1. jerryfinishesheroff

    3/17/2019: After Stan fucked my wife,jerry the sheriff jumped in bed with her.He started kissing her thighs while spreading herlegs wide open.he licked up and down Lins firm thighs while fingering her wet well fucked cunt. Jerry then stuck his tongue into Lins cum filled cunt.he lapped Stans cum from her. Meanwhile I got up near her head and started playing with her fine titties,squeezing her breasts and read Sex Story
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  2. Cindy’s forced gang bang

    3/12/2019: Cindy my wife has a great pair of hooters. She often wears very revealing outfits. Probably doesn’t notice all the stares she gets from men. She used to work at a thrift store and one day about 10 men went there looking to have sex with her. They closed the shop and took her to the back of the store. Ripped her clothing off and put her on her knees. She was made to suck them off. Then they took read Sex Story
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  3. Raped in prison Day 2

    3/12/2019: After crying myself to sleep in my bunk, I woke up in the middle of the night, barely able to move my whole body was bruised and sore, especially my asshole, I could hardly sit it hurt so bad. My cell mate was not one of the 3 that raped me the day before but he was friends with them. He was a short black guy but looked like he lifted weights professionally. I just layed in my bunk thinking read Sex Story
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  4. Nasty couple

    3/8/2019: Today is weekend so me and wife home. Usually we don’t wear clothes at home so that we can do anything anytime. We were drinking some whiskey she was sitting on my lap. I suddenly told her I want to roll up a joit and give smoke inside her ass gap she laughed and said okay let’s do that. First we start smoking and exchanging smoke then eating saliva from one another mouth then she laid on doggy read Sex Story
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  5. Raped in prison Day1

    3/2/2019: So after a relatively quiet year in the county jail I was being being sent to the state prison for 2 years for violating my probation for my 3rd DWI. I’m an average size guy I guess, 5’9 , 165lbs, I’m a ginger though and have very pale skin and almost no body hair, I was very self conscious of my ass though as I’ve been told it’s a bubble butt and naked looks like a chicks ass ass. After read Sex Story
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  6. wives

    2/25/2019: well we finally got all of our wives together.joyce,stans wife,kathy,jerrys wife,suk dels wife and a single lady named judy. they all met at stans house and started smoking weed and drinking.soon they were all high as a kite and started making out with each other.kathy was tonguing my wife lin and got her on stans king size bed.then the other wives joined them. suk sucked on one of lins tits read Sex Story
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  7. stanley does my wife

    2/21/2019: I finally convinced my wife to have sex with our former neighbor Stan. I know Stan has wanted to fuck her since the first day we met.Well,he finally got his chance.We got my wife drunk and she was ready to do anything I asked. We moved to the bedroom and Stan and lin started kissing and playing with each others bodies.Stan removed her blouse and started playing with her titties.She then thrust read Sex Story
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  8. wifewithstan

    2/21/2019: Iknow stan wants to fuck my wife linda.she is tall,with great legs and ass,her tits are average,but firm with long hrd nipples. stan is black and has never been with a white woman,lin will be his first. we got a motel room in edgewood,md to do the deed. the day finally came and we met.once in the room linda and stan removed their clothing,staring at each others bodies they went into an embrace read Sex Story
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  9. my beautiful step daughter

    2/21/2019: Hi everyone, have enjoyed reading your experiences for a while and feel I would like to share mine now also. To introduce I am Jazz tall male over 6 with average body and 7 inches I am happily married to wife Sajita living in Mumbai. However, I have high sex drive so am not always satisfied so do look elsewhere from time to time. My Wife is beautiful 5 tall eligent with small boobs but read Sex Story
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  10. Innocent to nympho

    2/21/2019: I was 10 years old when it all started. I’ve always been a small girl, 4’9” with breasts too short. Today was my birthday and my day at school was the same as usual, uneventful unfortunately. I come home to me and my older sisters apartment, putting my backpack on the floor and taking off my jacket. She owned the place and we’ve been living here for 3 years already. She is 17 now and has been read Sex Story
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