1. Raped in Prison Day2 continued

    4/7/2019: I sat crying on the floor of my cell as my cell mate was putting his uniform on getting ready to go to the chow hall for breakfast. Looking up at him he looked like a mountain, and even soft you could see his huge cock swinging around inside his pants. I didn’t know what to do, he said if I snitched that some of his gang homeboys on the outside would pay my wife a visit and she’d pounded in every read Sex Story
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  2. My Grandfather and I

    3/29/2019: My story begins very young. I spent most of my free time at my grandparents house. My parents would leave me for days on end. One particular afternoon, I was running through the house and ran into my grandparents room. I stopped suddenly and saw my grandfather with his arms wrapped around my older cousin. She was around 12 or 13. They were both on their right side and he was behind read Sex Story
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  3. My friend's elder sister and me are friends with benefits

    3/28/2019: I live in an 5storey apartment i libe on tje third floor and my friend lives on the 5th floor. When we were kids i had a ceush on her.She is really gorgeous. her ass is just perfect like kylie jenner,her tits are not huge but medium sized round and soft(i will tell u how i know it) now i am an olevel candided.My and her family went to a trip to a mountain side town where a carnival was taking read Sex Story
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  4. My Sister's Friend

    3/25/2019: I came back from the pitch late in the evening when i found my sister,lora and her friend,daizy doing lesbo on the couch.lora quickly quit and disapeared leaving me with nake daizy looking so hot. i never knew how i undress for this babe and without wasting any moment sliding my already erect cock inside her warm wet tight cunt.i pushed myself up and down as she moaned,"ooh fuuck me hard" read Sex Story
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  5. Late First Time

    3/24/2019: Late First Time I`d like to relate to you the first time my wife & I had a threesome or cuckold with another man. We have been married for a long time & although we have a good sex life, well, there is some boredom. We are both in our mid sixties so we are starting a little late. We had talked time & again about different things that we could do that we both would be agreeable to. We finally read Sex Story
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  6. jerryfinishesheroff

    3/17/2019: After Stan fucked my wife,jerry the sheriff jumped in bed with her.He started kissing her thighs while spreading herlegs wide open.he licked up and down Lins firm thighs while fingering her wet well fucked cunt. Jerry then stuck his tongue into Lins cum filled cunt.he lapped Stans cum from her. Meanwhile I got up near her head and started playing with her fine titties,squeezing her breasts and read Sex Story
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  7. Cindy’s forced gang bang

    3/12/2019: Cindy my wife has a great pair of hooters. She often wears very revealing outfits. Probably doesn’t notice all the stares she gets from men. She used to work at a thrift store and one day about 10 men went there looking to have sex with her. They closed the shop and took her to the back of the store. Ripped her clothing off and put her on her knees. She was made to suck them off. Then they took read Sex Story
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  8. Raped in prison Day 2

    3/12/2019: After crying myself to sleep in my bunk, I woke up in the middle of the night, barely able to move my whole body was bruised and sore, especially my asshole, I could hardly sit it hurt so bad. My cell mate was not one of the 3 that raped me the day before but he was friends with them. He was a short black guy but looked like he lifted weights professionally. I just layed in my bunk thinking read Sex Story
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  9. Nasty couple

    3/8/2019: Today is weekend so me and wife home. Usually we don’t wear clothes at home so that we can do anything anytime. We were drinking some whiskey she was sitting on my lap. I suddenly told her I want to roll up a joit and give smoke inside her ass gap she laughed and said okay let’s do that. First we start smoking and exchanging smoke then eating saliva from one another mouth then she laid on doggy read Sex Story
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  10. Raped in prison Day1

    3/2/2019: So after a relatively quiet year in the county jail I was being being sent to the state prison for 2 years for violating my probation for my 3rd DWI. I’m an average size guy I guess, 5’9 , 165lbs, I’m a ginger though and have very pale skin and almost no body hair, I was very self conscious of my ass though as I’ve been told it’s a bubble butt and naked looks like a chicks ass ass. After read Sex Story
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