some of the things that went on. Wow. My friends were all telling me about this one who hooked up with that one, or these two who were seen doing “something” in the changing stalls. I didn’t get exact details from anyone but I’m pretty sure there was just sex going on everywhere, even with my mom standing read Sex Story
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  4. Vacation 4sum

    3/17/2018: The lights were blinding but giving me a great view of my husband’s cock sliding in and out of a woman whom we had just meet 3 hours ago, the contrast of her ebony skin and my husband’s tan legs and chest, his white swimsuit area looked so nice against her black skin, she was on top riding him bent forward locked in a kiss I looked over to make sure the video camera was still running as I took one read Sex Story
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  5. My first blow job part 2

    3/17/2018: So in my first story i told you about meeting boyfriend mark. In this story ill tell you how mark ate me out for the first tim So as 8th grade year started mark and i really did see much of each other due to homework but did talk on the phone almost every night. It was about 6 week into the year that the teachers decided on a friday not to us homework so us kids were free for weekend. That firday read Sex Story
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  6. Love My Sis(in-law) Ch.3 - 4

    3/16/2018: Chapter 3 If you've kept up, you know that I've enjoyed oral sex (giving and receiving) with my sexy sister-in-law, Debbie. Since she lives a couple hundred miles away, we keep up by using E-mail. Have to be careful, though. My wife is becoming more computer-literate, and her inquisitive mind causes her to try to delve into my private life (on the web). Deb’s husband could care less, and couldn't read Sex Story
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  7. The agreement

    3/15/2018: He sees her out the corner of his eye. She was wearing a long sundress that seemed to cling to her body. “That’s a nice touch, although I didn’t think she'd show up here at the airport” he thinks to himself. He then checks his phone and starts the timer he prepared. “Looks like the time starts now though, ”he said to himself as he thinks about what is supposed to come as per their agreement. His read Sex Story
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  8. The VampirTARA Chronicles: My Halloween party at the Mortuary

    3/13/2018: Hello I'm Tara, I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself first, so that it may help you understand the story a little better. I'm a 41 year old mortician / funeral director that operates our family's Mortuary and cemetery. I'm married in a polygamist marriage ( not Mormon ). I have three children two teenagers and a two year old, now I have 2 Sister Wives, Toni that's a year younger than me read Sex Story
    Categories: True Story , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Reluctance, Wife / MILF, Written by women, Author: VampirTARA, Source: sexstories.com
  9. What Snooker can lead to part 2

    3/12/2018: This is part 2 of my sexual experiences with the lady who would become my wife. I'm not a professional writer so be easy on me. This was a little over 40 years ago so the actual conversations may not be accurate, I've tried to recount them as best I could. All names mentioned are not our real names, of course. ====================================================================== The following read Sex Story
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    3/9/2018: It was the usual night at home Ash and her 7 year old daughter was getting ready to go to school the next day so as usual they where in the room where I lay on the bed covered up watching her try different outfits on Meg only to find myself looking at Megs cotton panties more everytime her pants was pulled off for a new pair to be put on over her fat little bottom. I had just taken a really big read Sex Story
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